9 Practical ways To Increase Twitter followers

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking and micro-blogging site. In 140 characters, you can drive amazing and immense traffic to your site. Though, mastering the art of Twitter is not an easy job and you need to learn and understand every aspect of tweeting to make your tweet viral. One of the most important aspect of a strong Twitter profile is number of  increasing Twitter followers.

Increase Twitter followers

One thing which every user need to understand: Twitter is a Social tool and if you are using automated method to tweet and missing personal touch in your tweets, you will be doing more harm than benefit. Your Klout score will be less and true reach of your tweet will also be very less. You need to make sure, your profile is strong enough and your Twitter follower count, keep increasing with time.  Here I’m sharing some of the easy to implement tips to increase Twitter followers for our profile.

I started blogging at MazaKaro.com two months back only. Since I was new to blogging so I wanted to increase my followers list of twitter. I did a lot of research to increase twitter followers list and implemented lot of new ideas (I don’t know whether these are new or not) to improve followers list. I am sharing all the knowledge which I earned by research and experiment. Following are those tips.

Working tips to Increase Twitter profile:

Before, I move ahead with my tips here, I suggest you to clean up your profile. If you have not been following any expert tips, it’s time that you start from fresh and with a new impact. Your Twitter profile is very important for branding and judge the quality of your brand/Site. Here are some of the tools which will help you to get started:

1. Send traffic to your Twitter profile

If you have a blog then for bringing traffic to it what you do? Definitely you will send a lot of traffic to it by inserting your blog’s link here and there in the form of comments on other blogs, by inserting your link to high page rank websites, by sharing your website with your friends and even by advertising. So I will suggest that treat your Twitter profile as your blog and send lot of traffic to it as you can to increase number of followers.

2. Use ‘Tweet This’ button

Just below your published article you must put ‘Tweet This’ button so that all the readers can easily Tweet/ReTweet your article into their profile. By this your article will be visible to thousands of readers like an interlinked spider web. This thing is very important because by this manner your twitter account will get new tweets regularly and all interlinked users will come to know that you publish nice articles (but you must publish really nice articles)

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3.  First impression is the last impression

If any visitor is viewing your profile then your recent tweets will only be visible to him. So obviously if your recent tweets wont be nice one then, how  he will come to know that you tweet nice tweets. But your latest tweets are awesome then you would definitely impress him and he will follow you. So the tip is that if you are tweeting anything like what you ate today or you are going to party today then try to write at least one nice tweet for your new visitors.

4. Create a custom background

Professional looking background attract lot of visitors. This will show that you are a professional and chances are there, a visitor to your profile may turn into your follower.

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5. Follow and UnFollow regularly

Best way to get lot of followers is by following lot of people and unfollow those who are not following you back. By this way you will easily remove people who are not following you back.

6. Bloggers must follow their niche

If you are a blogger then you must follow people with your niche. This will attract people of same niche because your profile will display tweets of your niche only and visitors will get attracted towards your profile and will follow you.

7. Tweet less than 140 characters

Try to tweet less than 140 character. This is important since if your tweet will be less than 140 character then any can easily ReTweet your tweet. Because as some one will retweet your tweet then “RT:” will be added in your tweet.

8. Conduct twitter contest

On your blog you may conduct a twitter contest to follow your profile. You should give attractive prizes to attract lot of visitors. If they will like your contest then they will definitely follow and retweet your profile.

9. Participate in contests

Twitter contest are easy way to win goodies and people like to participate in such contest. Not only, you get a chance to get promoted on a site but also get some quality followers. You must participate in Twitter contests by doing this, all the group of people who are into the contest may be willing to follow you.

10) Use Twitter followers services:

Now, this is the least and last suggestion here, as most of the time you will be fed by bot followers. But, to increase your number count it’s still a good practice. Here are two such services, which I recommend: AddmeFast and Twiends.

I hope above tips will help you to increase Twitter followers, but you need to make sure those followers don’t unfollow you and for that: You need to keep updating your profile with latest information. I usually use Bufferapp for Twitter, which is very useful to ass a list of Tweets for publishing at later time. I also suggest you to start using SocialOomph, which will help you to send personalized DM message to new followers.

If you have more suggestion for creating a profile with thousands of followers, and don’t forget to tweet and share this article.

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Rahul is a part time blogger from Chennai, India. His blog is MazaKaro.com which is a technology and career blog. Apart from Blogging , he is a software engineer. His areas of Interest are Computers, Programming, and Blogging. He is masters in computer science from BITS Pilani. You can read more about him at About me page of MazaKaro.com


COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. Paul Bola says

    It’s really tough to make presence on twitter and increase the followers but this post can help a bit for everyone who are new to twitter. I really appreciate for sharing these tips with us.

  2. cahyo says

    to be honest, i’m new to twitter so i’m glad a found this article. by the way, do you have any idea on promoting blog through facebook? you see, all of my facebook friends are indonesians (like me) while i have a blog in english segmented for US citizens..

  3. Troy says

    So far Twitter has remained a mystery to me, but this helps me get a better grasp on what I need to do to build a following.

    Thanks for the tips Rahul!


  4. Matthew says

    Hi Rahul,

    I think following people who relate to your niche is a very good advice if one wants to use Twitter to bring traffic to their site. Thank you for your tips.

  5. Gabriele Maidecchi says

    Nice tips! But I have a couple of “objections”.

    First, I don’t think it’s mandatory to have *one* single niche, for the nature of my company I find it very effective to follow at least two niches, one for my industry and one for social media, one single blog and two twitter accounts (personal -> social media, business -> company industry).
    I am not saying to exceed and have 10 different topics, but a couple, that won’t do much harm, if you keep posting new content from both niches regularly, and if you find a connection between the two.

    Second, it’s true it’s good habit to follow back who follows you, and keep your “following” clean if someone suddenly unfollows you (many people do this to build up fast followers number, and then they unfollow to keep the “following” low), but it’s not always the case: sometimes it’s good to just follow someone interesting who, you feel, might add something to your personal experience. It’s not always a numbers game.

  6. ash_nallawalla says

    >> Try to tweet less than 140 character. This is important since if your tweet will be less than 140 character then any can easily ReTweet your tweet. Because as some one will retweet your tweet then “RT:” will be added in your tweet.

    The length depends on the length of your Twitter username. Mine is long – @anallawalla so I try to tweet less than 122 characters. Thanks for the article.

  7. Harsh says

    One should follow the people in their own niche. Following people in bulk leads to problems and you won’t able to interact with and follow what people of your niche are saying and finally lose their trust.

  8. vijay says

    Wonderful article Rahul that explains how to bring most out from tweets and what all the ways we use to get it, I have one opinion that creating bond with potential followers always have a power of positive results, That i learned from Twitter…