4 Great Form of Digital Art And Websites To Achive It

Computers have transformed the way artist were working, now art doesn’t only means brush and canvas rather computer has brought it to desktop of every individual who can use several available computer software to create a digital master piece. Since sixties when people were using ASCII characters to make piece of art to the modern era of virtual reality computer is just making new way for artists and common men to use technology to create and manipulate art pieces using different digital form of expression.

1. ASCII art

Graphical inability of old computers were the main reason behind the evolution of this great form of digital art which we still use massively. History of ASCII art goes back to typewriter era when people were using different typewriter letters to resemble a graphic.

ASCII art can be made using mere one or two characters like smiley “:)” or it can be developed using complex set of characters. During DOS time its popularity touched skies when printing characters was mush easy task for any printer rather burning its ink for messy graphics.

Here we have two great sites to create ASCII art

www.text-image.com is a website which let you upload any of your images and convert it into ASCII art. Several options like image width, font size and color for canvas and fonts can be used to generate ASCII art. Its fast and highly accurate among all available online ASCII art generators.

Text to ASCII converter

Patorjk.com having an excellent Text to ASCII generator. Just put your text, select font and style and create a fantastic DOS style text ASCII art.

2. Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is a form of art to use large number of glass, stone or other material assemble together to create an image.

Mosaic generator

History of mosaic art goes back to 3000 BC and almost every civilization has its specialty in mosaic artistry.

Digital mosaic art is not much different from the classic one, in digital art we use a software to arrange large number of pictures to shape an image. Click7.org providing great service to convert your picture into a great piece of digital mosaic art. Its too simple, just browse and upload your image and convert it into download-able mosaic art.

3. Rasterbation or tiled printing :

It is an another form of digital art which can me made by several tiled printed sheet when arranged together it makes a single image. Usually to print a large poster, image is divided into several sheets and print individually when assemble together it shape up like a giant poster .History of rasterbation also date back to ASCII art era, several coders have developed rasterbation software to print tiled mega ASCII art.

18 sheets

Here i have shown a giant poster of indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, i created this 18 sheet long poster using http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/. This site is exceptionally easy, just upload your image, set how many sheets you want to cover that image and get a print ready pdf. Print the entire pdf and assemble all sheets together to create the mega size poster or rastorbat.

4. Morphing

Morphing is a computer technique to merge two or more images to develop a new image which will have characteristic of all the images used. Animator used this technique to convert one character to another using series of frames.

morphed image Monalisa and Mr Bean

Morphing is in existence since the start of cartoon animation, later more sophisticated softwares are used. Adobe Photoshop and other image editing softwares used widely to create manual morphed images but now there are several softwares and web applications available which automatically create morphed image without any additional manual work.

www.morphthing.com is such site, allow you to upload images to get a final morphed image. This site also showcase morphed images of some of greatest personalities, not only this it also provide a great facility to check baby version of any of morphed images.

5. 3D Art

3D or three dimensional art is today widely used in animations, movies and gaming. This form of art require some good knowledge of mathematical co-ordinates and demands some serious knowledge of light, shade and textures, this is the why it also called the toughest of all digital art.

3d sachin tendulkar

But not in the case if you want to create your own 3D avatar cause this website www.digimi.com converts your own image automatically and generate a 3D avatar. To get 3D avatar all you have to do is to upload an image, select cloths, pick a hair style and finally render your 3D avatar (jpg) which can be downloaded absolutely free.

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