5 Ways The iPhone Is Better Than Android

Android  is rapidly becoming one of the most popular smartphoneoperating systems. Apple has got a real competitor and recent figures show that Android is growing faster than the iPhone, and gaining ground quicker than Apple ever could have imagined. Now Android is a great operating system, and there have been lots of posts outlining why it’s better than the iPhone OS, so now I’ve decided to go against that trend and show you 5 things the iPhone has over Android.

Android has seen great development in 2012 and so is Apple Product. iPhone 4S with Siri loaded, become one of the hottest selling smartphone and similarly the new iPad become one of the hottest tablet ever sold. Though, Android ICS is a good step towards Android unification and major improvement.

Why iPhone is better than the Android: Reasons

I believe many of Android lover will disagree with this, but I’m always open for discussion and lets find out which one is better any some reasons why iPhone or iOS devices outsmart Android OS.

1. The App Store

I know you’ve probably heard this one before, but it is a major factor. Apple started off the whole app store revolution for smartphone devices, so they got a major head start over the rest. As a result their App store is a lot bigger than Android app store. There’s over 1.2 million apps currently available on the Apple App store, while Android is nearing the 1.3 million apps. But bear in mind, Androids figures are made up of multiple different markets and there is no one where you will find all 1.3 million apps. This is one of the things that gives the iPhone OS the advantage over Android. You will find a lot more of the bigger names and titles on the Apple app store than on the Android one and Apple apps tend to be a bit more stable than Androids due to Apple’s strict app approval procedure.

2. Reliability

While the more recent builds of Android have become a lot more stable and reliable, they still don’t match iOS 8 or previous iPhone firmwares. The iPhone operating system is just so solid and stable and reliable. It very rarely crashes or freezes up and it’s just straightforward. I find with Android that while it may be quicker at times, it tends to freeze up a lot more than the iPhone OS. Even with the most recent Android 5.0 Lollipop of Android, it still freezes up on me and I know i’m not alone with this. Android also seems to be plagued with error messages of failed processes which randomly pop up at the most inconvenient times.

3. Media

When it comes to media, the iPhone OS wins hands down. It’s not only the brilliant music application, easy podcast and video management, it’s also because of the iTunes store.  The iPhone eco-system with iTunes is just brilliant, even though some people find it a bit restrictive and want a bit more freedom. But in reality it is easily the best out there, with the biggest variety of music, films, tv shows and podcasts all readily available for download to your device.

This is the one thing I really long for in Android. A decent music and video app with a proper method of syncing with my computer. Maybe this will come along in the future with Google Music? But for now we’ll just have to be patient.

4. Loyal Fan Base

There’s something about Apple that has so many people hooked on anything with that shiny logo. When people buy an Apple product they seem to feel like they are part of an exclusive club. This may have been true when the iPhone first came out, it was rare to see somebody walking down the street with one, but now every second person seems to have one, the novelty has just worn off. However Apple’s loyal fanbase will always buy any of their new products, no matter how expensive they are and regardless of whether or not they need them.

I know no other company that gets people lining up all over the place for hours and days just to be one of the first to get their hands on the latest release. Android doesn’t have such a large fan base, and the ones who are in it are really more geeks than the iPhone fans. Android is seen more for the techy bunch (at the moment), while the iPhone caters for pretty much everyone.

5. Simplicity For You, Me and Developers

It seems that a 2 year old could pick up the iPhone and figure out how to unlock it and send a text message. The iPhone OS is just so easy to use and navigate, anyone can use it without having to learn. There is practically no learning curve with the iPhone OS, everything seems very natural. With Android there’s a bit more of a learning curve, while it may appear quite similar, there’s a few key things that make it that little bit more complicated. I’ve watched people as they struggle to unlock my HTC Desire (you swipe down instead of across) and then when they finally unlock it they only swipe to the right to view the different homescreens, they don’t realise there is just as many to the left until I tell them. The iPhone OS has just become second nature to people.

Finally for developers, the iPhone OS is much easier to work with since there’s just one testing platform for them. With Android, you have to cater for multiple ones, some have touchscreens, some have buttons etc… Also there is so many Android OS’s that keep being released that developers are struggling to keep up with them. More over, Apple has been constantly releasing iOS update (Apple mobile OS), which always add some extra features. Latest iOS6 boasts a great enhancement in iPhone features like new maps, Facebook integration and many more.


So now you iPhone lovers, 5 reasons why the iPhone is better than Android, Let’s hear any more reasons in the comments below, or the counter argument.

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Robert is a keen blogger and tech enthusiast. He currently runs two of his own blogs Techinfo-4u and NextiPhoneNews, as well as being an editor for two others. All this manages to keep him fairly busy, and that’s before we get to all the schoolwork!


