5 Simple but Important Tips to Make the Most out of Twitter

Twitter is one of the most important factor in making driving traffic to your blog. But its not a child’s play, you need to use your Account effectively.
In this post I’m gonna explain about 5 Important yet Simple Points you should consider to increase your influence on twitter which will help you gain more Followers and reputation, resulting in more retweets of your tweets.

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Separate Your Personal Account and Professional Twitter Account

If you have a twitter account for your site/blog its very necessary that you only tweet  about stuffs related to your niche. Like If you have a blog related to gadgets then you should only tweet about gadgets and not about your daily life things otherwise your followers will stop following you. Your followers have followed you to receive gadget updates and not your personal life updates. You can instead make a personal account if you like sharing your daily routine like what you’re eating, what song you’re listening to etc.

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Share Interesting Stuffs and Don’t Spam

Sharing is Caring. Use the power of retweet for sharing things you think will be useful to your followers but don’t spam your timeline with your tweets or sponsored ads.
Whenever you visit any awesome site or any good article then tweet about it. If you use Google chrome, you can use Tweetmeme extension.

Interact with Tweeps
This is one of the most important and simple point if you wish to gain more followers. Keep Interacting with your followers, twitter users with similar interests, comment on their tweets, ask them questions, answer to their questions. This will help you build your reputation. The point hee is don’t behave like a robotic twitter user, interact with people and socialise.

You can also start a poll on twitter or ask their opinion on a particular topic.

First Impression is the Last Impression – Have an Eye-Catchy Profile

When someone visits your profile, he decides whether to follow your or not by seeing your Profile. You can have an interesting background image and a cool bio about yourself/your site.

There are many online sites where you can find Twitter Backgrounds or use Twilk which adds your followers’ profile pictures to your background. Or just use your imagination to create one.

These 5 tips are from my personal experience. If you have any more, do share it by leaving a comment :)

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. kiran ruth r says

    if i may add a point . Its is very impotant that one networks with humans on twitters… Just because u have a many followers does not mean you have drawn in a good crowd… In the last few months i have seen so many bot followers. These bot followers lead to content theift. So its very important to make sure you understand who u are following and who is following u…. A great share saket….

  2. Jens P. Berget says

    I don’t have a separate twitter account for personal use, that’s because I only use Twitter for business (at least it’s not personal, I don’t keep in touch with friends and family this way).

    I believe that the most important part of using Twitter (for business and pleasure) is to interact. Without interaction Twitter won’t be any fun at all, and it won’t be of any value.

  3. Sourav says

    Great tips Saket.
    Well, I don’t use Twitter for personal life, and my Twitter account is meant only for my blog. But sometimes I tweet some personal things in a controlled manner.
    Sharing is the thing which I do very nicely…I retweet other posts a lot. And if needed, I interact with other tweeps.

  4. Bryan Haines says

    Great post. Thanks.

    Your point on the profile is a good one. A thoughtful profile will help be found and then followed.

    Congrats on your first post! Looking forward to more great stuff.

  5. Tech Maish says

    Saket great tips for newbies. I agree with your last point, first impression is the last impression. Profile must be a very eye catching.

  6. Nabeel says


    Great tips on Twitter. I didn’t know that we should separate our personal and professional account.

    I have already combined both of them, what do you suggest that I do now?


    • Saket says

      i was doing the same thing, tweeting about my personal life in my professional account. Being personal sometimes isn’t bad but you should be careful, you can lose some worthy followers like this.

      • Mani Viswanathan says

        Don’t you think we can limit our personal tweets on a combined account ? Because once you have build up a base on your personal (+currently pro acc) then it’s becomes harder & time consuming to build a similar one. Unless the site is extremely popular!