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    5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

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    I started blogging about an year ago and its been quite a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about blogging in this one year. There were few stumbling blocks which I came across but I was able to move ahead and learned from my failures. The main reason for moving ahead in blogging with ups and downs was that I always took blogging as a hobby and it’s always fun to learn new things.teaching 5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

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    Here are 5 things which blogging has taught me:

    Love the work you do

    When you do the work you love and you have interest, you will always provide your 100% to it. You will always be ready to learn new things and never get depressed with negative feedbacks. Passion only comes when you are satisfied with the work you are doing and you start thinking more seriously about your blogging career.

    Learn from mistakes

    When I started blogging, I was very bad in all aspects of blogging. Even I was not aware how to write articles properly and how to attract readers. There are few professional bloggers who always provided me with useful tips and feedbacks. When I started learning from my mistakes, I started getting better results. Learning from mistakes is most important for getting success in any career.

    Be your own boss

    When it comes to blogging, no one says you to update your blog daily, be active on social networking websites or keep yourself updated about current news going around. You have to be strict with yourself and complete task on time. Blogging helped me to make my work more organized and finish within deadlines, no matter how many hours I have to work for it.

    No rules to follow

    There are no rules to get success in blogging as well as in life. You just need to be passionate about your work and keep on giving your best in right direction. Every blogger has different strategies to get success and they get good results also. Thus if you want success in any career, you need to be passionate and innovative because rules keep on changing.

    Be yourself

    You can never attract anyone if you copy others. It is always good to present yourself the way you are. Bloggers try to copy successful bloggers and mostly they fail. Learning and copying from successful bloggers are two different things. Try to learn new things but make sure you have your own writing style and your own identity in blogosphere.

    I guess all the above things which I learned from blogging, applies to everything we do in our lives. Do share with us what you have learned from blogging?

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    Dev @ Blogging Tips

    Hey Ruchi,
    Another cool post. I really like the point 1 and 2. “Love the work you do – When you do the work you love and you have interest, you will always provide your 100% to it.” awesome point. !!
    Thanks for sharing this great post. Keep up the good work. ..!




    Glad you like it Dev. :)


    Farukh | Techming

    Hey Ruchi, The last two Rules should always be rememberd by everyone. Living that Way is the part of My Life apart from Blogging.. Many People gets Confused by Countless articles on “How to Blog & Earn Money”.. They should just remember the last two points.. Experiment all Rules, the LEGALS as well as ILLEGALS.. Am I Right..



    Hey Farukh. Agree with you that we should keep on trying new rules but going illegals is not good for long term blogging.


    Shabnam Sultan

    Nice read Ruchi :) i agree with what you have to say .You need to have passion for blogging and the spirit of Never Give Up!!!



    What blogging taught me ?

    To write big essays and paragraphs including hyperbole and similes, even from some tiny hints.

    NB : My English teacher was really impressed about me and recently i won first prize for an essay writing competition, which i don’t had any Idea about the topic “Future of India in ….. ” (Still I Don’t even know what it is….)



    You have great writing skills Rajeel..That’s impressive to get prize for an essay writing , especially for the one which u don’t have idea.


    Paul Tech

    Blogging is like being self employed. Nobody tells you what to do but you gotta be disciplined in your writing.



    Right Paul…Self employed sounds really good but you need to be very serious about the work otherwise you might lose the chance to success.


    Rakesh Narang

    Nice Post, on my personal blog i follow the same thing and i am very happy about it, anyways how long have you been blogging.??



    These lessons are very much effective. I would like to add one more that when you start blogging, lot many ideas will flow in your mind and will keep coming thru web. But at that crucial time, you will should stick to the basics of blogging and keep blogging. It is called as “Controlling Ideas Flow”.

    Anyway, Nice to see you Ruchi on SML. Wish you all the best.


    Baby BrownFox

    Yes, you’re right many bloggers intend to duplicate others work and failed because of the lack of interest of their topic. Never duplicate others work but instead be inspired of their success.

    I think one important thing when blogging is originality and creativity that makes you unique from others. In these manner, readers might want to stay longer of the way you deliver unique and useful information.



    Agree with you Baby, Blogger can only create their identity in blogosphere and attract readers if they provide something unique and original.


    Pranay Patel

    All good!
    I just love the way you’re delivering your articles. Just impressed.
    Thanks for getting us such a wonderful tips. :)


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