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    5 Not-So-popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

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    Wordpress 300x150 5 Not So popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

    WordPress is full of plugins and if you plan to do anything, there is always a plugin for that. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have covered many useful WordPress plugins that every blogger should use. Though, at the same time we recommend you to limit the number of WordPress plugins you use, as using many plugins will slow down your blog. The best way is to integrate the feature you looking for within the theme code itself. For example, instead of using Google analytics plugin, you can directly add code in your theme core file. Also, there are useful online tools like Google tag manager is available which will help you to directly add codes in your theme body. Anyways, before I share another list of 5 useful plugins for your WordPress blog, lets do a quick recap of some of the plugins which we have covered in the past:

    This WordPress plugins are definitely not the most popular or the best but these are the plugins which will definitely help to enhance your WordPress blogging experience.

    Get Recent Comments

    This plugin has been around for a fair old while and to prove its popularity it has had well over 250,000 downloads since its release. This plugin helps with showing recent comments in the sidebar of your blog and has a decent control panel which allows you to change how many comments will be shown and also lets you edit/delete comments.

    Get+Recent+Comments 300x136 5 Not So popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

    [ Download Link ]

    Gallery objects

    This plugin is based on jQuery and has a flash-like effect when being used. It’s very quick and helps its users create new albums with a few clicks instead of starting a whole new album with the possibility of losing old photos.

    Gallery+objects 300x257 5 Not So popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

    [ Download Link ]

    Tag cloud FX

    A very different tag cloud to the general ones you will see on a lot of forums. This one is a lot tidier and modern and lets its users easily add/edit/delete tags. Probably not the most sufficient plugin but it can help a lot.

    [ Download Link ]


    This plugin is still one of my most favorite  plugin as it’s a lot easier to install this plugin and use rather than using the default WordPress login. Users can quickly register and login/out which is a perfect way to keep your readers happy.

    Login+Logout 163x300 5 Not So popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

    [ Download Link ]

    PayPal Donation

    One of the most basic but simple plugins you will ever use on your blog. If you’re providing quality content to your users they may want to send a small donation your way as a token of their gratitude – this plugin supports PayPal so it’s very easy to receive donations.

    paypal donate 5 Not So popular But Useful WordPress Plugins

    [ Download Link ]

    Do you use any of these plugins? If you Know any other useful WordPress plugin please Share them in the comment area.

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    I will love to use PayPal Donation… haha :D



    Get recent Comments is still Used By many Bloggers, PayPal is mostly used by Developers , Especially Who create Free Usefull Apps



    Prashant you are right :) Thanks for the Comment :)


    Arif Nezami

    I used Tag cloud FX, most of the times it annoys the visitors… nice post by the way..



    Arif I Guess Tag cloud helps your visitors to easily navigate to the pages tagged with the keyword as well as search engine spiders to find pages tagged with the keywords. I’m glad that you liked this post :)



    I Like Get Recent Comments But Don,t U Think That Tag cloud FX May Harm Your Blog As We All Know Links From Home Page Should Be Less And Less….
    I Read A Post On Mattcuts Blog Or On Searchenginejournal (I M Confused).
    Search Robots May Not Crawl Your Site Well If There Are More Links On Homepage (Internal or External)
    Anyway Thanks For Great Post :)


    Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988

    Tag cloud FX looks like an interesting plugin. I using another Paypal plugin call WP Paypal Donation.


    S.Pradeep Kumar

    Seriously except PayPal plugin, all are new to me, I’ll check them. Thanks for sharing. :)


    Vivek Parmar

    recent comments already offered with wordpress (under appearance>widgets) so no need to install another plugin. login logout and tag fx new to me will check out them. thanks for sharing.



    Thanks for sharing. Never heard of Flash Cloud FX.
    Gonna use it! :)



    I am looking plugin which will allow creation of Table with grid lines both vertical and horizontal. Searched whole of your blog as it deals with wordpress. Can you suggest?

    BTW, your blog has helped me a lot..


    Harsh Agrawal

    You are Welcome Balaji :)


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