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5 Best Way To Share Large Files for Free

5 Best Way To Share Large Files for Free

Have you ever wanted to share some music, photos or files online ? Say for example, you have some birthday videos and photos and you want to share with your selected set of friends and not with the whole internet by uploading large files, then what is the best way to share files with your selected friends.

sharing files online

There are many free tools, software’s and sites to share files on internet, but I have selected the best way to share file on internet, which is easy to use, offers great support and popular too.

Smart ways to share Big files:

1. Dropbox -


DropBox Logo

Dropbox is an excellent way to share files across computers, has a 2GB limit of storage for free accounts. All you need to do is, just create a dropbox account, install drop box on your computer (Free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone). Put your files into Dropbox folder. Whenever you edit the files, the online copy is auto-synced! Install Dropbox on other computers you use and Share a folder with friends or colleagues. To know more about Dropbox read here.

2. FilesOverMiles -


Files over miles requires NO sign up, and UNLIMITED file size for sharing, as it sets up a direct p2p network between you and anyone you share the unique URL with. When you’re done sharing the file, simply close the browser and your file sharing is over.

3. Filemail -


Filemail is one of the best and secure way to share huge files without signing up. It allows you send files up to 2 GB. The web interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can upload multiple files at a time and allow up to 3 days to download the file.

4. Pando -


Pando allows users to send and receive files and folders up to maximum of 1 GB in size. Just register on Pando, download and install a small peer-to-peer file-transfer software program that will make the files sending faster and easier.


Which according to you is the best way to share files on Internet? Which service are you using to share huge files online?

Which is your favorite service to share big files on the internet ? Do share it with us.

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{ 5 comments… add one }

  • Lucian Apostol

    All methods listed here are browser based ones, which is not a good option for larger files. Well, depending on what you call large file, i don’t call 100MB a large file.

    For example i take a photo session with a 8MP panasonic. Each photo has 2,5MB. IF i have 400 photos this means 1GB. It is very hard to upload that amount with the browser.

    I always edit files before to get their size at around 500KB so i can hardly send the 200MB file.

    • Srivathsan G.K

      You can use Opera unite for transferring bulk photos, it is the best method :)

      • Lucian Apostol

        I will definitely give it a try.

  • Michael Aulia

    I’ve been using DropBox in the past and loving it. The fact that it automatically syncs with your version in the computer is the best part of all :)

  • Keshav

    File size limit on FilesOverMiles is not unlimited. The application is based on flash and flash itself limits file transfer to the size of RAM. So if the sender has a GB of ram, he can only send a GB. A receiver however can only receive files half the size of the available memory. This applies only to Adobe Flash and in turn, to FilesOverMiles.


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