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  1. says

    I am Android owner just because of versatility and easy connectivity with PC. I can use my phone as mp3/video player, flashdisk with microSD expandable storage and also Bluetooth sharing works well.
    But I must to say that Apple does great job regarding performance and easy useability. I own iPad mini just for its great response and very low latency of audio processing. Apple devices has basically real-time audio processing, what is useable in musical world. Any of Android based devices cannot do this job unfortunately, because they are very lag. My iPad works as an guitar amp simulator and multi-effects audio engine powered on battery over 6 hours on gig, amazing! My wife owns an iPhone 4S, what can do the same job, but what I really love is the ultra-fast response camera and beautiful noiseless pictures taken by it.
    So simple said, if you need performance, buy Apple. If you need versatility, buy Android.

  2. Bearhawk says

    I’m using an Android phone for 3 years and I felt that with the continued lagging of my old phone, it’s time to make a try to iPhone. I bought a refurbished 4S ( for an IOS newbie) and it was pretty awesome for a 512mb RAM phone. Fed the phone with an IOS 8.4 upgrade with Apple Music and wow the aging phone still rocks, still slick! I think iPhone 4S despite it’s age can still beat some decent Android phones there in terms of features and range of games that were IOS exclusive and not available in Google Play (e.g Infinity Blade).

    Now loving my iPhone 4S and it’s 2015! No regrets!

  3. Mannie says

    I had used android for last three years and bought iphone recently.. I do accept all the people who say google play store has so many apps but when i am using my mobile half the apps say this is not compatible for your device. After just a usage of 6- 8 months there was a new OS released which I can no longer use with my device. And the New apps that are going to be made will support mostly for the new OS. I do accept you need Itunes for Apple and have you ever realized the availability to customize the tracks or just load what you want from time to time in a organised manner than deleting what you don’t need and searching them from your entire PC if you need it again just imagine a set of songs that you dont want for a party so you deleted them from your phone and the next day when you need them you start hunting them in your PC.
    I had a lot of issues while I used my android and I don’t say Iphone has much customization but still I am pretty happy with I phone than android

  4. nero says

    for me well i guess if nokia still continue to upgrade symbian. Symbian will be on top of the chart because of its user friendly interface. But no need to discuss this kind of compariss0n. All we need is communication in everyday lives. All Os is g0od because it was develop by the people wh0. Give imp0rtance to c0mmunicati0n. Without them we d0nt have this kind of os .so st0p c0mparing because they have all defferent functi0n. And keep in mind. N0t all os is perfect.

  5. Ryan says

    Holy f**k people. I can see the next world war being over iPhone vs Android. It’s like comparing a dollar bill to a dollar coin. They do the same things but look different. But I have to be bluntly honest and say that I am a true iPhone user. Now don’t get me wrong the Android are an amazing device. Pros and cons are all over the place. I prefer iPhones cause I PREFER iPHONES. Nothing to do with security or beauty and all that. It’s like a colour. Blue (iPhone) or red (Android) My favourite colour out of the 2 is blue. Stop making such a controversy over your personal device. It’s your personal device. Don’t force your opinion on others k? Jeez calm tf down people

  6. Jaylen says

    To be honest, I’m currently and Android user and I really hate software. My emojis only appear on certain apps, plus the camera is s**t. I didn’t have an iPhone but what I had was an iPad Mini, and the camera was and is the best I’ve used… Ever. Plus the graphics are better… My opinion.

  7. Saul says

    Can the latest iDevices swap/add music and mixed media via a simple USB hookup WITHOUT any software??? I’m not talking about the camera folder, I’m talking about full user memory access.

  8. Stu says

    These must be the worst reasons I have ever read, just admit it, Android trumps iPhone in every department.

    Do yourselves a favour, do some research and buy a phone that suits you, not a phone which your forced to adapt to.

  9. mattbehnken says

    Reliability? Have you used ios8? The kit kat on my phone had been 10x more reliable since ios8 got released. Where did you get these facts? Can you really tell me ios8 is reliable? My kit kat never crashes my apps die on ios8 regularly. This is insanity. Absurd spreading lies for what? It’s authors like you spreading propaganda about the app store. Advice: try a note3 for a week. I still have both apple and Android products. The app store has zero influence on which is better imo. I’m shocked to read that people prefer iPhone but they do. I do not. I hope that people realize how basic they are.

    • Elroy Goh says

      Wait till next 1-3 years, your Note 3 will freeze and lag heavily. I used to have a Tab 2 (from 2013), even a year from when I bought that, it was lagging so heavily that I had to use Clean Master. iDevices are designed for long-term sustainability, not sluggish Androids, my friend’s iPhone 4S (from 2011) still works fine and fast, with the exception of rare minor lag here and then.

