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    5 Ways of Making Money Online

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    dollars 5 Ways of Making Money Online

    Internet can be use as a medium of making money online, though it require lots of hard work and patience. But remember that internet is flooded with lots of easy money making tricks and most of them are making persons fool. These tricks attracts lots of people and the end result is always unpredictable and sucking.

    Remember that there is no substitute of hardwork. Obviously making money is not such an easy task. This doesn’t mean that earning money by the use of internet is impossible. There are many ways of making money online by making use of internet. let’s discuss one by one:

    We have already covered few reasons for making money online and some of the easiest ways to earn money by sitting at home. Now, here I’m adding few more ways which anyone can implement and learn to make money online.

    Few more ways to Make money online:

    blog thumb1 5 Ways of Making Money Online

    Blogging: Blogging is the best way to make online money. You can make a free blog on Blogger .  You need to write a post time to time keeping lots of factors in your mind like SEO, marketing of blog, design of blog etc. and you can attract lots of visitors and after certain period of time you can monetize your blog. There are lots of ways for making money by blogs: Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and various ads program like Chitika, Infolinks,buy sell ads etc.

    We have already got the whole procedure of creating a Blog covered, and you can learn about it here: The only guide you need to start a Blog

    writer thumb1 5 Ways of Making Money Online

    Freelance Writing: For persons who are experienced journalist, editors and copyrighters, freelance writing is a great source of money. You can search freelance writing jobs through   websites like Freelancewriting, Getfreelancer, Digital Point forum. If your are a talented writer then you can write for newspaper and magazines too. Many large newspapers and magazine organization take freelancers to save money on full-time employees.

    programming thumb1 5 Ways of Making Money Online

    Programmers: If you are a programming geek and you have a knowledge of C++, Java, .NET, PHP then you don’t need to worry about any work. There are lots of opportunities available on the internet. You can get a freelancing work on Getfreelancer very easily. You can earn descent amount of money from your work.

    callcentre thumb1 5 Ways of Making Money Online

    Call Center: Call centre is a growing trend in India and other country but do you know that you can work for call centre right from your home.This is due to result of internet and better call routing technology. There are number of companies invite people to work for their organization.Alpine Access and Live Ops are the best example.Their policies are quiet strict for noisy environment as they want your workstation quiet, free of any background noise.

    home thumb1 5 Ways of Making Money Online Home Business:

    The basic behind home business is get some work to do. For this you need to set up a well designed web page fetched with your contact email address. You can decide your work profile as web designer,graphic designer, dog trainer, computer repair, mobile repair or anything depends on your interest.

    This will be more like a Freelance work initially, but if you can extend your time by hiring more work from home people and delegate work effectively, you can easily set it up as a proper branded company in no time.

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    These are the most remarkable and credible ways of making money online. So be aware of those spam emails which  make you tend towards wasteful work. Also money making require lots of hard work as there is no substitute of hard work. Let me know your views and suggestions regarding money making  in comments.

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    Nice info…thanx for providing all the sources on the same platter.


    Tycoon Blogger

    These are indeed 5 good ways to make money online. I am doing 3 of the 5 right now (blogging freelance writer, home business) and making good money and having a good time.



    As per my knowledge Blogging and Freelance Writing can make decent amount of money.



    i kinda agree with arun on this one. freelancers make most money actually while they still have the hold of their time…however, it takes alot of talent to flourish in this kind of make money venture.



    I do blogging and I also do some writing for sites like triond and bukisa. Nice tips


    S.K Sharma

    Hello Harsh,
    Nice post having good stuff as a tutorial.



    Himanshu, I feel one point is wrong. I was browsing BuySellAds.com and as per them, they dont approve blogs.. They only approve websites and dat too related to tech stuff..Overall an excellent article..:)



    I am still stuck at the first option…BLOGGING….
    #4 is fantastic ….i never knew that call centre job could be done through home.


    Curios Little Person

    Good ways to earn money online… I’m currently blogging but can think of freelance writing as well




    Hi Himanshu I am new to this field and wants to earn money from blogging, so can you please provide some more ways to make money through blogging. Of course shoutmeloud has good collection of contents on money making………keep informing.



    @Titimma There is no short cut way of making money online. Obviously all the methods described in an article are the best way to earn money by the use of Internet. You can choose any one of them accfording to your interest. Obviously there are too many ways of making money through blogs but it require lots of initial hard work. After 2 TO 3 months of initial hard work you can able to generate a decent amount of traffic on your blog and start earning.
    There are many ways og earn through blog:
    1) Google adsense
    2) Affiliate marketing
    3) Various ad programs
    4) Paid review



    I would recommend CPALead, they pay you around $1 for every view on your website. I have made alot of money from them.

    By the way, thanks for the nice post HIMANSHU.



    Just like Engineers use the internet for programing, similiarly finance professionals use Interent for trading in Stock Markets.

    and not only Finance professionals, everyone related to stock markets, trade via the internet from the convinience of their homes



    thanks for the money post ;), one thing sure i cant jump in the last four steps, but the first one really working for me – blogging. after two months of blogging i can revenue through my blog,
    the mistake i made in blog is when i started my blog , dont know about blogging, seo, social networking power. after blogging , i came to learn and learning many things, thats y some of them dont know my blog well ,
    Himanshu is there any way to give a bang start with blog to get the attention of new readers !! – i really need help in this.
    note – my opinion for beginners !! : you should blog not for the case of money – if do then you lose interest if you dont get the much money you excepted, blogging is to share your creative ideas and niche :) good going and go blogging !! and the money fill your account the way you make blogging :)



    I experienced that getting started with freelancing is tougher than getting accepted by adsense!



    Yes, blogging and freelance writing are the most important and useful ways. Well, I didn’t know one can work for call centre right from home and you made it really helpful by listing Alpine Access and Live Ops. Thanks Himanshu for this useful post :)


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