5 Reasons to Share your Purchase with Friends

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What was your last purchase that you wanted to share with your friends and colleagues? Your new iphone, levis jeans or a ray-ban. Isn’t it fun to share the news of your new stuff with others?  The response that one receives on sharing the news is gratifying and fulfilling. In this piece I share with you 5 good reasons to share your purchase with your friends.


The number 1 reason: Show off

You like to show-off. The biggest reason to share is arguably to create awe in the market. Yes, you want to flaunt. Okay, may be all purchases are not fancy enough to flaunt but many are and you want the town to talk about them. C’mon you did not spend all those bucks to keep it under the wraps; you want it out and loud. Nowadays people even do it online, they put status messages or images on Facebook and see how there is a flurry of comments in no time. There are some other websites which help you do this like Twitter, Foursquare or ShopSocially.

Number 2 reason: Appreciation.

This appreciation could be for an amazing product, an amazing price that you paid for it, you being one of the select few who bought it first, the list is long and you know your reason(s). You may be criticized too, and that is the risk, but then there lies the fun element. It is like a review of a job done. You have your own view and you want others, the ones who matter, to appraise your purchase. You get to know if you did the right thing or not. Could you have done better? May be you could have bought it at a lesser price or gotten a better brand, just so that you could do it the right way next time around you need some feedback. If it is good, you bask in glory and if it is bad, you learn a lesson.

Number 3 reason: Guide.

When somebody is the first buyer in a friend circle he becomes a guide for others. Once he has shared his purchase with the group, there is someone to look for when the next purchase is made. For instance I was one of the first ones to purchase a digicam amongst my friends. I used to be the group’s first choice to get the initial idea about what to look for when buying a new digicam. Some of my friends even wanted me to accompany them to the shop. This is eespecially important in case of big ticket purchases where a lot of moolah is involved. The key point here is that the advice / guidance comes from a close friend who could be trusted and he has can share a firsthand experience about a purchase.

Number 4 reason: Sharing brings wisdom.

When everyone shares his experiences what we get is collective wisdom of the group. This could be highly beneficial in evaluating any new product or service that comes in the market, helping people get the highest worth for their money. To sight an example such discussions may help you keep abreast with latest trends about new items, say laptops or video gaming devices e.g. xbox or play station. High technology, sizeable bill, and quick obsolescence are the rules of the game in such stuff.

If you are friends with some technology enthusiasts who buy such items frequently and share information about their purchases then you already know where to go for advice. Otherwise it may not be easy to get the best deal in the market. In fact this is the foundation of the forums on varied subjects that have flooded the internet. It is about sharing information on everything and information on purchases is one of them.

You can use several social networking sites to share your purchases but other sites like ShopSocially help you them in a more systematic way and for lone time by maintaining your posts permanently, unlike usual social networking sites where your posts are lost in a few weeks.

Number 5 reason: You know what your friends like.

Since you know your friends well, you can always go ahead and share a purchase with them that you feel is an ideal buy for them too. You bought it, you liked it and now you want them to experience it. You could share a music CD, a book, or even a mobile phone. You have done it haven’t you? And since it is a good deal that comes straight from the horse’s mouth he / she would definitely benefit from it.

Now you have at least 5 good reasons to let your friends know what you purchased. So, it is time to share your latest buy with all your chums. Do let us know why you share your shopping online?

Note from admin (Harsh):

I share my purchases because this give me feedback and also give opinion from friends who are already using it. Specially you can use site like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter to inform your friends what you are about to buy, and you might end up getting better suggestions or some discount coupons.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    i guess this is not that simple , but sticking to these steps will absolutely be great !! i totally agree with teh fact that sharing brings wisdom actually it’s all about sharing these days cause that makes people know more !!! :) thank you ;)

  2. Sushant says

    @Extreme John:
    That is really gr8, but in many places around the world it is still not easy/conventional to share such information esp. on the web. Just some motivation for them ! :)