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    5 simple step to secure your Orkut Login Password

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    Last month we talked about how people are hacking Orkut using fake Orkut page method. orkutlogo thumb 5 simple step to secure your Orkut Login Password

    If you remember Orkut is the leading social networking website in India. Usually most of people’s Gmail account are linked to their Orkut profile and once your orkut profile is hacked. Chances of loosing your Gmail account is very high. I recommend do refer to my previous post on Your Gmail is hacked : Crosscheck to ensure your Gmail account safety.

    How to secure your Orkut login username and password ?


    Complex password:

    Usually a normal password like laptop Mobile are easy to hack using brute force method It’s best to create a complex password like instead of laptop use l@pt)p . Such password with alpha numeric and special characters are tough to break. Do check my previous post on How safe is your password to check your password strength.

    Never share your password :

    There are many situation when you had to share your orkut login password with your friend. Try not to do so. Even if you did, always change your password after that. Keep a record of your security question.

    Never click on any outbound link :

    You might get lots of Orkut glittering scrap and message saying click here to see more orkut glitters or click here to see the magic. Though all of them are not scam but in most of the case they are scams. So it’s better to delete such scraps and never click on any such link.

    Opening an Orkut profile asking for orkut login details :

    This is one of the easiest method of orkut hacking where people redirect you to a fake orkut login page when ever you click on anyone profile. It’s better to close that tab and open orkut homepage again by typing http://www.orkut.com .

    Antivirus software:

    Using a safe antivirus software is another good move to save yourself from Trojans and viruses. We have shared a detailed guide on malware which will also help you to use best system to prevent hacking of your computer.

    If you are worried about changing your password and remember them.I recommend using xmarks firefox extension which will help you to save all your password.

    In case you are bored of Orkut and looking for some alternative social networking websites I recommend using facebook. You can also refer to my earlier article on how to delete your orkut account permanently. Do you know you can use your Gmail account for youtube login?

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    I remember some of my friends clicking a link for a fancy orkut theme and end up being victims of those script kiddies the very next morning. Truly prevention is better than cure. Thanks for these precautionary tips.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m glad Mharshi that you find the post useful.
    Welcome to Shoutmeloud! :)


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