5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Blogging as Career

Nowadays many students are opting for blogging as a full-time career. Since professional blogging is on the rise, people still find themselves in the confused stage before selecting Blogging or job as future. If you are one of those, who are planning to opt for Blogging as full-time profession, here I’m sharing five questions that you should ask yourself before deciding your future:

1. Why Am I blogging?

Why are you  blogging? Is it Fame, money or passion. If blogging is going to be your full-time profession, money should be one good reason apart from passion, interest and Fame. But before the money you must give priority to passion. People who start blogging for money, they give up soon as making money from Blogging requires lots of time. Moreover if you are not passionate about blogging, you will find yourself in writer’s block situation soon, and you will not be able to enjoy your full-time job.

2. What’s my Blogging Goal?

Before adopting blogging, you should set your goals that you wish to achieve. Set your goals as short-term and long-term goals. For example, one can set his short-term goals as breaking $1000/month, 10Lack Pv/month and long-term goals should be the best tech blog of the country, Top tech blogs globally and so on. ( A Life without goal is life unfulfilled).

3. Do I have patience?

Patience is as important as Goal. You can’t be a millionaire within a day or week or month it will take the time to earn. Keep on writing and promoting your blogs through various strategies and be loyal to your readers and update your blog regularly if your are full-time update it at least three times a day. It depends upon you how much efforts do you put for your blog. The idea is to drive traffic and set yourself as an authoritative blogger. Once you have achieved that milestone, you will be able to make money easily.

4. Am I having good knowledge of knowledge of Language and Niche?

You must have a decent knowledge of language as well niche that you have selected. If you are making lots of grammatical mistakes neither search engine nor any visitor will be interested in reading your blog. Especially if you are blogging in English, make sure you follow basic English Grammar rules. Moreover, you should have a solid knowledge about your niche. If you failed to write pillar content, you might end up being just another blogger.

5. Knowledge of blogging platform

You must have knowledge of all blogging platform and choose the best one for your blog. To maintain your blog yourself it is not possible to hire any professional designer or blogger for blog maintenance. Considering the blog platform, host, theme, etc. I will suggest WordPress or BlogSpot. If you are a fast learner, try to learn about basic designing and programming (PHP, CSS). This helps in the long run, and you won’t be dependent on others for basic stuff.

Do let me know if you think of any other question one should ask before selecting Blogging as career?

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Shayari says

    Blogging can be you main business if you work regularly . Write only useful content that visitor love and keeo in mind that you are writing for visitor not for search engine

  2. Tinh says

    Another question I would like to add is that do you have enough money to survive if your blog can not feed you at the beginning? Nice idea :-)

  3. ankit says

    Good points,thanks for reminding me .I will remember it.Most of the newbie start blogging without planning and as a result they have to quit.

    • mahendra1270 says

      Yeah Ankit, i agree with you
      most of the newbie blogger did not have any plan for growing their blog they just have one intension to earn money which is not at all possible at step 1

  4. Vijay says

    Really these points must be remembered by Beginner bloggers. And these points will automatically set on experienced bloggers mind. :)

  5. Nikmaya J says

    Fulltime blogging to make money is hard and difficult, it is must be done slowly. Passion for long term result.

  6. Payslip says

    Passion is the base for any new endeavour. If you combine your passion with patience and hard work you will succeed. Same is the case with blogging also.

  7. Jimmy says

    I think we must have extra patience, coz there are already a lot of blogs running and therefore the competition is a lot more higher than the previous years. And the important thing is u should ready to do some hard work there will be a definite success.

  8. mahendra1270 says

    yes success cannot to achieve in one day thats true & because of lac of patience many people start blogs and dump it within few days

  9. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Mahendra, even if you don’t have the knowledge in a particular niche, you can learn about the niche for sometime and then you can start your blogging career. But the important thing which makes you a professional blogger is patience and hardwork. If you have this then you can become a successful blogger.

    • mahendra1270 says

      Hi Satish
      no person is born with knowledge. Knowledge is gained when you do the thing but blog is to share your knowledge and to share it you must have it & obviously patience and hard work is needed

  10. Hemanth says

    Hi Mahendra, Its true that before making blogging as career one has to decide about how much time he can spend for blogging. To make blogging as career one must have following qualities
    and Patience.

  11. Vivek Parmar says

    agree with you that blogging emerge as a new field to make career and almost every third person thinks that he can blog and get started with blogging. One thing they forget that success doesn’t come in one day and you have to work hard to get success so that you will make money easily

  12. seenu says

    I accept your questions.
    First there should be passion on niche than money to become a full time blogger.

    • mahendra1270 says

      Yes and the best examples from India are Harsh agarwal owner of shoutmeloud, amit agarwal etc & the passion is reflected through their blog

      • Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

        Yeah. I always tried starting a new blog just to make money. I always gave it up when I didn’t make money but mainly because the topic was not my passionate anyway