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    6 Innovative Tips for Faster Blogging

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    Innovative blogging ideas 6 Innovative Tips for Faster Blogging

    Making money blogging and treating it as a business requires a ton of work and a massive time investment. As a matter of fact, most bloggers who are successful spend around eight hours upwards in their online business. That being said, blogging is really really tougher than what most people think.

    Even though it eats a lot of our time. The actually process of putting up blog posts should not really bother us that much. In fact I rarely spend an hour on a couple of articles. I’m not an expert, nor a prolific one, I just have my strategy.

    In today’s post, I am going to exactly reveal to you the steps on how I do blogging faster than most bloggers. And the list starts now:

    How to blog faster than before?

    Plan your post first

    Most people don’t do this so come the time they need to be posting something, they’re pressured of coming up with ideas. The truth is, you can always plan your posts the day after. Brainstorm ideas, explore the blogosphere, get on twitter and just basically do anything that can make you come up with your own ideas. For me I usually do this at night before I go to bed. I brainstorm ideas and plan for what I would want to post the next day or week. I would also immediately create them as drafts on my wp admin area so I can keep them.


    Set your posting day

    This is the “in thing” these days. Actually its not. Prolific bloggers do this and it has proven to increase one’s productivity. For me, I usually set this on a monday and tuesday morning where all I would do is crank out posts. And of course these are the posts that I have jotted down as drafts the day before. Being focused is a crucial factor here.

    Put yourself in a relaxing environment.

    If you’re like me who’s working in my own room and desk, you may probably want to clear all the messy stuffs that are in your desk. Remember that a person’s environment directly reflects his thoughts so by cleaning your desk, organizing your stuffs, you’ll find yourself more motivated and of course better productivity. If you prefer to be in coffee shops, then it can be an entirely different thing.


    Consider a text-to speech software

    Well not a lot of blogger do this but for me sometimes I use a software called Dragon Naturally Speaking to convert my speech into text. If you’re a Mac user, you can Mac Dictate. Either way it can speed you up drastically considering that most people talk faster than they type. The only downside is that it would take a while before the software can actually get used to your accent. I’m lucky enough that I have an American accent despite not being a native writer.

    Remove all distractions

    From turning off your phone, to disabling your instant messenger, you name them. People should know what are the things that distract them the most. If it’s facebook, then make it not accessible until the time you’re done. The quality of each and every posts that we make depends on how focused we are on the subject we’re writing. So if you can maximize on that then the better.

    Hire your own staff

    Eventually when you get bigger (and more profitable), you can have the privilege of hiring writers for your blog. In that way, it can almost remove you from the role of writing content on your blog and you can focus more on other things like marketing or doing other projects.

    In online business, producing blog posts do comprise a very little amount of what we should be doing. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers seem to spend so much time on that aspect and as a result, they get less productive.

    The 6 things I outlined above are the things that I do to get me to do as much posts as I could. I’m a pretty busy guy so I have to be innovative with my time and thus far those 6 things are working perfectly for me.

    I know some of you have your own steps and strategies for faster blogging. I would very much welcome your opinion here.

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    Arijit Das

    Ya! i’m very agree with those 6-things for making a healthy and fast posts… I believe, if we create our blog posts more earlier than 2-days before and make it a “schedule post” then we can make our posting frequency more faster!



    Yep and most prolific bloggers really do this. If it works fine for them then there’s no reason for us not to do it too..


    Dev | Technshare

    Hey melvin,

    Nice Post. Those are awesome tips. I really like the 3rd tip “Put yourself in a relaxing environment”. Great Post melvin. Good Job.

    I see you very active doing guest posts on other blogs. keep it up man.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.




    Yep Yep. I see you a lot as well on my blog guest articles as a commenter. ;-)

    Anyways thanks for the compliment



    Thanks for your tips, Melvin.


    Ajith Edassery

    Let me try out that speech recognition software :) I am very lazy to type in though 20-25 post topics are there in the draft.



    heheh.. Try it Ajith although it can quite a bit be tricky to get the software to learn understanding the way you speak. It took me like 2 weeks



    well at least that draft feature really useful for me, so your idea won’t go anywhere


    Mukundan Srinivasan

    Keeping ourselves in a relaxed environment is important as you have said. The 6 ideas are really innovative. Every blogger should follow these to get better.



    The software Dragon Naturally Speaking doesnt ammuses me as it generally doesn’t seems to be faster than typing your content manually.
    And I wont advice using it, But I do agree with your point that clean surroundings do have a +ve impact on our thoughts.



    Yep, as I’ve said it can be a bit tricky to make it work, And besides, you have to have a super fast PC to have it performing well for you.




    I tried it several years ago and eventually gave up on it. I have not used it recently, hopefully these sorts programs work a lot better now.



    Consider a text-to speech software
    This is a good point it can help you to write your post quickly..



    Yep yep.. but as the comments above state, it can be a bit tricky to make it work well.



    Nice post overall!

    I am falling short in many of the items on the list. I really like the mind mapping idea. I think I will work on that first.



    I liked the idea of using speech to text software..and dragon naturally speaking is a good choice for that…Never thought of using speech to text software for writing blog content…thanks for enlightening the bulb… ;)



    Wooww its amazing, I didn’t know about it.


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