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People whose first language is not English often find difficulties in writing without any mistakes but its a lot easy. Bloggers and content creators should be very particular with spellings , creating a killing title with a clear sense along with selection of keywords in title.

English check tools

Most bloggers and content creators can be very obsessive with spelling and creating titles. As owner of blogs we can’t let our awesome articles to get knock out due to wrong spellings or grammar mistakes. Here are some tools that can manage your spell checks and grammar in titles.

Websites to help with English Grammar & more

1. Respelt: Auto Spell Checks Your articles.

To use Respelt, you can either copy and paste the article into the Respelt dashboard, enter the URL, or even enter your RSS feed. While entering the URL of your article is pretty straightforward, this tool also alerts you by checking your RSS feed for spelling mistakes and then letting you know when there is a problem. You can also correct your spelling mistakes by checking on spelling suggestions. Respelt is a cool tool for writers and editors who want to make sure that no spelling mistake gets overlooked. For more info watch this demo video.

2.SpellCheck: Quick Spell Check Tool.

SpellCheck is simple and quick spell check app which lets you check words or a body of text (up to 20,000 characters) for spelling mistakes. Just enter your text into the provided box and press on the “SpellCheck Text” button.

Now moving to titles……

3.WebSourceIt: Which one spells right?

Not sure which of the two spellings is right ? Then this site can help you. It is a web tool that lets you enter two different phrases/words and find out which one is more popular, measured by search engine popularity. Similarly, it can be used for are words that sound the same but are spelled and defined differently. This tool can be used for comparing keywords which are searched more as compare to other.

4.Phras.in: Check Which One Of Two Phrases Is Correct?

Phras.in is a free to use website that helps you determine which one of two phrases or sentences is the right one to use. The site determines this by checking which entry results in more search results. Then the one with the most results is the one recommended to you. You simply enter your two phrases in the boxes available and the number of results is shown next to them. At the bottom you can see what those results actually are. Provides number of search results for the phrases and actual search results for the phrases.

5. ConfusingWords: Guide To Confusing English Words.

The website ConfusingWords lists thousands of words in the English language that seem to confuse others. People don’t seem to know when to use these words, what context the words should be used in, and what the meaning of the word really is. If ever you are confused about how to use a word, ConfusingWords is the first place you should look at. Search for words you can’t spell by adding a ‘?’ to a search term to represent a single missing letter or add ‘*’ to the search term to indicate a string of missing letters.

6. Proof Reading: The Best Tool and Natural.

This term comes from the proofs, the final trial print, used to make corrections before the final printing. So, the proofreader combs through the work looking for any glitches.The benefits of proper proofreading are obvious. A properly written, edited and presented text projects a professional image, gets you taken seriously in the world of blogging

Check out : 5 Free Online Proofreading tools for Error-free writing

What made me write this article ? Actually I had a experience with wrong spellings , It had a negative impact on my blog but it also put my blog in front of about 50k people(Yes you read it right fifty thousand views) and also I learned few more things from social media and blogosphere. (Sorry I can’t share the whole story) Now am blogging happily and playing safe.I like to blog about computers, internet, gadgets and his favorite niche is FUNNY(the niche which will never die !).

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  1. Vivek Parmar says

    These are really good tool one can also use wordpress plugin which allows you to do same thing when you write the post

  2. enterdel says

    Wow nice collection friends, this is the first time I know it and I think many bloggers who have difficulty in english, including me :)

  3. Basant | Cloud Computing says

    A good collection of tools to make any blog error proof. I have’nt used any of them. Heard about phras.in.

  4. Tuan@Tech News says

    Thanks very much for sharing these tools, I am not an English man so I know how difficult it is to write a blog post.

    • Pumama says

      Yes, both me and you know :) I really like this post because I am in grade 11 in Viet Nam so my writing skill is not good. I have bookmarked this post.

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