5 Freelancer tools Useful for Freelance Web Designers

Well, we all know that how an innovative application with good web design is very much in demand for representing the core purposes and ideas of a company. If you are a freelance web designer, getting acquainted with the best and latest application that can meet all the criteria of present necessities is a kind of mandatory.

With no vain, various freelancer tools & applications are now available to avail and utilize for multiple purposes, be it in cases of pushing pixels and crafting code to business management and productivity. By availing these privilege applications in your web development job, you will doubtlessly find success in segments of the market. These applications and apps provide effective and quality solutions that will easily resolve and manage away with numerous complexities you may counter when dealing in enormous facets of online business.

As there are multiple freelancer applications, you might find a little bit of confusion while choosing the required ones for your web design according to the prerequisite and needs of your business. But you don’t need to worry for this, by going through five shortlisted time-tested applications mentioned below, you will absolutely gain confidence and assure of what exactly you require for your web development as a freelance web developer.

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Five Freelancer tools & Online applications

1. Invoicing: Invoicera


This is an incredible software that will effectively serve the profession of a freelancer. Invoicera is an online billing and time tracking solution for easy and creating secure billing experience. If you are starting your own business, realizing your own ideas and implementing your own creativity then Invoicera features can’t be ruled out from hitting the floor of your needs.

Well, it is easy to use; design and layout of interface are simple and attractive. Its time tracking feature is very much effective which enables you to track time of each task or project, check the condition of every step. Other amazing features like multiple languages and currency support, sending invoices to multiple contacts, expense tracking, recurring billing, customized invoice template, expense tracking, etc. are hard to resist for a dedicated freelancer web designer.

2. Project Management: Basecamp

It is very popular for its power in enabling the users to conduct projects collaborates with teammates with same fraternity or co-workers. Basecamp will enable you to track of project collaboration materials, long email exchanges, screenshots, URLs, to-do lists, share files, create to-do lists, milestones ,assign tasks, centralize feedback and get customization.

3. Personal To-Do List: Things

There are plenty ‘to-do list’ apps being available, as you can perfectly select the suitable one. This will improve your work among your collaborators. Its amazing interface and features can track complex-picture, for instance, setting limitations for multiple projects, reminders to switch with new business leads, etc. you can also take a complete observation of your tasks performance.

4. Communication: Gmail and Google Apps

Gmail will allow you to use Google apps, set your email templates and separate your personal communication from the other while using other features that Gmail offers. Google Apps is a package that contains various useful Google tools such as Google docs and others, that will be appended in your domain and provides powerful email, internet solutions calendar, documents for small businesses. Further, its search function is fast, accurate and consistent.

5. Online Back-Up: Dropbox

Dropbox homepage

It is an online service with various features that is easy to set up, share files between multiple co-workers and can produce suitable applications depending upon the type of your business and requirements. It can provide brilliant online backup and synchronization tool. It will be best if you can create one of your back-ups an off-site location, then perform back-ups as often as possible and lastly, to have a method of reverting to previous versions of documents.

Now, you must be well fed in your idea and thinking power about how to create an attractive and most efficient web design as a freelancer. Possessing basic knowledge about these 5 freelancer tools and information about every latest version will never fail you from becoming a professional freelance web designer.

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  1. Albert Pinto says

    For designers there is only one tool I want to recommend i.e Proofhub. Its proofing and time tracking features help them a lot to work more efficiently.

  2. Hayden Hampson says

    Good to see invoicing giants like Invoicera at the top. Gives me enough confidence and courage to share the app with others too. However, would have loved to see a complete and detailed review of Invoicera.

  3. Dan says

    I’ve been using PlanetSoho for a few months. It’s a free invoicing and time tracking service. I’d recommend it.

  4. Jitendra Singh says

    I think evernote should also need to be included in it. Evernote is really cool application to save your ideas in any form.

  5. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says

    Really awesome post!!
    This apps are totally unknown to me except gmail and dropbox.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!

  6. Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988 says

    I am using Dropbox and Google Apps. I have not heard of Invoicera and things. Will check them out.

  7. Manish says

    Thanks Rachin for sharing such a great post and for mentioning Invoicera in your post. Thanks again.

  8. Vishu says

    I’m yet to try Things on mac despite having it on my iPhone, heading on to the mac app store!

  9. Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours says

    Thanks Rachit for share this great article, it very useful for a personal who want to become a freelance.

  10. Raj says

    I am quite familiar with some of these apps..but not with all, will give a try to to do list.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    I use 2 things mentioned in this list i.e. Gmail & Dropbox. Basecamp seems to be an interesting app. Will try it in future projects.