6 tips to improve Google Chrome functionality

Despite the fact that the browser Google Chrome was released over two years ago, some users think google chrome has still in short supply for few particular functional. We have already shared lots of useful chrome extensions and if you missed  it, I suggest you to check out:

Today, we are going to guide you six tips to improve the functionality of chrome browser.

1. No warning when closing a window with several Tabs

How many times accidentally  you have closed multiple tabs? Sometime this turns out to be too frustrating if you have closed lots of important tabs. Here is a useful addon which will help you to make your unpleasant experience with Chrome pleasant.

Chrome Toolbox

In that case, we can recommend to use the Chrome Toolbox extension. In the setting of the extension, check for warning when closing multiple tabs.

2. Too primitive history page

It has been repeatedly raised issue that the standard page in the history of visited pages in Chrome too primitive and can not effectively dig in history.

History 2

Here we will expand History 2 extension. The mechanism advanced sorting helps you quickly find the page in a certain period of time. And remove some items from the stories will be available in 1 click.

3. No pictures properties

Chrome doesnt show pictures properties, sometime webmasters really need to know the size of the picture so we have to open the picture in new tab and look at the title of that picture.

Image Properties Context Menu

For this Image Properties Context Menu extension is made. In the context menu of a link appears on the extended information about the picture: location, size and weight. Convenient.

4. No RSS support


RSS Subscription Extension

RSS Subscription extension allows RSS support. After installing the extension you can see the rss icon that will appear in the address bar on sites where there is a broadcast news. In one click you can switch to a subscription.

5. Inability to send page by email

Almost any alternative browser allows you to send in one click visited page via email. In fact, it should not so often, but sometimes need this urgently needs to be there and throw to a colleague by e-mail a link to the price list, hot news or material about advertising on blogs. On Google Chrome as it does not. But it is possible to correct extension Send from Gmail.

Send from Gmail

If instead you use Gmail offline mail client, here is useful simple bookmarklet that allows you to send in an email client URL you are viewing the site. To do this, simply drag the link to send an email to your bookmarks bar and use it as needed.

6. No manager sessions

Session Buddy

As mentioned above, the settings may include restoration of the last session, but it’s a little something. Expansion Session Buddy extension allows you to run multiple sessions.

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Anurag says

    Google Chrome is the best browser currently on all the platforms, be it Android, iOS or Desktop. I <3 the bookmark and password sync features of Chrome :) The speed offered by Chrome browser is top notch and still way ahead of every browser !

    The only thing that's really annoying me is the UI changes that they have done with the latest update. Recent and "opened in other devices" have been moved to the menu that opens when you click on the "wrench" menu. I think they should fix it soon to make the UI more seamless and easier to navigate.

  2. september00 says

    I don’t like the basic abilities will be finised by various addons and abviously it will affect the speed of a browser. I would rather use Avant browser than lose these base features.

  3. TechPakora says

    off course firefox is the right choice for professionals but the problem in firefox is plugins incompatibility

  4. Ramakrishnan says

    In view of plugin supports Firefox is best,though chrome doing better job with web standards. thanks for the nice article Rajesh.

  5. Puneet Sahalot says

    Nice share, wish some of these features get included in future chrome releases instead of adding extensions.

    PS: Article has poor grammar and this could kill the interest of reader.