5 Qualities You Should Look For In A Paid Writer

Blogging is all about expressing yourself and not just by words, the words should be trim and connected in such a way that reader understand what you have to convey in just one read. You might be giving your best while writing articles for your blog because you love your blog. But once you think of hiring a paid writer for your blog, the first thing clicks to your mind is that he/she will able to write the way you write for your readers?

Qualities to Look in Paid Writer

Gaining reader’s confidence is really important when it comes to blogging. Your readers knows you and thus like to read your articles. But what when they read the articles from paid writer? Are they going to accept paid writer or it will reduce the readers from your blog. To maintain the quality of your blog articles, you must remember few things before hiring a paid writer for your blog:


According to me this is most important quality which a paid writer should possess. If the writer is passionate about the writing then it won’t matter that for whose blog he/she is writing for? The main problem with paid writers is they don’t care about the quality, they just count how many post they have to write. But a passionate blogger will surely try to improve on negative points and provide a quality content.


Writing quality articles truly require creativity. A creative writer can make a filler article to a killer one and readers do love to read quality article and provide feedbacks to it. Creativity is to play with words and make the article useful and interesting for readers. Paid writer should know the taste of readers and serve them according with satisfactory information.

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Paid writers should never take their work lightly, they should be aware of deadlines, qualities and self improvements where required. It is always better to select a professional writer for your blog, who can take your advice seriously and work accordingly. When it comes to paid writing for any blog , writer should be regular and must meet proper deadlines.

Ready to learn:

You won’t get a paid writer who starts performing like you from first day. But a paid writer should not be rigid when it comes to learn new things and new way of working. A paid writer is only useful when he/she learns from the mistakes and don’t repeat it again and again. If you have to waste your entire time in making the paid writer learn same things again and again then it will distract you from other important work.


Apart from writing there are lots of other things which a paid writer has to do like editing, handling comments, provide proper information to feedback. If paid writer is not satisfying with right information to your readers, he/she is not doing proper job.

Hiring a right paid writer is really important, if you get a good and reliable writer he might help you with lots of blogging related things and you can concentrate on other things to reach new heights.

What you think is most important quality a paid writer should possess?

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Karan says

    I think hiring paid writers is not a necessity but demand of an urgent situation! Writing is a skill that can be developed and can add a personal touch to every article of yours.!
    So, I prefer writing my own article!

    • mahesh says

      yaa,writing by your own is good and great,but it is not possible for every one to write a large no of posts meeting the demands of his readers then they opt for paid writers.

  2. Rahul says

    For me, Ability to write lot of content, Know how to communicate from our blog and can write and relate with other posts.

  3. Sammy | Best Home Business says

    Finding a good writer who has all the qualities and skills mentioned in this article is difficult to find. If you find one, they may already be engaged elsewhere.

    I would rather concentrate on a person who has the aptitude and potential to develop these skills and qualities at the earliest and prove to be a real asset to the blog.

  4. Harshit Singhal says

    Well this article has a lot of mistakes or grammatical errors to be specific. First of all the title should be ” Five qualities to look “for” in a paid writer” ..The “for” is obviously missing which makes the title look incomplete & incorrect. Secondly, your writing style is haphazard. The first point is “passion” & the second one is “Creative” whereas the second point should have been “Creativity” !! You gotta correct it Harsh. Your ghostwriters are obviously not good enough !

  5. Tech Maish says

    Ruchi you missed one important point that is dedication. A writer must complete the project within the required time.

  6. Mouse Scroll says

    I totally agree with you. All these qualities are basically what a professional blogger has. The same also apply for freelance article writers. Timely and high quality delivery are the two most essential traits in my opinion.

  7. Arijit Das says

    Wow!! Today, i thought of writing about it & i found it available over SML….

    Anyway, Excellent writing… I Loved this article a Lot!! ;)

    I think, it is helpful for the person who is going to hire a paid writer. :)

  8. Puneet says

    Great tips and right timing. I am looking for Paid Writers, I will keep tbese tips in mind for sure :)

  9. Nabeel says

    Great tips regarding paid writers.I would also agree that Passion is very important in selecting a paid writer. This way, his/her articles will show his/her passion. Besides passion, I think reliability is also very important. This way, you can count on them for their input.