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5 Beneficial Uses Of PLR Articles

5 Beneficial Uses Of PLR Articles

If you are a blogger or webmaster like me, then you might know about PLR articles You can add your own name to the content, make changes, insert your affiliate links  or anything you think of. So, PLR articles are articles that has already been written by other people and you have the full right to use them in any way you want. But whats the benefits of using those articles as those are already been written by others? Well, there are many beneficial uses of plr articles.

Among any other people, these articles are very useful for bloggers, webmasters and affiliate marketers. In this post, I’ve put my efforts to find out the 5 beneficial uses of plr articles.

PLR Articles Benefits:

1. Rewrite Them And Submit To Popular Article Directories:

I think its one of the most beneficial use of Private Label Rights articles that we can easily rewrite them and submit to different article directories with a link to our blog, website or affiliate page. Link building is must for blogger in order to clog up on the search engines and submitting articles to the directories is one of the best way to build quality links. Moreover, this will not only help your search rank but also increase your site traffic significantly.

2. Give Them To Your Readers And Earn Subscribers:

Another beneficial use of Private Label Rights articles is, you can use them as free giveaway on your blog and can increase your subscriber.  The term is to subscribe to the feed in order to get the pack of 1000 plr content. Such As, ” Subscribe Us Via Email And Get A Pack Of  1,000+ PLR Articles  On Different Topics!” The above words can easily attract people who are seeking private label rights content for their article marketing, affiliate page or any other  work.

3. Build Your Email List:

If you are an affiliate marketer or going to start affiliate marketing soon, then you should know about the importance of having a large email list in order to market any affiliate product or service via email. Building quality email list can be a real source of money if you can do it properly.  You can begin your own Email marketing business easily by giving away packs of private label rights content. The term is same as I’ve already mentioned. Just attract people to sign up with their Email address in order to get a pack of 1,000  private label rights content.

4. Create Niche Sites:

Nowadays, building niche sites is a great way to make money online. You can easily create hundred of niche sites in various kind of topic using PLR content. Your work is to create sites by rewriting those articles and publish them in your niche sites.

5. Make Your Own Ebook:

Ebook marketing is a great way to make money online nowadays. Ebooks can easily attract people than any other ways. You can easily create ebooks using PLR contents. After that, you can give that free to the people or even sell that at reasonable price. The choice is yours!

But Where To Find PLR Articles?

Well, this is really a tough question to answer. By doing Google search you will find lots of free PLR articles but they are worthless in quality. You have to spend money to get high quality PLR packs.

Do You think that there is any more beneficial uses of PLR Articles? Please let us know by leaving comment.

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    • Nihar


      Didn’t know about PLR. Thanks for sharing this. I will check it out and may be post PLR articles on my blog.

    • Tinh

      Great resource for PLR but all of us must understand PLR and how to cook it well to avoid duplicate and turn it into your own quality and unique articles too. Thanks

    • Mir Imran Elahi

      Thanks for sharing.Nice post.

    • Anubhab

      A great idea.I am going to try as soon as possible…a hearty thanks from me..

      • Abdullah Al Moyen

        You are most welcome.

    • Glitz @ GlitzyBlog

      yes we can use PLR articles for submitting to article directories. and we can easily promote the site by this method for gaining traffic.

    • Abdullah Al Moyen

      The term ” rewrite” doesnt means that you are duplicating content. It means that you have learned an idea by reading an article and then write about that in your own way. Most of the bloggers read lots of other blogs, gathers idea and then write new post on their blogs. So, morally they are also rewritting posts! But those posts are unique and good content too. So, if you can rewrite any article nicely, then it will also supposed to be good and unique content. So, search engines will happilly crawl the content and directories will also publish that happily.

    • Mohammed

      Thanks for sharing, it will surely help me on future projects.

    • Natalie

      I have heard a lot of negative things about PLR articles so have always stayed away from them. I suppose for the person who can whip up an article within ten minutes, they are not needed, but a lot of people do struggle with article marketing etc. The one thing I will say about articles sites is a lot of the do follow article sites will not accept content that has been used else where so you would have to extensively rewrite it in order that it does not get picked up. I would have to look more into them before making a decision.

      • Abdullah Al Moyen

        You are right, Natalie. But I have submitted many plr articles to the major directories by rewritting them and it has been proven effective to me. Moreover, if you rewrite them carefully without using spinnin softwares, it will never look like duplicate content. Rather than that, it will look like a great unique content.

    • Karan

      Wow, nice one friend.
      I knew a lot about them but I really don’t find interesting in building up a site just for the sake of earning money from it.

      It might be of great use for others.

    • Suraj @Smartfatblogger

      Nice one, Link building is too important!
      you might want to see this?

    • Abdullah Al Moyen

      Do you know that almost 90% articles of article directories are rewritten? If u submit any article on any directory,it will be distributed around the web. So, hundred of site will publish ur content and the article will no more be original. Moreover, by rewriting the article, you are submitting a unique copy of previous one. So, it will not be duplicate content and also, will not violate the TOS of article directories.

      • Nick

        But how can you justify the use of re-written articles ?

    • Nick

      Is it ethical to to submit re written articles to directories ?


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