      I like and use iDevices, and I believe the author is right about the differences. But that does not mean I am against Android, basically what spoils the fun of pro-Apple articles is that enraged Android fans angrily write their useless shit over here. Many of you are using fake information against Apple (Example: My apps die on iOS 8 regularly, Android trumps iPhone in every department), but sorry mattbehnken and stu, YOU, and all the other asshole fans out there are the ones lying, not them. If you all asses keep saying that iDevices articles are propaganda, might as well migrate to North Korea! Kim Jong Un would be happy to accommodate losers like all of you. And ‘geeks’ aren’t Apple.

      Once again, iPhone and Android are two totally different products. If you don’t like iPhone or vice versa, then you should not talk shit at here at all! Ignore it! Have you seen me talk shit on pro-Android products? Its you Android fans that spoil the fun.

      Hopefully you all learn your lesson. IT IS JUST TWO PRODUCT’S COMPARISON, NOT WAR.

      • JQ says

        I agree. I got a nexus 7 tablet that is now almost unusable and it is almost 4 years old. My nexus 4 phone which was bought at the same time is starting to feel sluggish. But the problem is that the applications have started to misbehave. After some Android updates YouTube rarely works and the phone have started to crash unexpectedly. Even the phone calling app is crashing. My sister got herself back then an iPhone 4s and it is still being used without complains. I have the feeling Google is making its ios heavy so you buy new devices every 3-4 years. A similar practice with Microsoft Windows OS. But my laptop is still 5 years old and it runs everything without issue. Sure I got myself a good one but my nexus 4 was a flagship model back then and I was expecting good service for at least 4 years

  10. Mathew Joseph says

    I completely agree with Robert. I am an iPhone user for last 5 years, with couple of unsuccessful attempt to switch to android. I agree android is very customizable and affordable, but iPhone is a unique product. Its a an experience itself. I am sure anyone who used iPhone for at least 6 months would never go back to an Android phone

  11. Steve says

    I started my smartphone journey about 12 years ago with a windows phone. Then got the new iphone 3 when it was released.

    First thing I discovered was I couldn’t just transfer PC files to my phone. I had to keep this coRP program to sync my phone called itunes. That meant everything I put on my phone (Apps, files etc) had to meet apples approval.

    Next thing I found out was the draconian EULA and limitations imposed by Apple. But there I was stuck with a wonderful new iphone 3 hardware but Apple sucked.

    I spent money at itunes for apps on my new iphone 3. iphone 3s came along and I had already spent $$$ on apps so naturally I got the 3s. More $$$ on apps until I upgraded to every new iphone model through the 4s.

    I had previously hidden apples “magazine” store app into a junk folder but a new ios update wouldn’t let me hide it in a folder anymore.
    Then another new ios was released which included yet another apple store app (movies I think it was) that had to be permanently present on my desktop.

    It was the last straw.
    I walked away from apple and the $$$ I spent on ios apps. Yes it was hard to do, a leap of faith for sure but I never looked back.

    I also found out the $$$ I spent on itunes music and audiobooks had been encoded with apple didgial rights management (DRM) and wouldn’t even play on non-apple equipment.
    What a pain it was to remove those DRM from the music I’d already paid for so i could play it anywhere.

    I don’t understand how apple users boast how easily their stuff syncs… That’s not the point. Why sync at all? What does apple have to do with your stuff, and why continue to give them the power to say stuffyou do on -your- device?

    So I took the leap and went from iphone 4s to the new Samsung s3. Another factor in my decision was the iphone 5 was only marginally better than 4s (and 6 seems only marginally better than 5s IMO)

    Now, years later I am upgrading to Samsung Note 4. I take delivery in a couple days. apple iphone was not a consideration because apple retains its horrible EULA on everything it sells, the hardware is restricted by means of itunes and the hardware is inferior to competing brands.

    I’ve had software crashes in both apple and android. I don’t see any one worse than the other. I can say however that my s3 was waterproof. I left it in a jeans pocket in the tub washer and only noticed the mistake by the thumping in the drier. It had air-dried by a week later and good to go. The washing ruined my 2500ma (5 day) extended battery but the phone and 64 gig card was fine.

    The -only- thing I do miss is apple’s polished application GUI’s. However that may change this fall with android 5.0.

    Thanks for reading.

  12. mike says

    I understand you were looking to write an article but based on your facts Android not only better operating systemand does not have Apple fantasy of overcharging people for something that does not worth it. any Android phone today is a lot faster runs better Apple forgot when the last time they innovated.

