7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Links control the web and links are one of the most important things to every webmaster. With the advent of Google, SEO began to gain more traction and and backlinks became a major element of SEO success.

Since building backlinks is very critical to the success of any webmaster, this post will be talking about 7 ways to get quality backlinks for your blog/website.

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1. Article marketing:

For a long time now article marketing has been one of the best and most effective ways to get  quality backlinks to your blog, even though this method works there are some things you must consider when trying to get backlinks through article marketing. This is not as great as guest posting and one thing which is very important, do article marketing on relevant websites only. For example, if you are a SEO company, you should post content on an article directory which is only targeting SEO niche.

It is very important to make effective use of your anchor text when trying to promote your website through article marketing because your link is almost valueless if you don’t make effective use of your anchor text.

Another important thing is that you should make sure you submit most of your articles to reputable and quality article directories that are well established and have authority in the search engines.

It is also important to make effective use of the dofollow article directories because many search engines discount links from nofollow websites.

2. Social Networking Site Profile:

This is one great and under-utilized method you can use to get quality backlinks tom your website. Many social bookmarking and networking sites have high pagerank and this will flow to your account with them, even though some of them are nofollow we still have some that are dofollow.

The last time I checked my twitter profile’s page rank it was having a pagerank of 5 so you can get a lot of quality backlinks by making use of social bookmarking and networking sites.

Many social bookmarking/networking sites allow you to add links to your website and other sites in your bio, it is very important not to underestimate the power of these links but to make effective use of them.

3. Press Release:

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your blog is by making effective use of press release websites. If properly done, you can get a lot of quality backlinks from press release sites because they are supplying content to a lot of smaller sites and they can easily get picked up by news sites which means more exposure and quality backlinks for you.

When trying to get the best from your press releases you should make sure you have a newsworthy and attractive title because this will make more people interested in your press release, you should also make sure you have a link to your website in the body of your content because some people might scrape your content without wanting to give credit to you but this will help you against that.

4. Link Exchange:

As old-fashioned as this may be it still works in its own way. I have been able to use link exchanges to get rankings for some keywords when I just started on the internet.

When trying to get quality backlinks through link exchanges it is very important to have a separate website where you will be putting other people’s link because this will make you more secure thereby preventing you from being penalized by the search engines.

5. Document Sharing Sites:

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your site is by submitting your articles and ebooks to document sharing websites.

You can do this by compiling your blog posts as pdf files and by uploading it to file sharing websites thereby leaving a backlink to your website.

Many people are afraid of using this method but it gives you some high quality backlinks because many of these sites are trusted by Google and some other search engines and links from most document sharing sites are also do-follow.

6. Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is another great way to build quality one-way backlinks to your website and unlike article marketing the backlinks built through guest blogging are high quality and authority backlinks because most blogs you will be guest posting for have been trusted by Google over time and they don’t publish duplicate content.

Many blogs also have high pagerank and your article can stay on their homepage for sometimes, if you write a great article then you can even get more people to link to it which means more authority for the most which in turns transfer to your website.

7. Blog Commenting:

There are many arguments revolving around the web that blog commenting cannot be used to build backlinks, I am telling you what I tested and I am assuring you blog commenting works for building backlinks.

Even though it is not advisable to go and spam people’s blog trying to get backlinks from comments but you can still use this method to your advantage by writing valuable comments only.

It is also important to know that some comments are very useless for building backlinks and those are comments on nofollow blogs, dofollow comments is the best and you can get a list of dofollow blogs for you to improve your blog commenting.


It is very important to note that all links are not equal and that building quality backlinks can lead to better SEO which in turn means more traffic. If you implement all the above tips then you can get better results and even almost instant improvement in your search engine rankings. Get something done and rock the world of SEO.

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  1. says

    Indeed! Post is very informative. I completely agree on the point mentioned above.
    Article’s on trending topics will get good backlinks.

  2. says


    Great article on getting backlinks. Would like to get such great information periodically from you. However, i am confused with one thing. Would not google consider document sharing a duplicate content. If you have written an article published it on your blog afteryou make it pdf and submit it to a document sharing blog. When google crawls it, would’nt google consider it a duplicate content? would it not harm your blog?
    I am newbie in this field. Please guide me about that.

  3. says

    Hey Onibalusi,

    As mentioned by another person in the comments, forum posting is also very important, and some forums have also got the option to add a signature where the user can set his / her webs’te’s URL as signature and that acts as a Backlink apart from regular posting on forums :)

    Ashwani Kumar Singh

  4. says

    Thanks a lot for this post. Most of these methods has been already known to me. What was for me a new idea is a Document Sharing Sites. I’ll definitely try it.

  5. Diane says

    Hi, some very good and sometimes underutilized ideas frankly because people do not want to do the extra work involved or they just don’t believe these things will work. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Subha says

    thanks for sharing such a informative post on link building. I think article marketing and blog commenting are best way of generating quality back-links.

  7. says

    First i would love to say thanks. Nice post indeed. To get quality back-links are more important than quantity. We all must develop two skills! 1. Content creation 2. Way of promotion. If you are good in this, you are almost done. Keep it up. A good post keeps some good information for the audience. Keep it up.

  8. pavan kumar says

    Great article.. i have been writing articles in my website and just making use of social media to reach the audience..I’m fed up with the page views. But after reading your article i came to know about the importance of backlinks to website …..i ‘ll definitely try it out the above mentioned strategies

  9. Subodh Verma says

    Once again that’s a great article Oni thank you so much for sharing these useful info. But i think that if you are commenting on a blog then don’t think about creating a back link to your website. Write a specific beautiful comment enhancing the knowledge of the post and encouraging the author such that he will approve you comment and become positive and write more classic articles.
    Thank you

  10. says

    Great Article & Very helpful.

