8 Useful Ideas To Help With Blog Content

Have you ever been stuck when it comes to blogging? I’m sure everyone has. It just might not be your day or you might have just ran out of things to talk about. Writer’s block is very common and this could be one of the reasons. Or you might think that coming out with a 400 word blog post all the time is not something you only want for your visitors. Here I would like to highlight 8 useful ideas to help with your blog content.

Find Your Own Blogging Personality

I’m not sure how many blogs are there in the world.  But I am pretty sure that there are too many blogs in the MMO niche. So do you really want to be like the crowd or stand up and be unique? I’m not asking you to alienate all bloggers in that niche either. My advice is to present your content without holding back on your blogging style. There’s no rule in the blogging world to conform to a particular style of blogging.

Not everyone is the same and different bloggers appeal to different crowds. You might even overtake more seasoned blogs by changing your blogging style completely!

Add Video Content

video posting

Adding videos to your content can help spice things up in a blog eespecially when your content is mostly 400-500 word posts. Sometimes you might be sick of writing so why not make a video? Even if you are not so technically inclined to make or edit videos you can also consider uploading a video to share with your readers.

Making a video is very easy and you can start using your smartphone to record yourself or any thing else. If you need to create screencast (Record your computer screen), you should use Camtasia which is an amazing video tool for bloggers. It’s available for both Mac and Windows.

Adding Podcasts

There are not many bloggers who have dabbled in this area. A few notable ones include Jack Humphrey of FridayTrafficReport.com and John Biggs of Crunchgear.com who have had radio talk shows and podcasts hosted on their blog. Of course it is different but if you haven’t tried it yet then why not give it a go? You can even advertise your podcasts if you are thinking of another way to get a wider audience group. A good place to do that is at

  • BlogTalkRadio
  • iTunes.
  • soundcloud.com

Re-visiting Old Content

There are many ways to write a blog post. You might not have any ideas about what to write but revisiting old content is a good start. A good way to bounce off ideas is to take a piece of paper and draw a mindmap of potentially good content to write from your original post. Another way to approach this is to break up long articles into shorter articles. Or you can even expand parts of the original article into an entirely new post.

Guest Posting

There are many reasons why you should guest post and one of them is to allow your readers to contribute content. I am sure no one has so many ideas that they can continuously product quality content daily. No blogger writes or thinks in the same way and they might even present an idea which you might have not thought of and this adds variety to your blog content.

Read: How to start with Guest posting?

Ask For Feedback

If you are stuck on ideas you can ask your readers what content should be added. One method is to have a small balloon box at the bottom corner of your blog to ask for blogging ideas. That way you can see what your reader’s expectations are and what content they expect from you. Although your readers might not write for you but having ideas coming from them helps you to get inspired on what to write.

Doing Adequate Content Research

adequate content research

Before you publish any content, the most important thing you need to do is to do adequate research on your content. You don’t expect your readers to read half-baked posts and be happy about it. You also have to bear in mind that your readers can gauge the quality of content and this has an influence on your readership. If you are interested to create a big following you must remember that this is one of the most important aspects as a blogger you must not compromise.

Expand Your Horizons

expand your horizons

If you have been blogging a while you will realize that being active only on your blog will not bring you enough influence or success. You need to network or “make friends”. Similarly if you are looking for inspiration to blog, go to places like Yahoo Answers, forums, social networking sites, blogs and identify what common questions are asked. Identify burning questions in your niche and address them on your blog.

Write content that addresses these questions and make sure you write them well.

The list of points above is non-exhaustive so if you have any more to add to the 8 ideas feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Jens P. Berget says

    I like to visit discussion forums and read what people are discussing. Many of my ideas to new blog posts come from questions that are being asked, and usually the answer to the question is in the thread. All I need to do is rewrite it using my own words.

  2. Bryan says

    yeah rob,I’ve recently discovered that LinkedIn has a lot of blogging groups that can help you a lot. Most of them are really experienced bloggers and they are willing to help you. My suggestion for you is to join the group My Blog Zone or The Guest Blogger. The Guest Blogger is a subgroup of My Blog Zone. Cheers

  3. Roy Scribner says

    I get stuck a lot on my old blog, which is one reason I started a new one :) My best resource, when I get stuck on content, is to surf LinkedIn Groups or forums for people having a problem related to my topics – instant “how to” article!

  4. Bryan says

    Hey Sathish, thx for replying. I’m glad you like the post. Yeah blogging is a learning curve. There are a lot of things you will learn along the way. Over time, if you are doing things right you will be an authority blogger

  5. Bryan says

    Hey Sathish, thx for replying. I’m glad you like the post. Yeah blogging is a learning curve. There are a lot of things you will learn along the way. Over time, if you are doing things right you will be an authority blogger

  6. SathishKumar says

    The tips you have mentioned are worthy. Thanks for sharing Bryan. I am trying to write killer contents by the same way you mentioned here. Its good to see that I am on the right path before you mentioned it here.