  13. ahk says

    Just got first i phone and can’t wait to ditch this overly complicated POS. Everything about this thing is a major fking project. Apple people always did think they were the smartest people in the room. I guess you are. Have at it geeks.

  14. Brandon says

    Uh, guys…. the iphone media player is crap. And so is android’s default. Why? No customization options. It’s flat and boring.

    How do we droid users fix this? Download Poweramp. I actually PAID for the pro unlocker version, I am not a “cheap” android fan. And then learn how to tweak the equalizer. And then lets see any apple product touch that. I showed my little cousin that on a trip recently. He has a 5c. I have an s5 sport. He couldn’t believe how much better music sounded on my phone compared to his. :P Good, bassy song, you want more bass? Poweramp can do that.

    Also, has no one heard of Pandora or Spotify?!

    You all need to learn what “there’s an app for that” means. Lol. It does not refer to Apple either.

  15. Jackson says

    1) The app store is much larger, and android allows you to download second-party apps to your phone without jailbreaking it – and it’s 100% legal.

    2) Reliability? Yeah, have a perfectly fine phone, until the next one comes out and you have to either deal with VERY slow everything, or shell out an extra $400.

    3) The android allows you to download your own music onto it, for free, with the slightest technical savvy. And you can get apps for movies on the android app store. It may not come downloaded, but with more apps, theres more to choose from!

    4) You’re pretty much fighting for android. You’re saying fans have to play $400 every year for a new phone, and wait for what can be days, for a phone with worse performance than the android phones.

    5) You’re correct – a two year old can pick up an apple and use it, and probably couldn’t use an android. But anyone of age for a cell-phone could easily navigate through an android. It may take about a day or so to get fully adjusted with the phone, but after a day, you’ll figure out that with more advanced options, the limits to androids are much less than the apple limitations.

    I was not payed to write this, I’m just laying out facts.

  16. Joe says

    Why would i need to get a ipod for music Jesse? My phone comes with dual front facing speakers and builts beats audio. Dual Boomsound speakers, doesnt your phone have 2 speakers facing you so you can hear it clearly? oh wait you have to cup it or plug it in to speakers cus you have an iphone. wait what it only has 2 cores? wierd mine has 4. Oh snap 1gb of ram as well? mine has 2gb. Thats a cute screen, maybe youll have true hd on the 6 and not this fake retina apple craps in your lap each year haha. Android has had true hd screens for a while. your phone also has less ppi, which i guess you have no idea what that is. What android is too complicated? Im sorry grandma forgot we live in a era of ever changing and evolving technology. This sint the 90s anymore. You say its to free? haha Too easy to get viruses or malware…im sorry do you not own a computer? You still have to be careful with what you download, lets have some common knowledge to not download the wrong things. Its amazing how gullable iphone users are, oh new number after the name, has to be better, oh wow they added a word to the name of the charger its gotta be faster haha. My HTC ONE has almost double the amount of battery and charges almost as quick as an iphone. If you want simplistic maybe you should turn to a nokia, because obviously any phone with a touch screen would be too advanced for you.

    • Nick says

      Myself and probably must people don’t care to use their phone as their home stereo so having awesome loud speakers on my phone is not very far up on the list of requirements.

      You’re talking about all these specs with cores, ram, screen types, and PPI but I bet if someone made two visibly identical phones with these two different insides, you would not be able to tell the difference. Android needs those better specs just to keep up with apples smooth and flawless design.

      The complication part and virus issue I completely agree with you on. I actually prefer androids more complicated design and everything you can do with it but that is what makes it less reliable.

      As far as the changing the name rant goes, isn’t that the same for every flagship phone? Galaxy s3, s4, s5….. Note 3, 4…… Very bad argument there! And let’s face it, you’re just outright lying about your HTC one having double the battery of an iPhone.

      Why can’t people just give an honest opinion about phones? I hate how everybody is so biased one way or the other. I have things I love and hate about both if them. I started off as an iPhone user then switched to android because of how mind numbingly boring the iPhone got after a couple years. But since I’ve switched, I can honestly say that I kinda miss it’s flawless design. I love android and it airways keeps me interested. I’m always redesigning the way my entire phone looks which keeps me interested in it but shit I cannot stand how much it crashes. I can’t even charge it in my car anymore because it freezes up every time I plug it in.

      • Sarah says

        Yea, your right. Apple is better. The sound is much clearer and even though you have to buy your speakers, it’s WAY

  17. Nuruddin says

    Nice Post. But there is surely something great about android that its market share is rising. Apple is cool too, no doubt about that.

  18. Jesse says

    Hey want to listen to some music?? iPhone user: SURE HERE WE GO!

