5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Therapeutic

Do you consider yourself to be a stressed out person? Do little things throughout the day seem like they can’t be controlled? If you have any feelings along those lines, let me say…I’m there with you. Now, I’m not here to make this a “bring me down” post. I’m here to lift your spirits up and show you why blogging is therapeutic. Just think, if little things bother you or you feel things aren’t going your way…what do you usually do? Well, those of us who are usually glued to our computers like to blog. Why? Simple, its therapeutic

Now why is it therapeutic?

You may be wondering why I am writing this post? Without going into much detail, I had a family emergency today that really affected me. Luckily everything is alright, but things could have been worse. So, this goes back to why I am writing this post. I feel blogging is a wonderful outlet and great way to remove stress (that I experienced today) and feel free. This post is an example of me escaping the real world and interacting with people who share similar interests as I do. What can be better than putting your normal routine day on the shelf for a little while and just write about what interests you? I think blogging is the ultimate medicine. If you’re still in doubt that blogging cannot be therapeutic; let me break down 7 reasons as to why it is.

What Blogging Can Provide You With


You’re free to write whatever you want to whatever audience you want. There are no rules as to what you can post (for the most part) and in that moment while you write, you feel at peace.


I mentioned this earlier, but we all need to escape reality every now and again because every day life can be stressful, some more than others. However, regardless if things in your life aren’t going the way you planned, when you sit down and write, tell me…what do you feel? Most people would say calm, focused, interested. There can be many other things that you feel, but that escape from reality allows some for some solitude as you enjoy the work you put together.


What?! Who enjoys working? Well, most people don’t, but when your working on a blog post…you are working, however, have you ever felt happier working on something that is YOURS? That’s the big picture that
blogging offers…an opportunity to work “for yourself” where you may not have that opportunity elsewhere. For me, that is the best piece of therapy I can offer to myself. The ability to say, “this is mine” is a great feeling and
something I feel everyone should give themselves. Make something yours so you can unwind and break away.


This might not make sense to you, but remember when you were younger and you felt care free and all you wanted to do is “play.” Blogging gives you the chance to do that in a different capacity. When you blog, you “play.” Your audience are your childhood friends (granted, not all of them are). You get to get together with people who make you feel important and those people you can bounce ideas off of. As a child, your mind runs wild with ideas. As we get older, we forget to think like a child. Blogging allows you to think like a child where you can write in any form you find suitable without
having to provide reason for why you’re writing it. Remember, nobody asks a child why they’re doing what they do. Once you’re older and in the real world, you’re constantly asked “what are you doing?” The blogging world is a childhood
playground and if that’s not therapy for you, I don’t know what is.


This may sound a little corny, but for “therapy” to work or for something to be therapeutic, I believe that you need to zone in on what will help you as an individual. What is it of YOURS that takes you into that feeling of relaxation. Blogging is one outlet and it works for me, but it doesn’t have to be your “therapy.” However, I felt blogging was perfect for
this scenario considering the majority of the community here on Shout Me Loud blog and its something that many “internet enthusiasts” enjoy doing.

Have You Found Your Outlet Whether That Be Blogging Or Something Else?

Understand that if you feel like you need an outlet and aren’t sure how to find one, try writing….about anything. Also, who cares if anyone is reading?
Well, we all actually want people to read, but ultimately this is for YOU! You’re creating your outlet and you need to feel what your doing is helpful for you in order for other people to take an interest. Once that happens, the
community will build in time. Finally, just to re-state what I mentioned earlier, I don’t want this post to see like an upsetting one, rather to provide you an outlook. Sometimes when you take a step back and see what blogging
REALLY offers people, you can start to feel a newfound energy as an individual. Blogging is an amazing vacation!

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Frank Angelone is the founder of Social Tech Zone and has been a blogger since 2008. He provides tips for improving your social media reach as well as tips for improving your computer performance.


COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. Jeff Classsen says

    Great post!
    I recently started blogging and have found that it has been great for my anxiety.

    I’m able to let go and leave all my fears and stresses behind me. It takes me to a much better place in life and I’m striving to be in that place much more offer.

    One thing I would recommend is keeping the comments open. You have the opportunity to receive feedback, motivation, and inspiration from people who are in the same situation as you or just people who want to help.

  2. Frank says

    I’m glad I was able to contribute my thoughts here and I’m glad to hear you can relate to them as well. I think a big mistake people make with blogging is thinking its a quick way to make money. Although, that’s been said many times, but people never learn.

  3. Jens P. Berget says

    I completely agree with you. To me, writing is therapeutic (not just blogging, but that’s the same thing really). Why I am saying writing is because I’ve recently started to write my first novel. I started on August 1st and my deadline is February 1st. It’s an awesome feeling to write every single day, and all I do is write fiction (everything I do is based on my imagination and my free fantasy).

    Well, my blog is more based on facts, what works in the world of marketing, but writing it makes me feel great.

    • Frank says

      First, congrats on having the opportunity to write your first novel. I had the same opportunity offered to me. However, I had to put it on the shelf for the time being because financially I cannot afford to do it right now. Times are tough.

      Writing is definitely a great way to say what’s on your mind and just break away from everything else. If you enjoy writing, I don’t think that escape is something anyone can take away from you. Since you like to write fantasy that allows your imagination to run wild. Good luck with your book.

  4. Sreejesh says

    Yeah blogging is a wonderful job which gives freedom as no other job in the word can give, and our work is appreciated for the lifetime as the posts we write will be online till the website is live. No wonder why grt bloggers like Harsh & Amit Agarwal quite their job.
    I hope I said true harsh. Didn’t I?

    • Frank says

      I believe we all find piece of mind in one way or another, but writing down your thoughts is a great way to clear your head. Its great too when other people take an interest in what you have to say and contribute their thoughts as well. I think that’s why blogging is something that so many people enjoy doing.

  5. Vivek Parmar says

    One thing i like about blogging is that you are your own boss and have to work according to conditions and the time you decide

    • Frank says

      I think being your own boss is something many people enjoy and the fact that you can have that opportunity is an opportunity we didn’t always have. Very good point!

  6. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Great Post. You’ve made great points.
    I really like all your points. great job frank.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Frank says

      Thanks, I appreciate that. What is it about blogging for you that allows you to escape from reality for a period of time?

  7. Vuong says

    As a regular contributor, I total agree with Frank Angelone the above points. Sometimes, blogging helps you feel relax, more self- controlled, more freedom! But today, almost hungry bloggers want do more than just sitting down before screen and typing everything without any strategy. I mean, blogging has been a business trip for many.

    • Frank says

      Blogging definitely has a strategy behind it. Its a marketing tool. If you’re looking to make money from blogging, you need to look at your blog as your way to market to you audience. However, if you do this too often and all you do is sell to them, you can drive them away. Its good to have a plan with your blogging, but you need to enjoy what you’re doing before you expect to make money doing it.