How To Save Money : 8 Amazing Tips For Bloggers

It is very easy to start a blog. However, it costs much effort, eespecially time and money to develop it. What’s more, you can ask for help from huge sources of technique tools on the internet. Some of them are free, but the more you pay, the better you get. Since the beginning players’ budgets are tight, many of them are struggling to find a beneficial way to get those tools.

When I first started blogging, I did not have much money, so I faced up that problem too.

  • I was a student.
  • I did not have any part-time job.
  • My parents are not millionaires.

I tried to save as much money as I can. According to my experience, I have come up with 7 ways to save my money that I am willing to share with you in this post. Just keep reading and you will find your own way to save money.

Think carefully before buying any products

Before I make a decision to purchase any product, I always wonder:

  • Is this product really worth-buying?
  • Are there any products in the market offered the same price but higher quality?
  • How long will I use it?
  • How can it benefit my blog life as well as my real life?
  • What are my returns on investment?

These questions prevent you wasting money buying an crappy item, which will cause regret for years. Of course, you can build your own list, but remember to focus on the necessary of that product.

Money Saving tips for bloggers:

Combine the free ones

To sell a certain product, the producers – in this case we call them coders or software-builders – must make it outstanding from others, eespecially technology-related ones. Who cares about another web-browser which only allows you to surf websites. Affiliate marketing tools often include many features to differentiate them from others.

However, we can combine multiple free tools to get desirable results without losing a dime. For example, you can make your own Ninja Affiliate plugin for FREE by combining GoCodes and SEO SmartLinks. By that method, you can get a similar product with Ninja Affiliate which worth 97$. This can be applied to many other tools and definitely save a lot of money.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this method are

  • Installing many plug-ins/ scripts would slow down your blog.
  • You do not have as many functions as paid ones.


When holidays come, manufactures will roll out lots of promotion to stimulate consumers’ demand. Sometimes, these promotions are up to 90% OFF. Pay attention to this extraordinary chance to get the product that you have been dreaming for.

Some of the most anticipated holidays are: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Easter, Christmas, Valentine…

Money saving tips for Bloggers

Hunting for Coupon

Coupon is another form of promotion and discount. Coupon is a piece of text which you can enter when checking out to receive additional discount. In my opinion, there are two types of coupons
Holiday coupon: which are built for Holidays.

Affiliate coupon: Coupon which is created by affiliate marketers to promote a product. To find a coupon, go Google then use the formula: Product’s Name + Coupon. There will be thousand of results for you to choose. Remember to enter your coupon code when you are checking out to get the discount. You can also take advantage of browser addons like Honey to find best possible coupons, or refer to a dedicated page like WordPress discount coupon codes to get best discount on WordPress related products.


A fruitful way to attract new readers is to create a contest. Many contests are now available; prizes vary from products to cash. With some lucks, you can get these prizes for FREE.

Some contests simply as participants to comment or tweet to join, others require a post which is also known as writing contest. To me, writing contest not only brings up the chance to get a reward but also solve other issues such as traffic, SEO, brand… If you come across any online contest, don’t hesitate to take part in. Who knows? You might be the next lucky person.

Co-operating with other bloggers

I happened to find out this technique. When you find a product that you are totally into, look up your friends’ blogs. Chances are there for the one who has already participated in that product’s affiliate program. Contact that person and ask for a negotiation. Assuming that product offers 50% on every sale publisher made. I will tell my friend that I will buy that product through his/her referral link. In exchange, that person will pay me 20% commission. This concept works perfectly: you can save your money while your friend can earn some bucks. Of course, the most important factor of this method is that you and that blogger should have close relationship or have done business many times before.


Write a Product Review will give you two benefits

  • The producer will let you try that product for FREE in exchange for a post on your blog to get new potential customers. You have to be a famous bloggers to receive offer like this.
  • Most of products have an affiliate program. It means if you can drive new customer for them by reviewing, you can make a lot of money.

Saving is quite different from being stingy. Savers know how to use their budget wisely while misers don’t want to spend even a penny on purchasing any products. Being a smart consumer will not only reduce your cost but also save your money for better use. I hope that next time you go shopping, you can be confident that you can save your money productively.

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Do you have any other tip which can help other bloggers to save money while they shop for blogging products online?

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  1. Justin | Mazzastick says

    Hey Tho,
    Great points here about being savvy before spending our money. It’s easier to spend when our blog is raking in the bucks but in the beginning don’t spend if you don’t have to.

  2. ashish says

    anybody would go back to his/her initial days of blogging after reading this.. good one..

  3. Tuan @ Technology Blog says

    Nice post, Tho Huynh.
    It is nice to see a Vietnamese guest blogger here.
    I am receiving some offers to write product reviews and they give me their products for free. This is a great way to develop a review site.

  4. Roy C.C. says

    Tho Huynh,

    This is a nice one. As I am writing now, I need a good theme and so on but I am not able to afford one as I am just starting.

    I have join alot from you.

    Thank you so much.


  5. Balaji P M | MS Geek Boy says

    Hi !
    At first, i could not get you while just reading the title but after dug to the article, i understood what you would like to say and agree with you 100%

    Co-operating with other bloggers makes helpful to each other :)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us !

  6. Rohan says

    Practical and killer tips !
    It’s great the way you have tackled investment with respect to ROI which many people would not bother to recommend .
    Nice post , tweeted and shared :)

  7. Zero says

    Only if I could have come across these kind of articles in the beginning of my internet business journey. I have ended up on the wrong side losing much money buying stuff which I could have got for free on the internet. This is especially true if you are building an online business.

    Many of the “premium tools and guides” out there are available for free if you spend some time looking for them and digging them out.

  8. Shubham Dev says

    Nice tips! I never though this way… I liked the idea behind ‘Co-operating with other bloggers’. Thanks for Sharing!

  9. HackTik says

    Nice one. RoI is the single most important metric which determine if money spent is worth or not. As long as you have a good RoI, rest everything falls in place automatically. However, RoI should not be wrongly assumed to be a sort of an immediate return. It may take time to bring the required positive results.