5 User-friendly Windows Live Writer Alternative

For writing any article it is must that you should use a user friendly blog editor to increase your productivity. Using a blog editor which is having lots of features but you need to read help guide whenever you use it, is not good. Blog editor should be easy enough that you can explore and use the features easily.

One of such blog editor is Windows Live Writer, without which I can’t think to write and publish posts but if you are not a fan of Windows Live Writer than I have listed few weblog clients which give lots of similar feature as Windows Live Writer provide. These are free and easy to use Windows live writer alternative.

More about Windows Live Writer:

Alternatives to Windows Live Writer:


BlogDesk is an offline weblog client having good features. BlogDesk is having option to edit and format your article, add images directly, crop them and enhance the image with different available designs and you also get inbuilt dictionary in 14 different languages. Apart from this it also allows you to publish the article with just one click.

blogdesk-Windows Live Writer Alternative

[ Download Link ]


BlogJet is a user friendly blog editor. It is gives you lots of similar options as given by Windows Live Writer like adding videos from YouTube, inserting images from your computer or Flickr account. You can format your articles and can also attach files to your post easily. If you are looking for an easy blog client then BlogJet is worth trying.


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Zoundry Raven:

Zoundry Raven is a WYSIWYG blog editor which helps you to post your article on different blogs. It provides options to setup different media services like Picasa, Image shack etc. and good feature is that you can easily search any previous post by tags, links and even by images. It is kind of advanced featured blog editor.


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RocketPost is for professionals who have to write actively because it has good interface and all needed features. It has all useful editing features like spell check, multi-word autocorrect, easy to add links and search previous post. Like other blogging editor even Rocketpost allows you to edit images and insert easily in the post.


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This blog editor is for Mac users. There are few more editors for Mac but I prefer Ecto most. It allows publishing post to lots of weblogs systems like bloggers, Drupal, WordPress etc. Provides lots of rich HTML features and easy to edit images and with all advanced features used to edit any articles. When it comes to mac, Ecto is one of the best windows live Writer alternative for mac.


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Well, no doubt if you are familiar with Windows live writer, you might never feel the same with any of these alternative. I wish if someday in future we will have a mac version of Windows live writer. Anyways, do let us know which windows live writer alterative are you using and recommend to others?

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COMMENTs ( 22 )

  1. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    I rarely use any blogging editors other than the default one Ruchi.. seriously I don’t see any point.

    I guess am addicted to the default one, so my mind is not giving any second thought to these editors. But they look good, thanks for sharing. :)

    • Sheila Morris says

      I like WLW just fine, but I’ve been away from blogging for awhile, and now it won’t connect to Blogger. Keeps saying I’m using the wrong password, but I can log on to Blogger just fine. But not with WLW. Blogger won’t let you easily put multiple photos on one line, so I need to find something that will do that.

  2. Jasmine says

    You have listed down the best alternatives to WLW… however, my favorite is still the default editor built-in to WordPress. It’s easy to use and simple. :)

  3. Nicholas Teo says

    I have never heard any of the alternatives. Where did you find so much great stuff? I have use Windows Live Writer to post on Microsoft blog but have never use it on wordpress. Not sure if it will break my wordpress themes. Thanks

      • Nicholas Teo says

        Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out to see how it works with my theme. I am not very technical so I am always afraid of breaking things. Currently I have the 2011 version installed.

  4. GoaLive says

    All this are good alternatives but do they support ‘All in One SEO’ in WP, WL has some alternative to this? Pls let me know.


  5. Jens P. Berget says

    I have been using BlogJet, when I was using a PC. After I switched to a Mac I started using Ecto. But now, for the past year or so I have been using WriteRoom (got nothing to do with blogging though). WriteRoom is all about distraction free writing and it’s awesome. I use it to write all my blog posts, and I add them to wordpress and then add the html / links that are necessary before I publish.

  6. Brij says

    Nice Post!!

    I don’t trust on offline editor even windows live writer because:
    1. We can’t access installed plugin features while it is available in online edit0r.
    2. Formatting might be changed.
    3. Not good for SEO due to complex HTML Tags.

    But good Post.

    • says

      Hey Brij, thanks for your views. I guess there are pros and cons of all tools but then also these blog editors are easy to use and increase our productivity for sure.

  7. Balaji P M says

    Hi Whiztechy
    Good List and informative content :-)
    but Adobe Contribute is missing in this list, i used it before a couple of days and i experienced good :-)

  8. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    Hmmm never given a thought about Windows LW’s alternative. It’s free & so easy to use. Alternative may prove useful to some other OS like MAC where LW may not work…