8 Useful Resources For Any Web Designer

Web designing is an art and will not be possessed by every one. It doesn’t mean that it is a restricted profession for fewer. No doubt Web Designing is a top grown and growing industry creating much of opportunities for big giants to freelancers. Every one can be a web designer and develop web content and can build great career in this field.

There are few best resources that may help web designers to ease certain activities and develop quality content more quicker. Here is that list of 8 resources for a web designer.


Every web designer use all available Internet browsers including Mozilla Firefox to see how their content is looking in each browser. FireFtp is an addon or extension for Mozilla Firefox which enable FTP client right within the browser window and creates access to FTP servers. You don’t need to install another FTP client on your OS for FTP access if you have FireFtp added to your Firefox. It also saves time by reducing shifting time from browser to FTP client.


This can be said a best addon for Firefox in view of a web designer which adds edit and debug support for the browser. Using this addon you can edit CSS, HTML and JavaScript of the webpage opened and view the changes lively. Edit any webpage instantly and see how it will be displayed after those changes and copy the code to update in original file.

HTML Validator

This is also a Firefox addon which helps you validate the HTML of a webpage with in the browser with out going in to another website or software. When a web page is loaded in Firefox it validates its HTML and displays an icon in status bar. When you take your mouse cursor on to the icon it displays the number of errors found in HTML and when clicked it opens all the errors in source code window.

CSS Validator

This is another Firefox addon to validate the CSS associated with a webpage. It associates W3C CSS validation to find errors in CSS. An Validate CSS item will be added to the right-click menu and when clicked it opens the errors in a new browser tab.

Color Detector

This is a software which detects any color displayed at any area of the monitor screen and generates a Hexadecimal Color Code for that color. Any color you liked on your screen to use in your web page can be caught easily with this software. Just move you mouse cursor on to the color and press F5 to freeze and then press F6 to copy the Hex code to the windows clipboard.

Color Lovers

This is a web service where you can find many best colors, color palettes and patterns shared by users around the world. Choose the best that suits your requirement and implement them on your web pages. This is really a great place for color lovers.


This is a Firefox addon which helps you measure the page elements on a webpage. It draws a ruler across the webpage in the browser and gives the measurements for that page element. Any layout you like can immedeately be measured with this tool and implement them in your web designs.


This is a web based search tool to find images in Flickr. Find images quickly on Flickr that suit best for you web designs using Compfight.

Hope you liked these web resources for designer. Enjoy a best web designing experience with them.

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  1. Saleah says

    there is an add on of firefox which is called “web developer toolbar”..it is also very important tool for web developers.

  2. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    even if i find difficulties dealing with this , i can guess how useful and i’ll be checking out this list , thank you for sharing , taking care of design is essentialm :)

  3. kbharath says

    Great article M P Chekuri. as i am not a web designer i am not aware of all the plugins except fire ftp. Thanks for sharing this any how.

  4. Nihar says


    I have used firebug, color and validators.

    I have to checkout fireftp. heard hear and in another blog.