7 Modern & Best WordPress Video Themes For Video Blogs

Video blogging is rising in 2014 and when ever you search for any query in Youtube, you will be seeing atleast one results from Video. Undoubtedly videos are getting popular day by day and so is video blogging. None the less video curation if done right can make great money for you. Sites like Upworthy, Scoppwithin are making millions a month just by sharing videos which are viral and by native advertising. I’m not going to dig deeper into their earning methods here and let me share some of the best Video WordPress themes which you can use right now for your video blog. I have hand-piked those WordPress themes which you can use right away without any second thought. These video themes are designed with all essential design elements and are responsive in nature. After all you can’t afford to ignore your smartphone and tablet readers.

I have also tried searching for few free video WP themes but I couldn’t find anything which I personally use. Most of the free themes lack stuff like responsiveness or support. So, lets go ahead and look at some of the stunning WordPress themes which is perfect for any video blog.

Best Video WordPress Theme For Youtube & Others

True Mag  video Theme:

Truemag Video template

With over 1250 sales this is one of the most popular video blog theme right now. This theme was first launched in February 2014 and since then it has been updated more than 15 times to add new features requested by users. The customer support of this theme is excellent and here are best feature of this theme:

  • Embed video from popular video sharing sites.
  • Auto fetch video title and description.
  • Video view count and video rating feature.
  • SEO friendly and support Google Rich snippet.
  • Responsive theme and you can use Responsive Google AdSense codes.
  • Supports buddypress and multi-lingual support.
  • Retina ready and different slider options

There are many more features which makes this theme a perfect one for your video blog. What I liked most about this theme is it supports auto-update and with easy to configure theme option panel will let you set everything up in next 30 minutes.

  • Price: $58
  • Marketplace: ThemeForest

Check out True mag theme 

BeeTube Video template:

Beetube video WordPress Theme

BeeTube comes with it’s own variety of taste and it comes with 5 different cool variation. Automatic video thumbnail feature is very useful and something you going to love about BeeTube. You can embed videos from 20+ video sites by just pasting the Video URL. If you are looking to create a video blog where your users can submit video and have their own channel, BeeTube theme is what you need. You can configure video views by grid (Small, large, medium) or list ways.  You can use Automatic Youtube import plugin to automatically import videos from any channel and publish it or save it as draft. The team also offers free theme installation and once you purchased the theme, simply open a ticket for installing and configuring the theme for you.

  • Price: $48
  • Marketplace: ThemeForest

Download BeeTube WordPress Theme

Templatic Video WP Theme:

Templatic video WordPress Theme

This is a simple pro video theme that you can get right now for $27. This theme comes with options like live customiser, drag and drop builder, video slider and tabbed widget. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on this theme to give much information. Overall Templatic are known for creating great themes and offers amazing features. You can check out the demo and more details on their sales page below.

  • Price: $27
  • Marketplace: Templatic

Check out theme demo

Few Free Video Themes:

Here I have listed down some of the free options which are good but doesn’t offer amazing features like above one.


Cinematic- Free Theme

Cinematic -Free Theme

Cinematic -Free Theme

Let us know which one you have liked them? Do you know more such free themes which can make into our list of Free WordPress Video Themes.

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