5 Brand New WordPress plugins that’s worth a try

No doubt, WordPress is one of the mostly used blogging platform on web, its all because of its user friendly options and available variety of plugins to customize a blog easily. There are over thousands of plugin created for WordPress users monthly but only few plugins get good exposure from WordPress bloggers and here is the small list of plugins released recently that’s worth a try.

1. Flux Slider

Having images in beautiful slider will always impress your readers, there are may plugin available on web for displaying images in slider fashion  but this one will be something special.

Flux slider lets you to create beautiful 2d and 3d image slideshows based on HTML5/CSS3 functions. It has a variety of 2D and 3D Transitions and some of them brings absolute new experience for users. It is available as premium plugin for WordPress users so they can easily configure this slideshow in their blog for just $15.

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2. Social Graph Protocol

This WordPress plugin enables you to integrate your blog content into the Facebook Open Graph. It can be used for most advanced features like advanced purposes such as adding Video, Audio, and Location data to specific posts that you write.

Installing this plugin will gives you detailed information and insights data about your post shared in Facebook, additionally this plugin also supports custom post types that brings you total control over your blog in social graph.


3. Auto Read more Generator

If you check in some blogs their homepage contains the full inner post as it creates duplicate content issue as a result it will reflect in their search rankings. To avoid such issues add a “readmore” links to all post in home page and categories.

This plugin will do that job for you automatically, it will add readmore tag after first paragraph and image so all you have to do is install this tiny plugin in your blog and bookmark this plugin in your  “must have WordPress plugin list”.


4. Lazy Widget Loader

You might have used lazy load plugin before for lazy loading of your blog images and scripts, it eventually reduces the loading time of your blog but it create a bad impression in reader’s mind, they don’t want all the things to be loaded slowly atleast they want to see blog post and blog post images to be loaded quickly than content in sidebar and footer.

To solve this problem, here come lazy widget loader plugin, whenever a page refreshed or loaded you widget will lazy load that improves page loading speed of your blog. It also keeps the readers concentration on the articles because they need to check your content first than sidebar ads and links, no matter how much time it takes to load.


5. Woo Commerce

Woo themes, one of the leading WordPress themes store on internet has launched a new plugin called woo commerce. This brand new plugins help individuals and businesses to turn their sites into professional, e-commerce stores with free of cost, generally these type of plugin cost around $50 in market but WooLabs released this plugin for free. check out the demo page of woo commerce to know all its features.



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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. katherin says

    in so many blog home page itself contains full inner page…
    in my blog also it happens bt now i tried auto read more genetator.its really easy tool to work..im trying thz tool to my all blogs..
    thanx for the sharing…

  2. Dean Saliba says

    None of them have grabbed my attention but I’m sure they will appeal to a lot of people. Eespecially the one that helps integrate content into Facebook.

  3. Raja CRN says

    I think lazy loader could be useful for the blogs loading slowly..I have tried many plugins when i design sites for slideshow, fluxslider look good..Thank for the info about new plugins..

  4. Sonal kalra says

    Quite interesting plugins. Have never heard and used them. Will try them out. Flux slider is something I have been looking for quite some time. Thanx for sharing.

  5. Karan Labra says

    I though wooCommerce works with just woothemes….:/

    And does lazy widget loader increase loadtime? Any insights on that?

  6. Praveen Rajarao says

    All of them sound promising, although I must admit that I havent used neither of them. I will surely give them a try now.

  7. Madhav Tripathi says

    Very nice plugins, each plugin discussed in this post is very useful. Social Graph Protocol plugin looks great.

  8. Gaurav Garg says

    Really Awesome Collection of plugins but can you tell me about any best that is no.1 seo plugin for my wordpress blog….. ?? ??? ?? ? :) :) ;)