8 Important Tools to Make your Blog Rockstar

Important Blog Tools

One major difference between a newbie blogger, and a veteran blogger is way of working. A pro-blogger use best of the available tools to make his work easier. For example, a blogger running 4+ WordPress blog, would consider using ManageWp to manage all his blogs. Similarly, you will pick one such SEO tool, which will do all the task like Keyword research, Keyword tracking, Page rank check, and all other required task. At this stage, I’m not a pro-blogger and it will take me couple of years to be one. Though, as I mentioned in one of my earlier article, I love trying out new things.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I keep trying new tools, software which will help me to grow my blog. As it is, when you are using WordPress platform, you can easily take advantage of plugins to make your blog better. Today, I will be sharing some tools that you should always use. You can also check out my earlier article on blogging tools that I can’t blog without.

Blogging is not only Installing and writing a post. There are so many things to take care of like SEO, Traffic analysis, creating a Community, Subscription options and many more. It will become too lengthy and hard to jot all of them down in a single post. So I will break them down into multiple posts. Enjoy the second post in the series:

Analytics tools

There are many analytic tools to track down website traffic and visits for your blog. You can simply get a free version or some paid version for it. Here are two free analytic tool which I love. Another one which I did not mention here is Woopra, which is also a good analytic tool.

Google Analytics


Analytic is very important for any blog, Analyzing your site visits, site referrer and traffic will help you to set further Goal.  Google analytics is one of the best and free analytic tool present. This will help you to track your daily visits along with lots of useful info, like landing pages, outgoing links, and keywords giving you most of the traffic. For more info on Google analytic, have a look at :



Sitemeter is another free website traffic meter, which shows you the traffic stats in real time. You can see hourly visits and page views along with referral sites. Compare your traffic for last 7 days and much more. For more on Sitemeter you can refer to my previous post on :

Social Community and Group

Facebook Tools and Widgets : Facebook is again a great marketing tool if you use is wisely. It also helps you in branding.

Read my previous post on How to form a community out of your blog.

Facebook networked blog application

Facebook networked blog application will help you to publish your blog feeds directly from your home page and it will be visible to all your friends, if you have a huge number of friends on Facebook this will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. Read more about it at : Facebook Networked blog application

Facebook Fan page

Facebook is a great marketing tool and fan page is a great feature to give more value to your brand. Facebook fan pages has lots of advantages in terms of notifying about your blog updates. Sending a mass message to your readers and branding your blog.

Read more about Facebook fan page here :

Other Miscellaneous tool

Feed burner


Burning your feeds via Feedburner is a very good idea because this will help you to analyze your feeds and more over you can provide more option to your readers in terms of visibility and branding of your blog. Read more at :

Professional Email address

Professionalism is very important in blogging, and this also includes your email address. It’s very important to grab your personal domain email address like admin[at]shoutmeloud.com.

This guide will help you on how to get your personal domain name email address How to get free professional email address under your domain name There are many other things which is require along with all these, which I will cover in the upcoming post.

This is a part of Blogging step by step series as I could not officially announce the launch of it and I have covered lots of basic tutorials for upcoming bloggers. You can have a look at all of them under   Blogging step by step category.

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  1. Tamahome Jenkins says

    Thanks for this awesome list. I’ve never tried Google Friend Connect because I didn’t realize that it integrated social networks. I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. freeblogger says

    Another cool post from Harsh.

    I’m glad to let you know that i use all of the tools listed. I even use more tools.

    I see that twitter and the likes are not listed.

    Making your blog a rockstar demands your all…

  3. Amal Roy says

    Statcounter is better then sitemeter in think. It has options like Recent Keyword Activity, Popular Pages etc. Thanks Harsh for the nice tools.

  4. George Serradinho says

    Some nice tips which would help promote any website on any topic. The email address point is valid, but I still like using my gmail account.

  5. Helen Hunt says

    Thanks again for another cool tips – I will check them out eespecially the personal and professional email with Google. I think it’s a great idea.

  6. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    Your 4th I mean official email topic is really very important for me because this idea was not in my mind before you mentioned here.
    Thanks a lot buddy.

  7. Shabnam Sultan says

    Thanks, for these tips. I have been using Google Analytics and its my all time fav as the results are really trustworthy.

  8. Ruchi says

    Your blog is surely rocking, eespecially because of its contents. I am using many of these tools and will try remaining also. :)

  9. Robin says

    I am using google analytics for more than an year and nothing beats it so far.

    Nice recommendations for beginner level bloggers..

  10. Sanjeev says

    Definitely they are rockstar and they will convert a blog as well as a blogger into rockstar. I am using above tools and getting maximum out of it, they are now integral part of blogging and bloggers. Nice list Harsh, will definitely help people in decision making at initial stages.

  11. zeesu says

    harsh ur blog tips helps me a lot i am regular visitor to ur blog.i made till now $3 in just 2 weeks after starting my blog.keep up the good work.many thanks