  19. Unknown says

    I have had an android for a long time now it’s really complicated and stupid kind of. Why? Because when you try to download a simple app it won’t always work on your phone or you will have to “root” your phone which is complicated and I can usually figure out things without complication, man androids are such a headache. Their memory sucks too!!! So does battery life and androids are not stable, becuse they crash and freeze it gets really intimating that sometimes I just want to throw my lg at the wall. Sure android apps are “cheaper” sme with apple but when you download a free app you don’t get millions of ads in your notification bar or random apps added to your home screen. I clearly regret getting a andriod can’t wait to get an iPhone thats not complicated, that I am able to back up (just incase I lose something) and that does not crash constantly and doesn’t freeze or give me random apps to my home screen plus it’s battery lasts longer and it’s memory with it too. Sure they ma break easy but hats why we have something called cases for protection. Whatever I think most of you will get my point andriods suck and are sometimes really cheap.

    • Evan says

      Clearly your below average grammar is an indication of your below average intelligence. I use both platforms regularly, so do not consider me a fanboy, and I find your ignorance in regards to Android’s workings near offensive. Apps do not need root unless you are trying to change core functionality in the phone (CPU speeds, OS, etc.). As for the ads, yes that is an issue within many apps, but most are extremely low quality, and so easy to spot the two year old referenced in the article would have no trouble recognizing it. Clearly you do not know what you are doing in the least bit, and are blaming the OS for your inability to understand what you are doing, or you have a crappy Android phone, which these crashes and other gripes you have are nowhere to be found on my Note 4, which if you didn’t know runs Android. Maybe it’s both issues, but either way I agree, Android is too complicated for you, but don’t bash the OS because you don’t understand what is going on. Oh, and in that post, if you didn’t use such atrocious grammar, I might have not been such a dick in my response.

  20. Iddy says

    Okay I’ll be honest……I have never used an Android product…….BUT I have a few iDevices, and using seems like second nature to me. And the simplicity point is right…..even a 2 year old can pick up a phone and learn how to use it…..very quickly too!! :)

  21. daniel says

    I’ve been a long time android user, I’ve never owned an apple device, in fact I always swore I would never buy one. At first I loved the freedom that android gives you to do whatever you wanted, I became an expert in modding and hacking my device, constantly installing new roms etc.

    There comes a point though where I just want my phone to work without me having to mod it, I’d like to not have to go through 5 keyboards just to find one that works for what I want it to do. I don’t want to have to go through 5 browsers because one keeps crashing, one is missing important features etc. I love the openness of android, but this is a case of a little too much freedom. Google needs to implement some quality control, not only in the changes that the manufacterers make to the operating system, but also in the shitty apps that are released.

    I mean seriously, the android market may have a ton of apps, but how many of those are bullshit apps that barely even work or constantly crash? I’d say a good percentage of them.

    Developers don’t want to develop for android because android users are cheap bastards that don’t buy apps(currently only 20% of android users buy apps). So why is a big developer going to waste time and money to develop exclusive titles for android when they can make 4 times the money making an app exclusively for iPhone?

    What happens is a bunch if home developers flood the market with cheap gimmick apps, and spam it up with ads. There’s no quality control until the app gets reported, and even then it takes a long time for Google to do anything about it, Google customer support is notoriously bad, bordering on non existant.

    Also all the different UI’s that phone manufacterers like to bog the phone down with, as well as unnecessary bloatware, need to go out the door, android needs to stay the way it was intended to be. Part of what makes apple so successful is consistency. There’s nothing consistent about android, user experience can vary based on a number of factors, and that makes good bug free app development eespecially challenging. Imagine there being 20 different versions of windows and users had the expectation that every app should work flawlessly across every version, chaos my friend.

    Even worse is the fact that when a user has a shitty phone from 5 years ago and expects all the newest games to run on it, then has the balls to leave a bad review for those games when it doesn’t work.

    Yeah, android is a development nightmare.

    • kodunmit says

      To be honest with you guys, there is no single device that is perfect. I have owned windows mobile, windows phone, iphones and now android. one thing i enjoyed most in all of the phones is to tweaking to make it serve me better. So it depends on your angle of perceptions, where you coming from and what you expect from you device(s). If you have merely scratch another product on the surface and jump into conclusion, too bad. I have no regret to have used windows mobile because it delivered on everything, from remotely accessing my servers off-site to playing any kind of music/movie and as able assistant in all my professional pursuit. So also has android kept the zeal up even now that phones come with larger screen. I, honestly cannot say the same for iphone because i never really used it for long, BUT I CANNOT SAY that iphone sucks. Give those guys who work day and night to make things better a little COMMENDATION not condemnation.

