6 Email Sales Pitch Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing has been one of the best digital marketing tool ever created and it’s one part of marketing which will never die. Though, there are many pitfalls and blunders that every marketer should avoid and same is with Email marketing. Specially, your Email sales pitch need to have certain elements to make it success and convert the reader into buyer.

If you have a website or work online, you’ll certainly need to pitch other people via email sooner or later. Maybe it will be a guest post submission, maybe a joint venture proposal for your latest product. Regardless of the reason, there are some mistakes you should avoid. Below I’ll cover six of them.

Email Sales Pitch

Email Marketing Mistakes

6 Email Sales Pitch blunder and fixes:

1. Not Starting With The Receiver’s Name

Want to know the fastest way to get me to delete your email? Start your message with “Dear Sir” or “Dear Webmaster”. Most useless and spam messages start that way, so you definitely don’t want to do that.

A better approach? Find the name of the person you are sending an email to and start with that. Preferably without the “Dear” part….

2. Using A Free Email Account

By free email accounts I mean Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and the like. If I receive a message from one of these services I will not delete your message right away, but it will reduce your credibility, because I won’t be able to tell what is your website. This is particularly true for the first email. Once you have a relationship going on with the other person using your Gmail account is fine.

Though, for an effective plan using professional services like Aweber or Mailchimp is highly recommended.

3. Using A Link Shortener

If you want to link to something in your email, don’t use a link shortener (e.g., http://bit.ly/y4sha). Why? Because the other person will not know where the link is actually pointing, and given the number of online threats these days, he will probably ignore your message altogether. Instead simply hyperlink text with your link and it will work better.

4. Not Using a Descriptive Subject Line

If the person you are sending an email too is busy, you need to make your subject line as descriptive as possible. If you don’t your email will certainly be ignored.Another trick you can use is to include the person’s name in the subject line itself, as this will signal that your message is not spam and it add personal touch.

5. Not Going Straight To The Point

Email already consumes far more time than most of us would want. If on top of that you start your message by me the story of your life I’ll certainly skip it.

Go straight to the point and the chances of the other person actually reading your message will be much higher.

6. Not Including All The Information The Other Side Needs To Decide

If you want to send a guest post to a blogger, include it in the very first email you’ll send. Do not send an email simply asking if the other person is interested or not in receiving your submission.

Well, one thing which is most crucial is personal touch and when you are writing long Email sales pitch, don’t forget to use pernalized factors like Receiver name again in your email. If you want to make a business proposal to someone, send all the terms and details in the first email.

Daniel is the founder of the OnlineProfits.com training program, and he started working on the Internet back in 2005.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Suresh Khanal says

    Oh ya, free email addresses. I am using yahoo and gmail addresses for correspondance because I was using them for years. Now I have my own domain and I can get my own email address. Do you think it is better to use that compared to gmail and yahoo address? Won’t mail boxes place the messages to spam if it is a custom domain email addresses?

  2. Melvin says

    No offense but its super easy not to annoy people when sending emails or messages through the contact form. I mean I just dont see why so many people commit the mistake of not mentioning the name or using a shortner and stuff like that. I usually email guys like Daniel or John or Darren and I always get a reply.

    I think the best way to do it is to think that you’re just sending an email to a friend yet not cross the line too much

  3. Himanshu says

    i think because of spammer these days you have to be very careful when writing an e-mail.for ex- you have to mention the subject properly, else your mail will be dumped in the spam folder. and link shortening should be avoided.

  4. Roy Scribner says

    Hey Daniel, good points – I pretty much ignore anything that comes in from a free email account and anything that looks like a copy/paste mass-mailing. Another one of my pet-peeves is not telling me what they want. I got one the other day that just said to call them. Why?

  5. Devesh says

    Hey Daniel,

    Glad to see you here.

    Really great post. I think one of the biggest mistake is not using real email.
    I see most people make this mistake.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this awesome Post Daniel.

    Really great post !

  6. Shanker Bakshi says

    For me, subject line is very important no doubt, the first thing I read, a subject line should say it all, you actually pitch a subject ……..first…….

  7. SathishKumar says

    I missed the free email account. I tried to promote a product via my free email account and in the end everything got wasted. Hope I got what to do to increase my sales pitch. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Michael says

    H Daniel

    Oh, man this so, so true. You know I get sales pitches from an A-list blogger who addresses me as ‘Dear email.’ lol. I think it is hilarious. But in all seriousness this guy has made a killing blogging yet he couldn’t be stuffed knowing my name – go figure.

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips.


    • Daniel Scocco says

      Yeah, I also get some with “Dear DailyBlogTips”, and sometimes even “Dear Darren”, confusing me with Darren Rowse…