    Ive recently set up a site for the first time and struggled with the complexity of SEO optimisation and how to drive traffic to my site via Quality backlinks. There is so much information out there and many companies trying to take advantage of those less fortunate ti understand SEO fully. im going to carry on trying and see how i get on.

    Again many thanks for your article

  11. Abhijit Gupta says

    Great post! Very useful information. These all are great suggestions. Blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and social media are now very much popular among bloggers. It helps to bring traffic to your site and generate backlink.

  12. Elisa Wong says

    Thanks Oni. This is a well-written and organized article. Point #5 is new to me and I will definitely give it a try! :D

  13. Tran Le says

    Hi Onibalusi such a great post! I’m always sharing on social media sites! Facebook, Blog Engage and Twitter are my main sites to use. I also enjoy blog commenting a lot and in fact is why I found your blog and why I’m posting a comment. I do enjoy guest blogging but I feel at times it’s a lot of work and if you don’t have a lot of time it may not be the best ROI but it’s 00% we should all at least try.

  14. constantinos says

    I like the file uploading point, it usually gets your content submitted immediately. In my personal experience at least that’s what happened. Do you know of any highly trafficked ones though? I am still on the look out

  15. Steve Quan says

    @Ray: I think so. As my experience, 30% blog comments can be displayed (pass site owner’s moderation), and the main point is that Google doesn’t highly regard backlink from blog commenting !

  16. Mercy Mathews says

    I agree with the above poster. It’s all about a combination of different ingredients that create the perfect strategy. You can’t rely on any single method.

  17. Ray says

    Some people say blog commenting is no good, others say the opposite. I seem to have decent luck with it. Many blogs rank higher when compared to forum posts. Although forums tend to allow signatures with keyworded anchor text, where most blogs don’t. I just like a combination of things like you suggest.

  18. Clickatron says

    Very valuable information to all involved with SEO. Using other companies for backlinks can be a big waste. Following the above instructions will get you much Faster and more relevant results.

  19. justin biber says

    Thank you very much for your advices. However, those all are not enought to drive traffic to your site, i think offline-promotion is also very important. You can do it by creating sticker and doing another creative promotion.

  20. Glassman96 says

    When blog commenting always write good content, afterall it’s like an even trade. I couldn’t tell you how comments I’ve deleted knowing that they were just generic spam comments. Also take the name of the blog and the URL where your comment is at and ping it to RSS sites and social bookmarking sites this will help get your link indexed faster.

  21. Karen says

    Getting back links to your site is indeed important. I made a puzzle software with my anchor links and texts and then submitted it to the free software sharewares and got a lot of great back links quickly

  22. Manuel says

    A great article and yes I can see why this would help you get more traffic to your blog. Also it is important to take it step by step and not too rush into it and trying to achieve goals that are not realistic. I have been trying to get more traffic to my site ever since I upload it to my server, but only now have I really tried to improve my seo and other factors to get traffic to my site.

    Thank you for this great post.

  23. Dev - the Money Making Kid says

    It seems obvious how the internet has change lately.

    Back in the days, you didn’t really have to sweat it in order to get traffics to your website, because things where easier.

    But now, as more and more people keep coming to find a better life online, it becomes very hard to be even on the 3 page of the Search Engines because you’ll get beat up by the big boys.

    As I always telling my friends, it’s not about beating the competitors, but rather deliver the best of you in order to survive this race rat internet business. The more you give, the more people will trust you, and become your friends.

    Very nice, I really admire..:)


  24. Dave Osmonson says

    Onibalusi, nice article.

    I found this very interesting and the methods are easy to implement into an everyday task.

    Thanks much.


  25. Vishal Gaba says

    Have been reading the ‘press releases’ bit a lot…so how do I use it?

    I pick up releases from the websites and put them up? could you please inform about this?

  26. MazaKaro says

    Do you know any good link exchange service provider? I want to improve my page rank from 4 to 5 or 6.

    How much effort I have to do???

    thanks in advance

  27. Aditya says

    I’ve used digitalpoint forum to get good ranking in Google but then they also faced a cut in their pagerank. I quick tip in a single sentence write genuine and spread it to top 5 social networking sites.

  28. vijay says

    You are absolutely right, these are the tips which works to generate more back links.Thanking you for a excellent write up :) …

  29. Michael says

    This is terrific, Onibalusi. Not only is it full of vital information but it is also very engaging and extremely well written – a pearl of an article!

    Thanks for sharing.


  30. Tinh says

    Just want to add one more point to the “link exchange” that you should choose the relevant niche blogs to exchange with or use A-B-C strategy as Google hates two-ways linking :-)

    • Onibalusi says

      Exactly Tinh,

      You are absolutely right!

      Choosing blogs/ites relevant to yours is very important because this plays a huge factor in SEO rankings.

  31. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says

    Hi Onibalusi,

    Great tips on getting backlinks. I had a question:

    “You can do this by compiling your blog posts as pdf files and by uploading it to file sharing websites thereby leaving a backlink to your website.”

    Do you mean that we make backlinks in the pdf document (with of course some valuable information) and then upload them to scribd? Will this be counted as a backlink?


    • Onibalusi says

      Hi Nabeel,

      Yes, the benefit is two-fold.

      Search engines crawl the pdf files so leaving a link in it won’t hurt, you also have an option to link to your sites in your author bio which will be displayed after your files.

      Feel free to ask anything that confuses you.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  32. Technoblogsite says

    blog commenting, guest posting and social media are now very much popular among bloggers but i say by implementing all above, one can get in first page of google search…….

  33. Anup@Hack Tutors says

    Hello friend,

    You forget to mentioned the forum posting in your points. I highly recommend forum posting. It give us traffic plus High Quality link.