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Download Softwares with These Free Sites

Download Softwares with These Free Sites

I’m a big fan of downloading software’s and application and try something new by the end. This way, I keep finding some new thing and new apps which you might not have heard of.  Today, I’m going to share list of websites from where you can download softwares and find some new one also.

I’m not sharing sites, which let you download premium software for free, but you can use these websites to download open source alternative of paid apps. Like we have Open for Microsoft office alternative, we have GIMP as an alternative for Photoshop.

If you want to download multimedia softwares, we have Video Lan player, Windows media player, Real player and so on, selecting the best out of them depend on user’s personal choice. Though a review of software help up to understand the software and give more insight about it.

Download Softwares

I would not suggest you to download software’s from Warez sites, reason being, most of time they come bundled up with viruses and malwares, which tends to infect your Computer. Or install some toolbar, which will keep irritating you with weird pop-up’s.

I prefer these websites, because not only I get details about software but expert also review these app, and give their suggestions and feedback. Along with it, related software’s section will let you find more relevant software’s.


Useful Websites to download Software’s is widely used website for software review and software download. Its domain name has a key advantage here. The shows the review along with user opinion and other stats like number of time software is downloaded. Their software archive is very huge and easy to navigate. <Link>



The websites consist of freeware and shareware software’s. If a software is a shareware it will also show the price for the licensing. A detail description of software along with rating and screenshot are also there. <Link>

The largest open source application and software directory on the Internet.   The directory contains the wide list of open source softwares. <Link>




FIlehippo is one of my favorite website in this list. I can monitor which new files is added under my favorite category on homepage of this site. Best part, this site also offers full offline installer (complete .exe file) of all popular software’s like Yahoo messenger, chrome and so on. You can also consider installing Filehippo update checker which checks for software updates right from desktop.


As name suggest and their tagline Because new is always not better. This is website from where you can download old version of most of the software. Their archive contains almost all the older version of popular software. Bookmark this website, because it can become very handy at times.

6. Softpedia

softpediacom thumb

Another huge software directory for your Windows, Macintosh and Linux system. Contains wide range of freeware. The website can be very handy to track latest software updates and new freeware.

7. SnapFiles

Another good website to track latest software trend and updates. Their homepage features new and popular Weekly top 20 and Users choice to easily track down popular and upcoming software in all categories.

8. Gizmo’s freeware

Gizmo’s freeware along with the forum and lots of freeware reviews. Wide categories of freeware software are covered here. You can also subscribe to Gizmo’s feeds to keep track of latest trendy and upcoming software.

9. Zdnet downloads



Another popular website to track the latest software and find the review. The website navigation is very friendly.

If you are  a software hunter like me, hunt for new software’s will never end. Is int it? Anyways, let us know which website are you using to download software’s from Internet?

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  • Richard

    An older source is, it’s been around awhile.

  • venkat

    you missed in the list.

  • swapna

    That makes a great list! I usually land up at to get any free software. Now I found 8 other places with your help.

  • Sparx

    I think you need to differentiate between Freeware and Libre (“Free-as-in-beer”) software. What matters not is whether the end user gets to use it for free, but whether the source code is open and available for further modification by the community at large.

    This post is essentially a collection of sites devoted to freeware & shareware downloads in most cases. I’d like to add in one more site: PricelessWare – the site directory of the best freeware as voted for by the users of the alt.comp.freeware usenet group.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for the input Sparx. Main idea of the post was to give some useful resources to the readers.
      I appreciate your insight here.

  • ksbnok

    quite a nice handy list of websites but stands out of these, coz its the only open source software hosting website, sometimes referred as the “mecca of ‘free’ softwares” for programmers and developers where u not only get free softwares but also source codes but the other 8 websites donot give u source for each programm u download..


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