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    FarmVille game on Facebook: Real-time Farm Simulation Game

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    When we shared about disadvantages of Facebook, I mentioned about Farmville game on Facebook, which is one of the most addictive and time-consuming Facebook game. With every day, Facebook is getting bigger and registered users are increasing. Reasons are many, but a majority of Facebook users spend time on Fb games. This can be easily seen with the popularity of FarmVille and Mafiawars.

    FarmVille game on Facebook FarmVille game on Facebook: Real time Farm Simulation Game

    Facebook FarmVille Game

    What is FramVille game on Facebook

    As mentioned in Wiki article on FarmVille, it’s a real-time simulation game, where you grow and maintain farm with the help of Fb friends and community. The idea of this game is to, grow your farm from level 0.. You will get all the tools and resources to run a farm. When you join Farmville, you are given with a piece of land, free Farmville cash and some goodies. You have to use available resources to grow your land and Farmville cash.

    Farmville on Facebook is an adobe flash player game which is powered by Zynga. You can download Farmville app for iPhone and iPad from App store. Facebook or Zynga doesn’t charge any money to play Farmville Facebook game, but they offer various premium goodies which you need to buy using Farmville cash by earning more or by using real-money service. According to last quarter stats of 2011, Farmville is third most popular game on Facebook.  Farmville brings the power of social game into this fb game by adding features like Farmville gifts, Invite neighbors, help grow your neighbor farm makes it a social game.

    Recently Farmville game on Facebook, crossed 63.7  million peoples with active farm. Farmville, requires players to keep coming back in certain hours or time to  plow and plant the land and later to make Farmville cash by crops harvesting. They Harvest their money in few minutes of time and the seeds gets fertile within time span of 1 days, 2 days, 3days and maximum 4 days and even a least period of 4 hours.

    The interesting fact that I need to share with you is they do all these farming activities online, by just sitting beside their computer screens, they daily visits their farm by just visiting their Facebook account. This game helps the Daily Facebookers to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing  and harvesting virtual crops, trees, and livestock.

    According to the record, FarmVille has become the most popular game application on Facebook with 63.7 million active users on November 9th, 2009. Later on, FarmVille lost it’s popularity and slipped down in the list of most popular Facebook games.

    How to get FarmVille Cash:

    Get Farmville Cash FarmVille game on Facebook: Real time Farm Simulation Game

    So, I hope by now you have started playing Farmville on Facebook & if not, you can grab Farmville facebook login link from below and login using your Facebook account.  There are various tricks to get Farmville cash on Facebook, some of them are free and some are paid and some requires time.

    • Improve your game and farm and with every level upgrade you will be getting more Farmville $. To quickly upgrade your levels, start using the crops which offers maximum FV experience point.
    • One can also buy Farm cash & Farm gold by using real world money. You can make payment using PayPal or credit cards.
    • Start making more neighbor and visit their farm daily. It’s one of the easiest option to make free Farmville cash.
    • Zynga also offer some surveys and quizzes, and you can fill this surveys to get Farmville cash.
    • FarmVille ribbons is also a nice source of alternative way to increase Farmville money.

    FarmVille Facebook login:

    FarmVille login is accessible via two ways. You can login to FarmVille on Facebook, using Facebook platform. Here is the direct link for FarmVille facebook login.
    Zynga has come up with a dedicated site for Farmville, which doesn’t need you to stay logged into Facebook to play Farmville. You can login to your Farmville farm from official site (www.farmville.com) using Facebook connect and start playing the game from official site<Link>.

    Over all, no doubt FarmVille is one game which will make you addicted and you might end up farming most of the time. There are many site which promise to offer free Farmville hacks & farmville cheats in retrun of silling up survey or similar task. Most of these sites are scams, and make sure you do a complete research before you fall for such Farmville cheats scam, else you might end up hating this game. More over, instead of using hacks for Farmville, I would suggest play fair and grow your farm naturally. If you are in real, hurry to increase your Farmville level, you can consider investing a little and grab paid Farmville coins.

    Do let us know if you have played FarmVille game on Facebook and how did you like it? Which other real-time simulation game on Facebook, you would suggest to others?

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    Gabe | freebloghelp.com

    I’m a lifelong gamer but Farmville is just another ridiculous social MMORPG for suckers. Even the creators of these games openly mock the players. They claim that we should never underestimate how much money some people would pay to be competitive. Some have paid over $10,000 for MobWars “stuff”!


    Teen Blogger

    Hah, I’ve heard a lot of this game and I know some people who are addicted to this game. I’ts a rising game and will be a massive popular game in a few years.

    Well I’m not planning to play this game and don’t think I ever will.



    OMG !! I never realised that too many users can be addicted to this game. I am one of those 63.7 million users :D



    63.7 million peoples :O


    Greg Ellison

    I am always pressing ignore on those notices so I guess I am not one of those 63.7 million people. Greg Ellison


    John Paul

    I just don’t get it.. how that many people play these dumb ass games..lol I even have grown men sending me trees and animals etc.. for all the games on FB.. When was it a good idea to do this a a grown man? lol



    I never knew these many people are wasting their time in FB Games. Farmville ? Fishville ? Soon they may start NestVille too. Game developers spend their time and energy to come out with high quality games. but end users prefer using flash games. lol. Time is changing…


    Surender Sharma

    Facebook is one of the best social networking tool.I have seen many other games on Facebook but not played any game yet.
    It’s good news that the largest community is the user of farm ville.You don’t think that Facebook is also one of the best Fund raising platform ??



    I was been troubled by some of many of my friends who are Farmville fans so many times by sending request to join, play, and so on.. if i didn’t play it, they use to private me, sms me and finally call me and use to abuse :P LOL. in matter of fact, i may say , i stopped logging in facebook because of this(just kidding)



    God! I hate Farming Inside My Comp :P


    Extreme John

    I wish I had more time for games I remember getting caught up in Mob Wars for about 2 months, it really killed my productivity. I do see a lot of people playing Farmville though.



    Yeah, its very addictive.
    Even I have one farm :P



    HAHA…funny bt true…
    If only i could sing the song tht we heard from Pentagram..vishal dadlani royally took cases of ppl who play farmville…


    Rapid Sunglasses

    Loads of my friends play Farmville, personally I’m fed up with comments appearing on my wall saying “so and so has just purchased a new field” etc. It’s not for me, I’m afraid!


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