How to Be A Better Designer

It isn’t a strange fact that many webmasters turn into web designers these days because it is quite obvious that a webmaster tries to tweak some design stuff, more often than not, to improve the appearance of his blog. Gradually, he tends to learn web design and seeks a path into the world of web design. Only a handful of people reach great heights choosing web design as their career while many do not. So, in this article, I’ll discuss few tips that shall pull out a top designer from you.

How to Be A Better Designer

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5 Easy tips to become a better Designer:

1.Constant Learning

This is the most important factor that plays a major role in the growth of your career. It applies to all fields – be it a web designer or photographer. The moment you stop learning, that’s the moment you stop growing. So, keep your minds open and grasp the maximum you can, around the web. Subscribe to blogs like Smashing Magazine, CSS – tricks, webdesignerwall, hongkiat, etc.. The list goes on!!!  In short, learn from every site/blog that inspires you!

2. Broaden your Horizon

I’m sure you’ll feel very comfortable working on particular domain, for example, say you love  to design stuffs using PhotoShop. But if you intend to become one amongst the best, you’ll need to broaden your horizons by having the flexibility to work with other programs like illustrator, gimp, etc…

What am trying to convey here is that “Do not become platform dependent, be an independent designer” – it’s just not applicable to the machines alone, but to humans as well. Make sure you extract the best out of your software. For example, by learning cinema 4D you can incorporate three dimensional aspects on your design!


Start bookmarking design tutorials that inspires you. Don’t worry if the list goes long because, at one point of time, you’ll completely run out of ideas. I’m sure many webmasters do experience the same. So, when have a folder full of inspirational tutorials, you’ll never run out of ideas. You can reignite the spark in you by grabbing some inspiration from the folder you built. In fact, you can simply publish an article saying “Inspiration” with links to the article that inspired you:)


Apart from just learning and getting inspired, it is very important that you spend some time working out the same. I strongly suggest you to allot a specific amount of time everyday to experiment things that inspired you. To be very frank, I always choose the “Trial and Error” method on my very own blog. The moment I see an inspirational widget/design on a particular blog, I start working out the same on my demo blog just by the “Trial and Error” method. You know what… Probability of success in doing so – more than 7 trials out of 10 convert to an useful product.


To become one amongst the top web designers, it’s quite important that you become a part of the design community. Start engaging yourself with like minded people by participating in forums, and commenting on design oriented blogs. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your expertise knowledge with other web designers who in turn, will do the same to expand your existing knowledge in that field!

Though I’m not a professional web designer, I just wanted to share few tips that shall make you one amongst the best designer. I’m open to critiques and tips from the web designer gurus out there! So, share them via comments!

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Mukund says

    @Justin Bieber: Yup! Constant learning with experimentation is important for design!

    @Ajaypratap Sidhu: Thanks for the comment! Hope you enjoy the other articles as well!

    @Khabri Chacha: Your right! Happy blogging to you as well:)

    @George Serradinho: Well, am a self learner too! I never knew about blogging nor web design when I started them but I guess I know a little about the same now! Same here! Still learning!

  2. George Serradinho says

    I use to ask others to do web design for me and then I started my blog and I can honestly say that I’m self taught. I learned from trial and error and now I’m not bad, still learning though :)

  3. Khabri Chacha says

    if you want to learn something, then practice is the key to success, keep learning and practicing the things.. Happy Blogging :D

  4. Mukund says

    @Rakesh: Well, I just mentioned a few sites out there! If you need the complete list, then ping me via gtalk and I’ll show the bookmarks which I got! Anyway, thanks for the comment!

    @Simon: Lol:) Same here! It gives an immense feel of happiness when you get the design right!

  5. Simon says

    Expermintation is my favorite part, but sometimes i have big luck, if i go sleep before sun rises.

  6. Mukund says

    @Irfan: Well, try to engage yourself with a design community and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more than what you did!

    @Amit: Yup! I forgot tutplus! Anyway, thanks for the comment Amit!

  7. Amit says

    Being part of web design communities like tutplus network and other works great ,you will get latest updates and tutorials that nourish your web design skills..Great Tips ..Thanks for the article Mukund

  8. Irfan says

    One thing i’m missing is not being a part of any online forum or community. Thanks for reminding us through your post.