A Complete Beginner’s Guide To A/B Testing

After seeing a drastic period for the most of the online businesses who are struggling hard with their low online conversion rates, worldwide analysts are recommending a top notch analytic method, famous as A/B testing, to find out why their businesses are not gaining enough customers.

It’s been pretty clear to most of online marketers that the behavior of global consumers has long been changing since years and traditional marketing tactics are not going to work now. The online market is stuffed with a wave of competitors and buyers are overloaded with a problem of extreme plenty. Therefore, in order to decide a supreme marketing strategy to entice and engage readers, and convert them into potential buyers, A/B testing is emerging as a strong tool and definitely worth trying. Here you can read more about How to do an A/B split test with Google Analytics.

Understand the Concept of A/B Testing

It may sound like a concept of rocket science to the most, but business owners looking for a tremendous rise in their businesses, subscribers and signups to their online sites may have to strive to find any more effective apparatus than A/B testing.  

Understanding of A/B Testing

No business can grow without identifying their visitors, their targets, behaviors and all the obstacles slowing down conversion rates on their sites. However, A/B testing offers a detailed and knowledgeable insight about the website and its visitors, leveraging which entrepreneurs can easily figure out a better ways to transform their readers into purchasers.

What is A/B Testing A.K.A Split testing?

As the name suggests, A/B testing is an insight inspection market testing practice of A and B, where A & B are different versions of an element. With the help of few proven tools and software’s, both versions are experimented under different conditions to find better outcomes. Consequently, marketers can target a more proficient strategy with more effective and robust version.

How Split testing works?

A/B Testing is a significant method to discover the obstacles of conversion rates in online marketing. It works on simple mechanism of readers’ interests. For instance, you send two different versions of e-mails, under an e-mail campaign, to two different groups of subscribers, to check which one is more helpful to set the mind of a reader into buying your products/services. The first mail contains offers like “Buy today”, while the other one shows”Order now”. So, you can easily diagnose the customer’s behaviors through both mails’ response rate. You can check out this useful A/B case study by uBounce which increased signup by 31.54%.

This is just an example and same approach can be applied to a myriad of chapters in online marketing, ranging from webpage design to the layout and from title, language to text and images.

How A/B Testing Works

Three Reasons Why Your Business needs A/B testing?

It shouldn’t take a jiffy to learn that A/B testing is what worldwide online market demands today, and your business is a part of it. Nevertheless, here are three reasons your business is asking for A/B testing straight away:

1.To Discover the Noticeable Difference

Leveraging various tools of A/B testing, marketers can easily learn the reason why their current designs, strategies and plan of actions are not working, and what can better the outcomes. A proven scheme and crafted framework that have higher probabilities of success will surely drag you nearer to desired outcomes.

2.To Identify Right Tribe  

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have on your site, if it’s not of appropriate kind, chances of success are really low. A/B testing helps online entrepreneurs to determine the most potential readers that have interests in buying your products or services. Thus, applying A/B testing, you can come to a stable decision on whom to target most with your campaigns

3.To Decide the Right Strategy

A foolproof strategy for the success of a business is what oxygen for breaths. Having an exquisite and advanced strategy keeps the business ahead of its competitors, and A/B testing can unquestionably help you establish it without a hitch. After an efficacious A/B testing, you get sufficient data to draw a strategic framework with best.

What to Test through A/B Testing? 

Now, after reading so much about it, one question will obviously come to your mind, what to test? However, it completely depends on your aim.

For instance, if you want to raise the numbers of response you get from your email campaign, than your test might be performed on the content of your email, display of offer you are giving on your products or services, time of email sending, display of terms and condition of your business in mail, etc. Here, A/B testing will answer all your questions you may have. Why receivers are not responding back to your emails. Is your email too promotional? Is email not enough convincing? Are readers not sure about the authenticity of the offer?

Although, each A/B testing is unique and depend on researcher’s requirements, there are few common elements to check:

  • Website style and final layout
  • Product or services pricing, promotional offers, or any sort of discount
  • Field type and length of various forms and buttons on the website
  • Content, images and their placement on landing page
  • Title, taglines and products or services description
  • Display of the online actions including fonts, color, size and placement
  • Quantity of text content on the pages

Learn: How to setup an A/B split test with Google analytics (DIY guide)

If you are on WordPress, you can use plugin like instabuilder to run A/B test on your landing/Squeeze page.


A/B testing is undoubtedly an astonishing practice figure out why your website, email marketing and advertising campaigns aren’t clicking the right spot for your online business. However, all the information given in this article is just a drop from the ocean of A/B testing, and marketers can expect a much more for it. Though, the basic goal of this emerging analysis method is to help you demonstrate confirmed aims, and to prepare your online business for a tremendous growth with the foolproof analytic tests and results.

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