8 Ways to Build a Brand for Your Blog

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For any blogger, one of the most important thing must do is to build identity and image for their own blog. That is your brand, it makes the difference between your blog with millions of other blogs are exist. Readers can find similar information on many different blogs, but they choose you because of your brand.

Why, when you want to know about making money online field, many will think of names like John Chow, Jeremy, or Darren Rowse that is not you or me? That’s because their brand. Create the main difference is the only way to readers to remember your blog. Therefore, you need to build yourself a brand, a separate image.

When you have built a brand for your blog, just to remind you, they will distinguish you with others. Furthermore, you will get a loyal readers. They like the way you are, like the way you write and of course will monitor your blog regularly.

How to build a brand for your blog?

Building a brand for your blog is not an easy task, but you just need patience to pursue and perform the following work, I am sure you will build a brand for your blog.

1. Investment in quality posts

They evaluated the capacity of the personal through of what he made performance work. Blogging, too. The products of the blogger is the article, readers will appreciate your blog through each article and not something else. Write an article have good content, the utility will make a lot more attention is to write out what that have bad content. So you should be investment to write quality articles.

2. Regularly updated articles.

In the era of information explosion such as today, update for the blog is a very important factor affecting the growth of blogs. The readers come to you for information on your blog, if it has been updated, they will definitely visit your blog regularly. Professional bloggers write a lot and constantly updated blog. It is this contributes greatly to the attraction of blog readers visit and returned to find information. This is a good way of branding your blog.

3. A consistent topic for the blog.

Readers know they are looking for what information. When readers visit your blog, ie, there is useful information for them. If your blog focuses on a single topic, such as Make Money Online, to find information about this area, surely they will remember your blog. Do not write too much about the subject, thus no impression for the reader, they will quickly forget you are right because they do not know what blog you write about.

4. Do not copy content.

How do you feel when you access a page that is to copy all the contents of other pages? Do you want to sit back and read the article or not? My answer is no.

All people have the habit of skimming through all same akin to what, by reading carefully, they have no further information was nothing new and only more time-consuming. An article which only copy content from other posts is like a draft paper, the reader will soon forget about your existence. They’ll never go back to your blog, again. So, do not ever copy what’s already there.


5. Information provided for the reader must Trust and Honesty:

When readers find to your blog, what they need from you is information. Once the reader discovers information that you provide to them is inaccurate and untrue, I believe, the reader will tell them that you are cheated and your blog will be boycotted. Therefore, please provide information in a reliable and honest if you want to create a development blog and personal brand with your blog.

6. Enthusiastic Support

Who find to your blog also want to find something for themselves, if they can not find any thing, they do not even come back. The article is not always also provides enough information that readers need. When readers have questions, need assistance answering the information that you provide on blogs, you should answer and support them. the support and enthusiasm of your answer is how to express responsibility for the information you provide. It is the most effective way to help you keep your readers to come back visit your blog.

7. Create own image associated with your blog

Images are always likely to cause feelings and impressions to the reader. To make a difference for your blog, try to create special image on each post. It will make your article have color and attract more readers.

Using Favicon for your blog is also good to make your blog easier to recognize than other blogs. This is how simple and effective for the reader to recognize your blog. Is also a way to create their own brand right?

8. Make up your blog

First look is always important. A blog is designed nice, impress the reader will certainly be paying more attention the blog is poorly designed. Just seeing the look of a blog you can known the blog write what about problem and its owner is like. And a blog have interface is designed pro will create more confidence in readers.

Above are eight basic ways to create a brand for your blog, hope you see it useful.

Do let us know more tips which will help other blogger to create a brand out of his blog?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Rebecca says

    Yes, frequency is important for your blog, eespecially when it is new.

    One more important thing is that, try to make your content as customized as possible. Don’t write stuff that is already available on the internet by re-wording it. Apart from aiming to get new visitors everyday, your goal should also include getting re-visits from existing visitors. Re-visits means your blog is on the right track and is a great step to make your blog a brand.

    • Nguyen Trung says

      Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for comments, I’m trying to build a Brand for myself, please visit my blog at goblogtips.com and leave a comments for me. Thanks again

  2. Tech Maish says

    Standing out of the crowd and building unique brand in blogging industry need some time. So always keep working and don’t be Bored.

    • Nguyen Trung says

      Hi Tech,

      Patience is a key determinant of your success, nothing is easy and of course you need to have time

      Thanks for you feedback for my article

  3. shashank says

    really cool tips ,
    i really liked the point ” Information ….Trust and Honesty”
    many people are being paid to write for the article or paid reviews which misguide people a lot instead of helping them !!
    thanks for the share !

    • Nguyen Trung says

      Hi Shashank,
      Provide truthful information for the reader is the best way to create trust from readers, it will ensures the reader back to your blog again.

      Thanks for your feedback on my article