5 LinkedIn Plugins you should Install in Your Blog

LinkedIn is the only social network sites which is totally dedicated for Professionals, unlike the other social sites like Facebook and twitter, it acts as a online resume for any professionals. Socializing your blog with LinkedIn will be very useful for you in various aspect.

There are over 8 social plugins available for the users at present but as a blogger you need only five LinkedIn plugins for your blog, which is good enough to boost the LinkedIn performance of your websites. Here is a quick round up of useful LinkedIn plugins that you can consider installing on your blog or website.

1. LinkedIn Share Button

It’s a very similar plugin like twitter and Facebook share button, this plugin enables your visitors to share your blog articles on LinkedIn in a single click that has high potential to drive quality traffic from LinkedIn. Try to share your article in groups related to your niche that make easy for other users to find your content

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2. LinkedIn members profile plugin

This widget help your blog visitors to discover your common professional connected with you on LinkedIn, similar to facebook like box where user can see your fans on facebook. This tool will surely bring lot of  exposure to your LinkedIn Profile.

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3. Full Member Profile

This tool allows you to display descriptive LinkedIn profiles in your site. It highlights your experience, last shared post, company you are working at present etc., it is little bit difficult for a normal user to install this plugin in their site as it requires a little bit knowledge in coding.

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4. LinkedIn Recommend Plugin

If you had started any products or something to recommend for the users, you can install this recommend plugin in your product landing page that make easier to boost the exposure and leads in LinkedIn.

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5. LinkedIn Login Plugin

A good alternative for Facebook and Twitter login button. Keep it as an additional option with social login buttons, this button will be very secure and best way to avoid spam logins because only professionals and reputed persons will use linked In.

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This is a guest post by Ron Davis. He is a freelance blogger and a passionate social media marketer, who is currently working on rockablepressdiscountcode.


COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. ASAK says

    Well, the plugins are good, but do linkedin users really surf that much of web. Or are they interested in sharing.

  2. Ashish says

    Ron thanks alot many times I thought that I would search about it but thanks you have given alot of information here..

  3. fazal mayar says

    thanks ron, linkedin can bring some good targeted traffic at times and some plugins can help out

  4. Sahil Kotak says

    Well, your suggestions are really good. But my question is, is LinkedIn worth of this? Does it bring you much traffic?

    • Ron davis says

      @shail Kotak

      That depends on what you are posting and how you are active in linkedin, as you know most of the linkedin members are qualified professionals, so your article should be able to attract those people in order to get traffic and leads. :)

  5. Kavya Hari says

    LinkedIn share button will be similar to the face book share button. And, it has an lot of advantages as well as benefits in it. Thanks a lot for sharing up your post on here :)

  6. Fareed Khan says

    Linkedin is one of the best community networks, I like to improve my site through Linkedin, I hope these plugins really helpful to me…Thank you very much