5 URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shortening URLs

Services like Twitter has initiated the concept of URL shortener and now a days, we keep hearing about new URL shortening services. I have been using many of them and many of them works great.

Specially, when you are sharing anything on Twitter, it’s better to use any of below mentioned URL shortener Websites, so that your tweet will be less than 140 cahracter and can be retweetable by others. Most of popular Websites and web services are coming up with their own custom shorteners. For example:

  • Google URL shortening link is: Goo.gl.
  • Facebook URL Shortener: Fb.me
  • Bing URL Shortener: Binged.it (No longer working)

My Personal list of URL Shortener:

1. Goo.gl

Goo.gl , a URL shortener by the biggest search engine, Google. This is the best URL shortener according to me. Just enter the link which you want to be shortened, it will take some seconds and the link will display.

If you create the links while you are logged in into your Google account, you can build up a history of your short URLs. You can even see the details of the short URL such as how many times the short URL has been clicked, the referrer of the click, the profile of the visitor(Country, Browser, OS). So, Goo.gl is a must try.
[ Link ].

2. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is one of the best URL shortening sites. It was my favorite before Goo.gl came. It also offers to track and keep details of your links(if you have an account) which is of course the plus point.

After you click the shorten button, a link displays below in a few seconds. You can see the details by clicking the “Info Page+” option. The details have the number of recent tweets and shares about the link. You can also see the traffic of the link, the referrers and the location.
[ Link ].

3.Tiny URL

Tiny URL is a great site with a lot of great features related to URL shortening. This site is really good. You can even make your custom short URL.

You can even add Tiny URL to your toolbar which will let you make a Tiny URL at the click of a button. Even though it doesn’t show the details of the Tiny URL we make but still, this site is great and undoubtedly a must visit.
[ Link ]

4. 3.ly

3.ly is another great URL shortener and the special thing is that it is “The Shortest in the World!”. Another great feature of this site is that the short URL never expires.

After the link has been converted to the short URL you can simply post the link to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

This site is very nice you should definitely try it as it creates “The Shortest URL in the World”.
[ Link ]

5. Adf.ly

When you use Adf.ly you can earn money every time some one visits that short URL but the bad thing here is that before the short URL reaches its main place a 5 second ad is shown. After those five seconds we have to click “Skip Ad” and then the main site will be shown. You can see the example by clicking here. Moving on, you can get the payment at Paypal and Alertpay when you reach the minimum payout of $5.

If keeping aside the earning thing, this site is not much of use as it shows that 5-second ad at the beginning which might not give the visitor a nice impression. So, if you want to earn money, then only you should try this site.
[ Link ]

In addition to it, you should consider using su.pr Stumble Upon URL shortener which helps you to drive traffic too. Those were the 5 sites I suggest you to use for shortening your URLs. Which site do you use? Which site is your favorite? Do comment.

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COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. says

    Altough great list. my personally favorites are goo.gl and bit.ly.. I have inspired by bit.ly website and developed my own URL shortener website. Anyways Thanks for the useful post :)

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  3. Seenu says

    I heard about the first four url’s but I didn’t here the last one. However we need to use branded shortening url service’s other wise if we use the services which may close at any time then our links get broken.

  4. Vincent Chow says

    I would be extra cautious when I see goo.gl links, spammers have been abusing it for quite some time. I’d use bit.ly on most occasion, for it’s one of the most popular shortener, and definitely looks more genuine than a goo.gl link.

    • Anoop Sudhakaran says

      I agree with you that bit.ly looks more genuine , because of the fact that it has been around for quite a long time and goo.gl is fairly new and many dont know about it.

  5. Jan Firsching says

    I use su.pr with the StumbleUpon Connection. So you shorten your URLs and also get some traffic back from StumbleUpon

  6. Amandeep says

    All above mentioned sites are really useful , but goo.gl gives excellent service & support. so i will recomment goo.gl to shorten your url for your blog

  7. Usman@FirstHosting says

    goo.gl is best because very easy interference and easy way to track how many people clicked and visited your site.

    and even it gives seo juice to your link as well, so I think its perfect.