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    7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes

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    We have alread talked about Templatic Video WordPress theme earlier and extending our series of free video WordPress themes, here is a complete set of such video blogging themes for WordPress.

    Video Blogging is becoming a new in thing and become most popular channel to go viral. Specially, bloggers who are on Youtube and using it for promotion, they know how useful and viral it is.  Video Blogs are termed as ‘Vlogs’ and the Video Blogger’s are called ‘Vloggers’. Setting up a Vlog on wordpress can be achieved with custom Video Blogging Templates, some of the most famous being evid, Wootube,Groovy Video etc. However, most of the video blogging templates are premium and range from 20$ to 275 $ which seems quite expensive to invest for starter bloggers and for those who may want to run a pilot site.

    Does this de motivate you to start Vlogging? Don’t worry, Shoutmeloud has a solution for you. In this post, we will share some of the best free Video blog templates for you available on the world wide web.

    List of Free WordPress video themes:

    Video WordPress theme by Foxinni- Free Theme

    videos foxinni com Free Theme 520x346 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes videos-foxinni-com- Free Theme

    WP Tube- Free Theme

    WPTube Free Theme 491x520 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes WPTube- Free Theme

    MG Tube- Free Theme

    MG Tube Free Theme 447x520 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes

    Cinematic- Free Theme

    Cinematic Free Theme1 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes Cinematic -Free Theme

    Word Tube- Free Theme

    Word Tube Free Theme. jpg 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes Word Tube- Free Theme. jpg

    Video Portal- Free Theme

    Video Portal 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes Video Portal

    Videographer theme by Zoom start

    thiswickedlife com Free theme 520x229 7 Wonderful & Free WordPress Video Themes Videographer-Free theme

    Let us know which one you have liked them? Do you know more such free themes which can make into our list of Free WordPress Video Themes.

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    When I have been familiar with WordPress, I am planning to build a blog to share those interesting videos with others. However, because the bandwidth limit of my web hosting service, I can’t do that. What a pity!



    Hello Duia,

    If you are serious to VLOG, and, you have a bandwith issue with your host, you may want check this alternative.


    Hope Helps. Thanks!


    abhishek @ xpressabhi

    These themes look nice. But if a blog has too many videos then only they can use it.
    It seems to me.


    Digital Imagination

    Video wordpress themes!!!

    surely helpful to my brother for his site…………

    Thanks for sharing……..



    hey where can i get the video portal please ???? does anybody have it ????its sooo good !!



    Thank you. I have just found the videoblog theme I’m looking for. I am also confused if videos will eat up your bandwidth. How about video rss?


    Prajun Adhikary

    Well can you tell me which is the best… I understand these are free but if you think there are other VLOG themes plz let me know…



    Excellent Collection :) Thanks So much


    Geetansh Gupta

    thanku working on it



    How Can I Download WP Tube Theme ? I can not see Link For Download !




    How can i download MG Tube Theme? Please provide download link for it

    Thanks in advance……………….



    Hey thanks for the info. I’ve been wanting to switch over to a vlog for some time now, these are great themes you’ve suggested!


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