4 Useful Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Over the last year, social media sites impact on brand brand value have increased tremendously. People, always rant about their feelings about any brand on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others. It’s becoming important for any small, media, big company, brand, blogger and media person to monitor their brand. Here I’m sharing some free Social media monitoring tools, which you can use in your day to day life and keep yourself updated about what people are talking about you or your brand.

Social media is a media where you can share content on social networks regardless to the medium you are using. Social web is growing very fast and changing rapidly now a days and it is worth for blogger to do social media monitoring for their blog or business websites.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Why you are monitoring, is it just because other of your competitor’s are doing or you have your own idea to grow. You must have a clear picture in your mind about your area of focus. By social media you can communicate with your readers, look out which people are in need of your product, what are your customer reviews about your product and services. It is really very important to know who is saying, what conversation is happening.

Free Social media Monitoring tools:


This tool is mostly used by bloggers and have a huge fan following;  Tweet deck is now available and there is fix on crash and polling stoppages, photo uploads and other improvements are there in this version.  Here you can manage twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. You have to first install it in your PC and then you can use it instead of working with web it works offline. Tweet deck has the facility that on one screen you can manage all things and switch tabs for updates. TweetDeck uses API calls to control the updates and we are allowed 350 per hour. TweetDeck is available on iPhone, iPad, windows.



Google Alert

This is a free e-mail alert service from Google which is one of the best tools for monitoring. This will monitor your blog news twitter, images etc. you can also set the frequency of alert notifications like “once a week”, “once a day” according to your choice. You will get an alert when ever your brand is mentioned online. When combined with iGoogle you can find the latest selected keyword. In case you are facing some problem while working with this tool you can take help from Google alert help section.

Google Alerts



It is an effective method but some user finds it difficult to work with icerocket than others. Icerocket allows you to watch over new, web twitter and bookmark the search results for later reference. Some features are listing of mention and topic cloud. Ice rocket is considered as the real time blog search engine.





It is a credible social media monitoring tool that gains popularity  by protecting your brand from any attack you just need to mention your blog news your product and it will also check your brand reputation if there is any kind of buzz about your product it will alert you it monitors mainstream media social media forums, twitter etc. <Join Trackur>

There are many paid tools too, but for starter, I would suggest to start from any of these free social media monitoring tools. You might be surprised to see, how many people are talking about your brand, a wise advice would be to connect and say hi to them. Giving a personal touch through your social media profile, add more into your brand value.

Which tools are you using for Social media monitoring? Do share your  best social media monitoring tools.

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  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Radian6 is the most reliable and powerful source of monitoring our social media activities. I have done some research with their tools for a business project and I was really amazed to see those results. IMO, they are the perfect social media monitoring tool for any kinda business.

  2. Shaiq Uddin says

    I didn’t knew about other tools mentioned in this blog post, except for Google Alert and Tweet Deck. Thanks for informing us of other nice apps for social media purposes.

  3. DJSophia says

    You have shared nice tools…I like TweetDeck….they are offering a lot of features including sharing from, iPhone, ipad

  4. Andy Beal says

    Hi Kavita, many thanks for including Trackur on your list of recommended tools!

    Andy Beal
    CEO, Trackur

  5. kbharath says

    Still now i have used only Google Alert and others are very new to me and i have not heard about them before. thanks for sharing the other tools Kavita.