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    7 Amazing Windows 7 Features

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    windows71 300x225 7 Amazing Windows 7 Features Selecting a good OS is tough when you have too many options. I have always been a fan of Microsoft XP but after using Windows 7, it has become my current OS.It’s a long time passed after the launch of windows 7, but most of us are not aware about the exciting new & useful features of windows 7.  Now its time to learn about the seven new features of windows 7.

    I’m sure you are aware of Windows 8 and it’s also amazing. If you are new to it, read:

    New and amazing Features of Windows 7:

    Automatic Changing of Desktop Wallpaper

    This feature is first time introduced in the windows 7 to make it more beautiful. Windows 7 comes with 5-6 built-in themes, with different sound effects,colors,design, and wallpapers. In the personalize menu, you can select multiple wallpapers and they will shuffled after some time interval.

    Blu-Ray Disc Support

    Nowadays Blu-Ray discs has won the high-definition DVD war. A single Blu-Ray disc can store large amount of data equivalent to a single hard disk. Windows 7 OS (Operating System) includes native functionality to read & write Blu-Ray discs.

    Live Media Streaming

    Windows 7 allows to stream live videos, media files within the Windows Media Player. Streaming is possible on both the local network or from the internet. Learn more about Live Streaming.

    Multiple Instances of Same Program

    Have you ever opened multiple instances of same program on the earlier versions of windows? Of course not, but windows 7 lets you do that. Simply hold SHIFT key while left-clicking on the first instance of the program in the taskbar. Second Instance will be opened.

    XP Mode

    Partially most of the applications runs fine on windows 7, but still there are some applications which are not compatible with this latest version of Operating System. So to configure this incompatibility problem, windows 7 introduce the feature of Windows XP Mode. This feature allows you to run a full functional version of XP within Windows 7, with the help of a tools called Virtual PC.

    Direct Access Feature

    It has been reviewed that DirectAccess is one of the more compelling reasons that business are moving towards upgrading to windows 7. Direct Access enables to establish Bi-Directional Link among internal networks or over the internet. This feature facilitates multiple users to remotely access the machines over the network. Necessary Condition: To enjoy this feature, your network must be using Windows Server 2008 R2 OS.

    Fast Booting

    Last but not the least, the most glamorous feature of windows 7 is its booting time, it is 20% faster than Windows Vista! (Tested By Window Experts). It takes about 27 seconds for login prompt to appear after boot, in comparison with windows vista which takes 34 seconds for the same.

    If you are interested in learning more about windows 7, Do check the Official Website. I recommend you to upgrade to windows 7, and experience the whole new Operating System. Do let us know which one you like the most? Windows Xp, Windows Vista or Windows 7?

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    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hey great tips.

    I use Windows 7 but I did not know about the ‘Multiple Instances of Same Program’ feature by pressing the SHIFT key. So thanks a lot for mentioning it.

    Regarding which is the best OS, I think windows 7 beats vista hands down. XP is ok, but Vista was not good.

    I formatted Vista on my previous laptop, and installed Windows 7, and it was giving a higher performance.



    Rajan Balana

    Thanks Nabeel.

    Very Right Said. Windows 7 beats windows Vista



    Good article. But i wont support ur last topic vich is of “FAST BOOTING”
    27 secs?? :-o “No…” For m9 it takes a min or so…


    Rajan Balana

    Thanks Bharat,

    Result are the statistics of Best Condition Response Time.



    Even 3D Flip of tabs using WINDOWS key + TAB. can be a feature. :) and GOD MODE


    Rajan Balana

    Yes, they can also be added in the category of features of Windows 7.



    nice article,i am using it from the very release,its awesome that is what i can say,[more features]you need not to install any bluetooth drivers or sound drivers or TV tuner card drivers,the troubleshoot compatibility is one of the awesome thing i have seen in this windows 7,even you can run program of windows 95 in this version using troubleshoot compatibility [7600 86 built or 7600 64 bit]…..Good Job Rajan.



    Hey Rajan! nice work on the post. Although I use both MacOS and Windows 7 (not one laptop ;) ) I rather enjoy windows 7!

    But what I was wondering….why changing of wallpaper on number 1?


    Rajan Balana

    “Changing of Wallpaper is at Number 1 ” because it is the First “Eye-Catching” Feature of Windows 7.


    Nandan | TechFlu

    Media Center is also great application of Windows7.


    Sean O

    For Direct Access, you also need to be running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition.


    raghvendre singh chouhan

    Sir, I use Windows 7 but I did not know about the ‘Multiple Instances of Same Program’ feature . So thanks a lot for mentioning it.



    using win 7 and it is great , i love it . Vista was bad


    George Serradinho

    I have been using Windows 7 for a while now and the thing I like most is the boot up time. It makes all the older versions of Windows look so slow. I also like the libraries and the setup and ease of use.



    I find windows 7 booting is faster than vista. Multiple wallpapers is nice



    Yes booting process is faster in windows 7.



    hey i wanted to add one more feature of windows 7 which i personally used and get benifited when i was facing problem

    In Windows 7 if you want to get assistance fixing a network issue, you just click Fix a network problem. Sound simple and clear, right?
    From Windows 7 Network and Sharing, if you click Fix a Network Problem, you get this window, asking you want you want to fix.
    Windows 7 will go through and attempt to fix any network issues that you select. It will even ask you if you want to fix it as a Windows Administrator.



    wallpaper is good



    windows 7 is cool and smart and 1000 times better than vista and xp


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