    • Slerros says

      You seem to want to lay blame at the feet of Google. I don’t work for them, I don’t love them, I don’t even like them in the respect that they can buy most anyone or anything they want. But Apple iOS is garbage, I’d rather have a carrier pigion and an abacus… That’s Apple for you,take a copy of BSD, strip out what actually makes it good and replace it with what makes it appear easy. It took me two weeks of research and finally jailbreaking and purchasing apps to get functionality from and iPad that Android gives you straight out of the box… if asked, “take this Apple product, or pay to use something else (gasp, even MS Windows), I’d pay to use anything else. I fail to see why anyone in there right mind would pay to use Apple, you couldn’t pay me to. P.S. try the user ratings on the playstore… if 100,000 – 10,000,000 other people seem to find an app suitable I’d wager it would do well for you too.

    • Jim says

      To be clear Android phones have the same apps as iPhone plus way more apps related to customization like Widgets and things Apple doesn’t allow. For example Apple finally allows swipe keyboard after years of blocking it. Android has had keyboard apps for many years. Other apps apple block are custom home screen apps. They are some of my favorite. It’s like a whole new design all the time. I was still in love with the last design! IPhone home screens haven’t changed since 2007? Wait they added a row of apps each year lmfao.

  22. Ben fabrico says

    No need to begin a war about this. even though iPhone is kinda sh*ty. People really can’t explain why Hundreds of millions of people still buy iPhone. Even me as an iPhone user myself can’t explain why I love my iPhone so much. I had an htc years ago but when I tried an iPhone, I just can’t stop loving it. And that’s why apple still wins against android. even if people post all of the things android has over apple. it’s still apple. Here where I live, Rich people and Businessmen buy iPhone. I can only see some mid class and poor people use cheap Samsung phones. (Just stating my opinion about apple vs. android thing.) I’ll never switch to android.

  23. Puyol says

    My Response:
    1. The App Store?
    Well, You’ve basically got that outdated. The Google Play Store is boasting over thousands of apps. Now on newer devices, you even get the option to view books, movies and even buy devices online!
    2. Reliability.
    Well, with the ODIN PC Software, most of android devices are totally UNBRICKABLE. That means u don’t need to take it to a store. you can reset it at home.
    3. Media
    Hands down? Nope.
    Compare how many video players ios has compared to android. Android supports more formats and a better ui. With mods like beats audio + alsa and stuff. The quality hovers way ahead of ios.
    4. Loyal Fan Base.
    Well, that’s got old. According to 2012 , no one wants an ios device. Actually whether you have an iphone 4 or a iphone 2, no one will get the difference from far. Android Devices are many, so they all come unique. ;)
    5. Simplicity
    On Android, there’s too much simplicity. And for developers it’s really easy. Plus there’s a huge scope. for ios all you can do is develop apps, for android you can develop systems, apps, themes and stuff. Plus xda-developers is way more popular than iphone-developers.com..

    On the finish,
    Android Rules Bitches.

    No offences meant.

    • Ben Dover says

      I had an android and the fucking thing crashed all the damn time.
      My iPhone 4s has yet to crash once.
      Also. My HTC inspire died in like. 5 hours. It died in one hour once!
      My iPhone has yet to die.
      My android froze and I’d have to remove the battery multiple times a day.
      My iPhone never freezes.
      So androids from my experience suck ass.

      • Daniel says

        Have you ever though of stating the reason your phone died so quickly. Maybe you shouldnt be on youtube forever and waste your time. Go outside and do something productive. I have had an Ipad Air and a Nexus 4 E960 and me and my friend were playing GTA: San Andreas. Before you say “oh its ironic that you say to go outside and that Im playing GTA instead of going outside”. Well guess what IT WAS RAINING. and they both died around the same time. Ad keep in mind that the Nexus 4 came out in 2012 and the Ipad Air came out in 2013. They were both released in the month of November and apple managed to get a battery on a TABLET that lasts 5 minutes longer than a YEAR OLDER PHONE. Anyways to remove the battery of a phone can be really stupid and ruin the phone. SO your faulted for that. ANd the HTC inspire is an old phone so what are you thinking. Think before you write retard.

  24. Kevin says

    #4 Loyal Fan Base?!
    That’s a REASON that iPhone is better than Andriod?! Shiny logo makes people pay$$
    It’s ture, Apple seems to lean towards sheep. I’m a loyal Android / Linux user. I must say though Apple does do things well, I have yet to use a droid whos touch screen is as good as the iPhone, Apple definitely did that well. Smooth as well with function. Droid seems to be choppy at times and hesitant, but as the releases come out, they get better. The only other thing Apple has going for them is multimedia production ( mainly with their computers ).

