5 Secrets to Become a Prolific Writer

You might have read lots of articles on how to write effectively, how to write quality articles, how to get comments on your articles and many more to make your blog a quality blog. But to make a blog or blogger effective and successful it is important that he/she should a prolific writer. Prolific writer are always ready to share lots of  information and always consistent in writing articles.

Prolific Writer

Prolific writers just write a lot and try to spread their messages as much as they can with their writing. And of course it’s not only about writing it should be quality writing. Does it sound tough to you? But there are few factors which will help you to be a prolific writer.

Gain knowledge:

This is something really important for all the bloggers eespecially when you are writing about technology and blogging related articles. Without proper knowledge you can’t write good articles, both quality and quantity wise. Many bloggers face writer’s block because they are not ready to learn new things which are going on around them. Unless you have your own insight about any topic, it’s not worth sharing with your readers. Prolific writers are great learners.

Stick to your goals:

Either you are a blogger or just a writer, I am sure you must be having at least one reason or goal for writing. Whenever you feel low or demotivate while writing articles just remember the reason for which you started writing articles. If you want to be prolific writer,You always need to keep your goals in your mind. Prolific writers always keep themselves motivated and productive while writing articles.

Be Consistent:

Practice, practice and practice. This is must if you want to be a prolific writer. Schedule your time in such a way that every day you write something, no matter its useful for your readers or not, just write for yourself. Don’t think about quality and grammatical mistake, just move along with flow of writing later you can edit your articles. By following schedules and regular practice you can be prolific writer for sure.

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Take care of readers:

If you are a blogger, you have to analysis what your readers like and interested to read. Once you know your readers properly, it becomes very easy to write for them. If you are writing in simple language and know how to share message properly to your readers then your readers would love to read your articles and they will surely inspire you to write more  and become a prolific writer.

Avoid Distraction:

Even if you want to follow above tips but you won’t able to achieve them unless you keep all distractions away from you while you are writing. Keep your mobile phones on silent, IMs off, away from social networking websites or sit in a peaceful place. If you want to be a prolific writer, you need to increase your productivity and frequency of writing articles.

I guess all the bloggers should try to be prolific writers, what’s your take on this? If you have any tips on how to become a prolific writer, do share with us.

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. says

    These days I’ve been studying how to become a more prolific writer. One of the common themes I’ve read in other articles (and in yours) is to merely just write. Write without fear. Write with confidence. Write when you suck. Write when you’re brilliant. I’m going to take that advice to heart.

  2. Austine says

    I think writting an effective article involves a team work if one is not sure of his/her performance in writting. A team can come together and work it out effectively, no lone individual that can measure d outcome of a goal without a team work..

  3. Sreejesh@techgyo says

    Right now I’m facing “writer’s block” so this is a really going to help me gain my confidence back without getting distracted.

  4. shashank says

    For me Harsh is one of the prolific writers setting an perfect example for the newbie bloggers ! thanks for reminding Good tips which are supposed to be borne in a bloggers mind :)

  5. Michael says

    Hey Dear !
    A very nice piece of information you gave here…
    I am a professional writer, unintentionally I kept these points in my mind. But now I have a very clear picture after reading this post..

    Thanks a lot

  6. Vivek Krishnan says

    Taking into account the interest of your readers is the number one secret of prolific authors. They give what the audience wants!

  7. Geet | Create-a-Rainbow says

    Read a lot, interact a lot with others, get your articles reviewed by someone who is a better writer than you…I think these are enough to make anyone a good writer :)

  8. Jinx303 says

    precious tips. thanks!!
    being a professional blogger is almost like being an artist!
    you work on your own, you are your own boss. need self discipline to keep a schedule and being productive.

  9. Eddie Gear says

    Understanding your audience is an important criteria to become a prolific writer and learning whats hot/new in the market and taking up the challenge to be the first one to deliver it to your auidence is what I believe makes for a prolific writer. It certainly takes the boredom away and keeps you constantly motivated. :)

    • says

      If writer is sharing updates and info with adding his/her own insight, definitely attracts readers and that’s the right way to become a prolific writer.

  10. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    very new ideas , actually people talk about this sometimes ,but the way you brought is is very smart , taking care of readers is very important cause communication make writer better and improve his skills by the time , liked that you put goals on the beginning cause goals give all the time motivation to start !!! :)) well done ;)

    • says

      I put Goals because without you can never get success in any field and I agree with you that it is the reason to motivate. Glad you like the article. :)

  11. DailyTechPost says

    Hi Whiztechy
    Pretty nice article. I liked #1 …We see a lot of bloggers start writing about anything they might not even know about….this can even prove to be harmful for the blog itself…Anyways thanks for sharing your views :)

  12. Karan Labra says

    Distractions is one of the factors that disables me to write more articles than I can.
    How do I solve this one?
    I mean I am distracted, whatever ways I choose to prevent them.

    • says

      Karan you should always prepare yourself mentally before starting work and log off from all IMs, Tweetdeck , FB etc. because updates from friends distracts a lot.