5 FREE Online Tools to Draw Diagrams and Collaborate

Online diagramming tools are special web apps that let you draw, edit, save and share diagrams or flowcharts online. The biggest benefit of these tools is that you never have to install any software to draw and edit your diagrams. It’s online and completely portable. You can open your diagrams anytime from anywhere on the web. These tools consist of rich features set that you can observe in any professional desktop diagramming tool.

1. Gliffy


With Gliffy online diagram software, you can easily create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more. It’s editor is user friendly and all the tools and their functions are easily understandable. Gliffy can be used for creating various types of diagrams, like, flowcharts, floor plans, UML and business process models. Basic interface is free to use but with limited functionalities. You can sign up for a free account to use all the tools.

2. Creatly


Creatly has got an attractive interface with almost all diagrams and shapes that you can imagine. The interface is quite faster in response when you make changes. It’s intelligent diagramming engine suggests connectors, does automatic groupings and defines data properties to take drawing to the next level. Team collaboration is real ease with creatly. You don’t need to sign up for an account to create a diagram. It’s has also got a desktop version to be used offline.

3. DrawAnywhere


You have to sign up for a free account in order to use the tool. You can draw, modify and share flowcharts and other diagrams easily with this tools which has look and feel of a desktop drawing application. The interface is responses quickly and contains good set of tools to create various types of diagrams.

4. Diagramly


Diagramly offers a limited set of tools to create diagrams of all types. However there are dozens of clip arts given instead of professional diagrams connectors and shapes. It’s the only site that immediately gives you the editor just after entering the URL in the address bar. You don’t have to sign up or sign in. Just enter the url and start making your diagrams.

5. LovelyCharts


Lovelycharts has got the best interface of all. But the only drawback of using this tools is that you have to sign in first in order to see the editor. This means for the first time users, an account is must to create. However it takes a few minutes to sign up. There’s a desktop version available too and interestingly desktop version offers more features than the online one.

Do let us know which tool or website you are using to create Diagrams and collaborate with others?

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  1. seenu says

    I know few tools which can be used to draw digrams and I know few online tools. Some of the sites here are new for me.

  2. Jasmine says

    Oh, these online diagram and chart tools look really great. I eespecially like Gliffy, it is user friendly and easy to use. So far, I have created a couple of simple diagrams… just to test out the features!

    Cool stuffs!

  3. kbharath says

    All the online diagram tools are new to me. may be i have to give a try to these tools atleast once to learn how to create the diagrams. thanks for sharing this Zain.