  25. SMike says

    Heres’ the problem with Android.. you don’t have limites.. but neither does anyone else. That opens you up to bad programming, scams, malware, etc. It’s anarchy.
    You may say that you can handle it, and you maybe able to, but over time, an open source platform is going to be putting more and more responsibility on anti-virus and anti-malware. Bad programming has broken aspects of my Evo.

    As for hardware, having owned and EVO and iPhone 4s, I’ll tell you this, the EVO may have a larger screen but the Iphone screen is much more responsive. The Keyboard actually can be used accurately without a bunch of spelling errors and bad autocorrect. For the first time with the iphone, I can use a phone to take notes in meetings. Siri in amazining useful for what I use my phone for. Looking stuff up, scheduling, searching for how to get places, seaching for businesses or places to eat, sending and receiving text messages hands free. Checking the weather for where I’m planning on going on the weekend… all quick, hands free, and amazingly accurate.. oh, and I can select music in the car hands free(I do a lot of driving). Plus everything works, my phone app doesn’t stop working for strange reasons, no random weird resource messages. It’s just rock solid.
    My kids like to play games on the phone and the games on the Iphone are superior because it’s written to take advantage of the hardware. That’s an advantage of having one phone. I also really like Icloud.. my pics will sync automatically with my PC at home. Sweet! The phone doesn’t butt dial.. so far, I’ve yet to have a false dial. On android, my pocket would dial people, even delete my widgets and desktop icons. The Iphone doesn’t seem as vulnerable. The speakers on the iPhone are amazing for a phone this size, not only far superior to the evo, but the talk/phone quality also is head and shoulders above.

    What I don’t like about the iPhone vs android: I would prefer a 4″ screen(though I don’t want one larger, I don’t want to carry a tablet), it doesn’t integrate well with facebook, so I can’t forward my pics directly from my phone to facebook. The keyboard layout, while it works amazingly well, would be nice if you could ‘hold’ a key to get to a number or symbal beneath. No 4G support…. A glass phone makes owning a case a must.

    Overall, I do miss the larger screen on the Evo, and I miss the voice mail voice to text translations. also miss the kickstand. However, the iPhone touchscreen sensitivity/usability is much better than the evo, and I’ll take function over size any day. I also like the smaller form factor in my pocket. If I had looked at stats only, i would go with the an android.. in fact, I did, but just a short time with the iphone showed that stats don’t mean squat when it comes to something that works… and high stats don’t always mean highest quality. There’s a reason that everyone compares to the iPhone.

  26. Dejan says

    I poses both of devices – android pad and iPad2.

    I can say that ios is more stable but it is locked, iTunes is far the worst application ever, quick time is awful and I fill like I am really, really limited in what ios gives us. There are a good ideas placed in ios, but all of them is ruined by ios being not open. And where is file system? In cloud – sure, ridiculous.

    Android for smart free people
    iPad for fashion trendy don’t want tot think people.

  27. abbey says

    I am using the android with gingerbread and it’s amazing. Androids are a lot better than iPhones.

  28. Clint says

    The iPhone definitely beats the android phones I just got me an iPhone 4 few hours ago and I love it :)

  29. Frederik says

    To you guys that got apple and android, i got a android myself, and thats cause i don’t want limits.

    You can do on a apple what steve jobs wantet you to, on android you can do what you want. there is no limit, and let me give an example.

    bagground apple’s bagground can’t be changed, Android based phones don’t got limits. They also got flash, Iphone don’t got flash.
    The point is got iphone nice, got a android nice, what ever works out for you, and what needs you got, i got android cause i don’t want steve jobs to pick what i want, but pick for myself. Thats the reality. Stop this war whats best. want a easy phone pick iphone, want a phone with no limits pick android.

    I got the new phone HTC Sensation XL with beats audio, and i like it, big screen 4.7 fast CPU no limits. so android haters stop hateing on android, buy the phone you want and stop this ******* war.

  30. Bayan says

    Having used both iPhone 3GS and HTC Desire, I have to say iPhone has a much smoother touch, but Android’s multitasking is definitely an attraction. As for development, you can’t create an iOS app unless you have a Mac and pay the hundred dollars for the SDK, so I can’t say apple is dev friendly. I agree that Android could use a little tweaking

  31. Richard says

    You have to swipe down rather than across? Surely it’s not *that*hard to learn! And is it really important that other people should know how to use *your* phone’s desktop screens?

    I’ve never once had my HTC Desire freeze on me, even when running web browser, email, txt, Skype, notes, WiFi tethering/hotspot to laptop, and separate Skype through that, all at the same time.

    And not being able to talk to people in the street about our iPhones isn’t really swaying me either!

  32. Phil says

    Reliability? On iOS4? Clearly you have never seen iOS4 running on a 3G model; it causes app crashes, major overall slowdown and an unresponsive screen.

