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5 Simple Tips for Twitter

5 Simple Tips for Twitter

As you all might already know, Twitter is a free online micro blogging tool, which runs on Tweets which are user generated (a few are generated by bots), if you are serious about branding yourself on Twitter and promoting your network then you just think out of the box.

First of all make sure you have a targeted, non-spammy and real Twitter profile, in order to create trust with your followers, always post useful content and answer your @replies.


If you don’t like to login to various Twitter profiles that you might and reply to message then this toll might help because with it you can manage multiple twitter profile in one place along with updating your profile with latest tweets, you can unfollow  your inactive followers, since there are many spammers on Twitter, this will keep your profile clean.


A very popular multiple twitter account manager, this is a free software that you can use to manage multiple twitter account from your desktop. You can adjust width of columns in order to fit more of profiles if you have smaller screen.

Sidebar Link

Your Twitter profile has a link field, where you can add your website link, this will provide you are free backlink, if you have a good twitter profile, it’d be listed by Google.

Use The Background

Use your Twitter background to promote your blog, website, business or whatever, you can get a customized background easily if you know Photoshop or even Microsoft paint. Here is an example:-

Simple tips for Twitter

Promote Affiliate Links But with style:

You can use any of Clickbank or PayDotCom links cloaked under and then tweet to your visitors, it’d be better if you write a blog post about the product and then lead your followers to it such that they can trust you and products.

One best way to promote your affiliate link is follow official twitter account of WordPress premium theme twitter handle and when ever they announce about new theme, replace the link with your affiliate link. This trick is not spammy, as you are tweeting the same useful share but only thing which you are doing is replacing the link with your affiliate link. If someone buys the theme you can easily make anything between 10-50$.

I would love to know more twitter tips from you and how you handle your twitter profile?

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    • eTipsLibrary

      I think there are three tip instead of six keeping in view the title of the post. as far as 1st and 2nd are concern you can mark them as twitter tool ?

    • Sreejesh

      Cool post. can you also mention about designing a custom background for twitter?

      • Harsh Agrawal

        Sure Sreejesh. Will try to come up with that one Soon. :)

      • Rakesh Narang

        Custom backgrounds can be designed easily by just downloading a colorful background and adding text and pics via Photoshop in the left and right sidebars.

        — Rakesh

    • shashank

      good post…
      thnx 4 share:)

    • Robin

      Great tips and i know all of these. Expecting something new :) hope to see them in your next article rakesh. RT Done !

      – Robin

      • Harsh Agrawal

        @Robin Planning to cover some cool and useful Twitter applications which you might like… :)

      • Rakesh Narang

        I will try to add new posts regarding social networking and marketing with latest trends and applications. :D

    • Digital Imagination

      Looks cool…….i am looking forward to read more………..


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