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    8 Must Have Firefox Add-ons to Simplify Your Surfing Tasks

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    Mozilla Firefox is the widely used browser known for its simplicity and features. One of the best feature of Firefox is that it can be made more useful by installing addons which simplify our daily surfing tasks.

    Firefox addon 8 Must Have Firefox Add ons to Simplify Your Surfing Tasks

    Below I have listed 8 addons which according to me are very useful.

    Foxmarks -
    If you use more than one computer then Foxmarks might become handy as it keeps your bookmarks and passwords (optionally) synchronized.

    AdBlock Plus-
    This is a must-have add-on for Firefox. Many sites have annoying flash ads in them. Not anymore – AdBlock plus blocks them all!

    Greasemonkey -
    If you want to make your browsing more comfortable then this comes handy as you can use all the user made scripts.

    FireFtp -
    Don’t want to install an extra program for FTP? Download this add-on and you gain FTP access to servers from your browser.

    Another useful add-on with which you can chat on IRC networks and you don’t have to install a separate program!

    Video Download Helper -
    With this simple addon you can download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites right from your firefox browser.

    Url Fixer -
    Ever mistyped the end of a address? This fixes all of your mistakes – if you type shoutmeloud.con it automatically corrects it to shoutmeloud.com

    Do you use any of the addons above? Are they helpful to you? Please tell me through your comments below.

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    { 24 comments… read them below or add one }

    John Soares

    Great list. I’d also add the WebRank Toolbar. It gives important data for websites I visit — Google page rank, Alexa ranking, # backlinks, etc.


    Sagar Gholap

    Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try that now.



    Great list!!!
    Some of my essentials include:
    1) Adblock – blocks tons of ads
    2) Flashblock – kills annoying autoplaying flash
    3) Download the All – excellent integrated download accelerator
    4) AllinOne gestures – navigation with mouse
    5) Shareholic – great way to replace lots of bookmarklets for social media sites
    6) Ubiquity – b/c it’s the greatest extension ever!
    7)Read it Later


    Sagar Gholap

    I liked the Ubiquity as I installed it just now after reading your suggestion. Thank you for the input Brij.



    Awesome suggestions sagar, Thanks for the share.


    Sagar Gholap

    You are welcome Thiru. I’m glad that you liked it :)



    Nice list :)

    Other essentials are submitted by Brij already…
    Nothing for me to add.. :)



    Sagar Gholap

    Thank you Sharat :)



    hey thanks for the pluggin list , i have recently started using firefox and this will help


    Sagar Gholap

    I’m happy and eager to know your feedback regarding your switch to Firefox. I’m glad that this list helpful for you.



    I love greasemonkey.Gmail redesign is an excellent scripts based on it.

    Thanks for sharing the list :)


    Sagar Gholap

    Thank you Swamykant :)



    You have missed an important add-on, which is Grease Monkey and Lastpass. Grease Monkey let you do several cool script to enhance your surfing experience while LastPass is a popular password manager for anyone :)


    Sagar Gholap

    Yes, actually there are a heck lot of addons available which makes it difficult to rate them as almost all of them are useful in some way. I have chosen the list as per my personal ease of use.

    Thank you for the suggestion :)



    You Missed WebRank Toolbar (My Favourite).
    Next Post Should Be Firefox Sync Vs Xmarks..
    Many People Want To Know Which Is Best??


    Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Great list , i”m actually a fan of add ons and i like all the time know more about new ones ! the best one in the list is Video Download Helper and i will download it right now ! really helpful list of add one so thank you for sharing them :)


    Vivek Parmar

    still one left in this list. search status which helps you to get all the necessary information of any website like alexa rank, page rank, technorati rank.



    Really Helpful Addons



    Nice collection bro . If you are designer and want to know font information used by other web designer on specific page than you can get – Fontfinder and for color codes you can use – colorzilla …..



    Cool and Very Useful List….

    I’m currently using Greaskymonkey, AdBlocker+, let’s try others :-)

    Thanks for the great list


    Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988

    I only used 1 of your 8 must have: Video Download Helper. My must have is Lastpass, Quick Proxy, Speed Dial and Site Launcher



    I used video download helper Its not great for me.
    Instead i use easy youtube downloader addon whichis user friendly addon


    Sheila @ Avaguide

    I use AdBlock and a confessed Video Download Helper addict! :) I often get videos from YouTube and put in on my Blackberry and psp. Sometimes if I can’t find an mp3 in torrents or p2p sharing, I go to YouTube and amazingly even the oldest songs are uploaded there. I also like WOT, do you use that?



    @ Sagar,

    I just checked that you yourself run a blog which is showing adsense ads. Do you know that now a days 20% of US web traffic uses ad blocker. This will effect your earning too. No ads means no clicks. And without clicks your blog is nothing but a free news paper. I have serious problem the way ad blocker blocks all ads (not only flash ads). If this trend continues , we can soon have end of adsense and other advertising networks.


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