    Apart from that, however, I’d have to agree with most of what you said. It is rather… coincidental however that all the older model iPhones received an upgrade (by name only) which made them obsolete as soon as the new phone was released.

    • Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com says

      I suppose your right about iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G, but then again that’s why Apple limited the features on it, no multitasking etc…

  33. ContestBlog says

    I beg to differ here:

    1) Android is opensource, where as iPhone OS is proprietor based and lets not even talk about opensource with iPhone OS.

    2) Android brings our love for gmail even closer, with an similar to Pushmail atmosphere (minus the chaos) of course, unfortunately to my little knowledge, Apple has nothing effectively yet similar to offer.

    3) Again Android naturally comes with Google Apps (I will not talk here about the great features of this complete Google App package i.e. Gmaps, gmail, Docs, picasa & etc .. ) I again fail to see Apple anywhere near here.

    4) The latest versions of Android come with Flash support, again not the case with iPhone OS anymore, now Steve Jobs may say any thing in defent of his company’s decision, of not to include Flash in iPhone OS any further and giving HTML5 a change over various reasons, to begin with I must say that I too love HTML5, but this does not mean I don’t like Flash any more, after all we all know who is the more tenure rather a ‘uncertain newbie’ between the two technologies (Flash vs. HTML5/iPhone OS) lol, i am out of here.

    6) Though I may have programming & coding knowledge, but what about the common man out their wanting to have his own personalized App, I wonder if an non-programmer can ever build a basic App to work on their respective iPhone OS, Mama Mia almost any one can achieve that in the case of Android using an App Inventor (for free).

    7) I am with in an agreement with Eric above, we all know how iPhone OS treats its music, as if the music were not even owned by my self, hidden some where done in the iPhone OS, definitely not traceable easily, pardon me for I thought I was the owner, are we not taking some freedom into consideration.

    8) Best of all, I love freedom, in every sense of the world, I rather be bored to death if the only phone i could use in terms of ‘smartness’ would be an iPhone on planet earth, like a butterfly who flies from flower to another in search of goodness nectar, I’d like to call this an open ‘option’ to chose from a very over whelming variety of mobile phones coming from all the various manufactures, how about HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson & etc .. to pick from, now this is some thing that Android lets me do. . let me chose.
    Will Apple ever let iPhone OS open its wings, well I don’t know . . in the men time I stay democratic :p

    Though i can go on for ever, its really unto you decide post examining all the above cited, like its said – “How stands Where”.

    Just my 2cents, Regards !

    • Robert says

      I agree with you on most of those points there, I’m in fact an Android user but I just wanted to share some of the things the iPhone OS has over Android at the moment.

      I also agree with you on the media bit, Apple treats the music like you don’t actually own it, even though you bought it. And I also love the way you can tinker around with android. Then again you can do that with the iPhone if you jailbreak it

      • Virty says

        As per the terms and conditions of apple, you don’t own the media it is given on rent. For more info search google.

      • Pravi says

        Jail breaking an Iphone makes it void. You don’t even have access to app store once you jailbreak your Iphone. Rooting android is a different story altogether. There are apps in play store eespecially for rooted android phones. What I dislike most in apple is it has already pre-decided what an user can do with the device, apple treats you like a user of the device rather than owner of the device.

  34. Shafi says

    One thing which I like in iPhone, is its super responsive touch screen, with which the whole Phone experience is different, though android phones also have touch screen and almost same functionality, iPhone surely wins it all.

    • Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com says

      In the past, no touchscreen could match the iPhone, but now I disagree with you, pretty much all the new smartphones have excellent responsive touchscreens these days.

  35. Eric Selje says

    I haven’t spent any time with an Android device, but I’ve had an iPhone for 2 yrs and feel qualified to say the iPhone is a lousy MP3 player. And it’s handling of audiobooks is even worse. But you’re right about PC synching and the App Store – it’s pretty dang easy. iTunes needs some polishing yet to handle libraries on revolving external hard drives though.

    • Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com says

      I’m afraid I still disagree with you, the iPhone easily has one of the best MP3 players going. It’s quick and easy to navigate and use, it just works. The default Android media player is awful, thankfully i have the HTC Sense UI on my Desire which is a lot better, but it’s a bit buggy and crashes a fair bit.

      I haven’t had any problems with iTunes on external drives either, except for when they crash!

      • Eric says

        I’ve had my Android now for a few months and I will rescind what I said about the MP3 player. As much as I didn’t like the iPhone’s, “Music Player” on the Android is inferior.

        What we need is a combination of the ease of subscription based Google Listen for Podcasts with the iTunes mp3 player. Any suggestions?