5 Firefox extension for Killer Address bar

Firefox Address bar Extention

One of the most important part of your Firefox browser is the Address bar located within Navigation Toolbar on top of the browser. Most common use of the address bar is to type url to visit respective site, but with the help of the Firefox extension, you can do much more with your address bar and turn it into a killer address bar. Lets look at the Firefox add-ons which can make your normal address bar into a Killer one.

Firefox Extension for Killer Address bar :

  1. Tweet what you are reading right from the address bar without leaving the current page you are on to one of the most popular micro blogging site “Twitter” – Twitterbar Firefox Extension. Twitterbar is also a part of the Power Blogging Firefox Extension & Twitter Firefox Extension. If you use “Identica” as your micro blogging site, you would be interested in Identicabar Firefox extension
  2. Covert your text url on the address bar into the click-able url so that you can browser with the domain back & front easily. For example : http://www.shoutmeloud.com/category/browser on a normal address bar is not click-able but with location bar extension you can click to go on http://www.shoutmeloud.com/category/ or even http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ right from Address bar instead of finding for the home URL. – Location bar 2 Firefox Extension.
  3. Bring ability of the Google Advance Search right into your Address bar, which displays the instant search results into your address bar as you type. You can search Google Web, Local, Videos, Blogs, News, Books, Images, and Patents – CyberSearch Firefox Extension.
  4. How often you type the wrong address into your address bar when you are in real hurry and end up wasting your time viewing wrong web page & then retyping the correct one. The answer is most often. Firefox extension which can help you auto correct the wrong url or in fact fix them up for you so that you view the right page even if you type it wrong – URL Fixer Firefox Extension.

Now that you have Killer Address bar, how about adding a Firefox Extension, which I call as a makeup of your Killer Address bar – which shows the Safari like progress bar within your address bar – Fission Firefox Extension.

All of the Firefox Extension to make your Address bar a Killer could be a part of the Better Productivity Firefox Extension. If you like the Firefox Extensions listed above, you must follow the Address bar Firefox Add-on Collection (updated on the regular basis on Firefox Collection page) so that you never miss a newer & powerful address bar extension.

You can also have a look at the Binterest Hand Picked Firefox Add-on Collection on Mozilla Collection Page.

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  1. SFdude says

    InstantFox and LocationBar2
    are both great FF extensions.

    Unfortunately (for the time being),
    if you install one of them,
    the other ext. will stop working…