5 Gmail Lab Features for Power Emailing

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Gmail is a messaging service of Google which provide its users lots of features apart from sending and receiving emails. The most innovative part of Gmail is its Lab feature which bring lots of innovative feature time by time. There are lots of Gmail lab features available

but among all there are few features which must be enabled for real experience of power messaging. You can enable all the features from Lab tab under Gmail Setting

Offline :Byenabling thisfeature you can access Gmail without any internet connection. You can sent any message offline and the message will automatically placed in your Gmail outbox and automatically sent when Gmail will connected to Internet. This is great especially for slow Internet connection users.

Undo Send : Gmail recently introduced this panic button into its Lab house. Suppose if you send any message by mistaken to anyone or you forget to attach any file in the mail. Don’t worry, you will get another chance by Gmail. Just enable the feature and your window will flash an Undo option after you send every mail. You will get grace period of a few seconds to cancel sending, then edit your message before sending again.

Youtube, Picasa, Flickr, Yelp : These are four different lab features but have a same function. After enabling the features Gmail can automatically detect all the incoming Links from Youtube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp. You need not to go to Picasa or Flickr album to see the photo , your photo will directly displayed on your message. The same is applied for Youtube and Yelp, you can watch your Youtube video directly in your message and Yelp link will show all the information related to ratings ,Phone numbers and other listing information’s.

Inserting Image : You can insert any image directly in a message instead of attaching the image to send. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs.

Search Auto-complete :Enable the feature from the Labs tab under Gmail Settings, in the search box if you type any letter you’ll get suggestions. With this new Labs feature you can just type a couple letters and select the desired contact from the drop down list. Once you pick some email recipients, Gmail suggests more people you might want to include based on the groups of people you email most often.

Do let us know your favorite Gmail lab feature?

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  1. Harsh Jha says

    Nice post.
    I just wrote an updated version of the same on my blog, as more labs features are added to Gmail now. Some nice ones like – Canned response.

  2. Moshe says

    Tasks is also somewhere up there, very useful but simple notepad that travels with you all over.

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