5 Steps to Effective Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is perhaps the best strategy to promote your blog online. Guest blogging on high traffic Reputed sites like ShoutMeLoud can really increase targeted traffic to your blog. But most of the bloggers usually fail to get the most out of Guest Blogging. It’s probably because they care less to put more efforts to their guest post. Moreover guest blogging is more profitable than article directory submission when you are targeting to build a community and get real subscriber to your blog.

Here I am sharing 5 most Essential steps that will get you the most out of guest blogging :

1. Write Guest Post in a blog of your niche :

Lets say you have a blog that deals with blogging tips; then you must first try to find a reputed blog under this niche that accepts guest blogging. Once you find it, the next step is to post quality article in that blog targeting the same niche. It will double your chances of getting your post published & also once published it can get you thousands of targeted readers to your blog. You can refer to this post: 50+ blogs that accept guest post and find the blog related to your niche.

2. Write Keyword Rich Posts :

You should also add targeted keywords at right places in your guest post. By adding Keywords, I don’t meant stuffing with keywords as it is huge spam. Just use two to three keywords (related to post) & key phrases in your post. This will help in getting good amount of search traffic to the guest post you have written & in turn provide traffic to your blog (if the author of the blog allows a link back to your blog & you have added one too). More over you should work on SEO optimization of the guest post so that the post keep getting traffic from search engine and hence people will get to know about you and also this will drive traffic to your blog in future.

3. Don’t write post to promote your blog :

In the beginning journey to guest blogging, most of the guest bloggers try to entirely promote their site or blog in the guest post they write. This is really annoying. The author of the blog may decline your post & also might permanently ban you from his blog. So, just concentrate on writing quality posts & you will get traffic through your backlink (in the author box) if you post well.

4. Share & Publicize your post :

After your post gets approved & published, you should share your post to different social networks & social bookmarking sites. This will impress the blog’s author as well as bring instant traffic to the post & in turn to your blog. If you are writing a guest post like this which is timeless guest post, you should keep promoting it in regular interval. The idea is to let your follower know that you write guest post for popular blogs and this will increase your credibility.

5. Take part in Comments :

The final step is to take active part in commenting & replying to all comments that comes to your guest post. This will probably increase your reputation in the commenter’s eyes. Also, if the author founds that you are making your best to make your post better, it will increase the chances of your next guest post to be approved by the author. Moreover by replying to comments, you are actually driving more ways to get traffic to your website.

So these were the 5 best methods that will surely make your guest blogging journey a success & thus will boost your blogging career. Though if you have never started with guest posting, I would suggest to read following posts and start with your guest blogging campaign:

Do let us know out of all 5, what all you do to make your guest blogging effective?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Jitendra Singh says

    Nice tips. I like the last one … sharing comments. This is the way when you really interact with the audience.

  2. Robert Eilers says

    Great advise. I’ve been working on an article that I possibly might use as a guest blog post. We’ll see.

  3. Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson says

    hey – thats a nice setp of tips for someone who just placs to start guest blogging

  4. Troy says

    Thanks for the great tips on writing blog guest posts.

    When starting out it is hard to get readers, no matter how good the content, so getting exposure through other blogs is a great idea. When we are passionate about our subject and want readers, we need to add to the conversation and deliver what readers want.

  5. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says

    Nice Points you covered it very well!! Guest blogging is a great way to get readership and quality backlinks to our websites. And it is the duty of guest blogger to reply comments on his post, by the way he could become more friendlier to the readers and surely those readers will visit his site too!

    • garishwasil says

      Yes, Exactly this is the point. Replying back to comments can drastically increase your blog’s readership.

  6. kbharath @ techntricksonline says

    Yes we should not write Guest Posts only for Promoting our blog we should write the original and keyword rich article to get it approved by the blog owner and we should take the same interest in writing guest post as we take to write article in our own blog.

    Thanks for sharing the Points above.

    • garishwasil says

      Yaa, you are exactly right, we should write guest posts as if we are writing a post on our blog. This will always fetch good results.

  7. Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours says

    Hey, Garish, all steps you share above are 5 steps that guest blogger must remember, it will make your guest post easier accept by blogger, who owner blog you submit post . Thanks for share