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    5 Fantastic Money Making Approaches in Any Niche

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    Today we all addicted for “more money”, our all action belong to more money. While snoring also from each of breath this word sounds “more money.” Means money has become most important today.

    So to making more money there are many platforms exists, online + offline. But many wise person in the world,

    • To break that bored 9-5 job frame,
    • To get rid from boss-firing,
    • To spend maximum time with family
    • They choose “Online Platform” to make money.

    And on Online Platform there are many scam companies have been sat by putting out bait to grab many innocent people. But among that fraud ways you know how blogging is Useful and Precious to make money.

    Money making approach in any business

    121 5 Fantastic Money Making Approaches in Any Niche

    1. Keep Money As Secondary:

    • By looking this heading you will be confused that the writer is talking about make money blogging but then telling keep it as secondary.
    • Yes, if you are writing blog post by considering only money then in all your words only 1 word will be reflect that is “money.” That post will only look like a Sale Pitch not like useful Information.

    Not you and people also can’t enjoy your post. So keep money part as secondary.

    2. Quality content:

    • Now I know you are ready to grab my neck because I am repeating most time redundant term that is “Quality Content” and “Unique Content.”
    • The reason behind this hammering is that, you are going to do professional blogging.

    You know very well that our visitor is our Asset.

    • And while blogging you will be face Small Company’s employee to Big Company’s CEO so to stick all these kinds of people with your post you should provide them “Quality Content.”

    And about Unique Content:

    Actually Unique Content is less important for Search Engine because Search Engine can accept up to 30% duplicate content but what about human being?

    They can’t accept duplicate content those are duplicate only 5% also. They will immediately ignore it because they have read that information, tips or techniques already. So unique content is most important.

    3. Increase Reputation on the web:

    • Just see towards problogger, copyblogger or shoutmeloud if they told us to follow this scam way that “To increase Pagerank instantly Purchase 1000 backlinks Package for just $50” then I think 80% of their subscriber without thinking much will directly purchase it.
    • Am I right? (Actually they never suggest us these kinds of scam ways. This is just for example.)

    Why this could be happened??

    Because they have already built their strong reputation on the web by providing daily great tips, Suggestions and Useful Information.They have already shown their power by achieving Top Ranking in Search Engine for most competition keyword.

    So if you built reputation somewhat like this blogs, then your entire suggested link will become Sales.

    4. Have these 5 Powers:

    Yes, without this you can’t create your existence on the web.

    To make money blogging to create your existence you should have these 5 Powers:

    • Researching Ability,
    • Great Piece of Patience,
    • Sense of Humor while Writing,
    • Convincing Power while Promoting Your Stuff,
    • And Creativity.

    5. Be narrow:

    If today I told each of you, in the morning, you have to make a 3 delicious recipes for your family, then create software program for payroll system, after that repair any person’s cell phones with these tasks you have to take care of your pets 2 dogs and 3 cats, in the evening make 1 article for magazine and in the night you have to clean your entire home and garden.

    So simple! I think every person would do this task daily. Am I right?

    No? Why? Because you are human with only 2 hands and 1 main brain not with 10 hands and 5 main brain. Right?

    And if any by taking challenge from me if he tried to complete all these tasks only once a week then he might be complete all these tasks but can’t give proper justice for each task.

    And what if I gave only 1 task from this list to each person in which they have interest? Each person would give exact justice to their favorite task. Am I right?

    What is the conclusion to this entire description??

    • What I want to say that in blogging if you wide your mind for all niche then you are not giving justice to your already desired theme of your blog and you are confusing search engine + readers by providing information “All in One Pack.”
    • And if you narrow your mind for only 1 topic in which you have interest + knowledge then you can give proper justice to your topic and search engine easily understand overall theme of your blog and your readers will enjoy your blog happily!

    Have you enjoyed this post? Now it’s your turn!

    According to George Bernard Shaw, if we both have an apple and we exchanged it then still we have 1 apple each but if we both have an idea and then we exchanged it then we both have 2 ideas. So share your ideas!

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    Devesh @ Technshare

    Awesome post mahesh. You’ve made great points man.
    Unique content is most important!

    Thanks for sharing! Retweeted.
    Enjoy your holidays.



    Quality is the most important


    PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    I think The “Keep Money Secondary” is most important,That needs a lots of patience, because most of the bloggers quit before six months just because of that.


    Vivek Parmar

    nice post, blogging is all about making money. quality content and domiance in your niche doesn’t stop you from making money.
    Merry Christmas


    LaShanda Glover

    I enjoyed this article because I want to use my passion for fitness and blogging to help others. At the same time I want to create income but as your article stated it does require patience!



    I totally agree with you, Mahesh Kad. There are many factors that decide whether your blogging journey will successful or not in which, I think patience, dedication and a good health are the most important. Blogging trip is a long time competition.

    We wish all of bloggers would have a happy Xmas and New Year.



    Good article dude, if it was getting money in the first place, many will quit blogging after 5 ~ 6 months, Patience and attitude matters to make it successful.



    excellent article..
    If this is followed consistently, one can reach heights :)


    Mahesh Kad

    Yes friends, to set any business we normally require 3 years as the same to set our blog means to get massive benefits from our blog we should put consistent efforts for at least 6 months.
    Till that date just write blog post for hobby with beautiful content then readers will also enjoy your post.
    And if you satisfied your readers then money will definitely start to follow you.

    And another thing Merry Christmas to all. And Happy New Year in advance!



    Hi Mashesh, your words is nice, but in case study, I mean, your blog called Moneysecretism, I see its ranking now is low. I wonder what you have talked above is only theory? Sorry for my word, but it will be kindness that you show some of your actual successful blogs.



    Its good point
    A hobby becomes profession
    I heard many stories of making hobby to profession


    Vijayraj Reddy

    quality and informative content is important…


    Dinesh Verma

    You should monetize you blog when you start getting good traffic, other you should focus only on promotion of your blog.



    Unqiue content is must ;)



    It became inspiring lessson for me after reading this stuff..
    Uniqueness, patience and keeping wht you write at top instead of what you get…….. Key success..


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