5 Basic Freelancing Myths Uncovered

Freelancing is a booming industry and everyone want to achieve success and earn some extra money out of it. Nothing bad in that, it good to earn with your skills and be your own boss but even when people have lots of skills then why they fail to be a good freelancer and achieve their goals. May be because they might be moving in wrong directions or you are confused with few myths which you must ignore.

Here are few freelancing myths which keep people away from getting successful in freelancing career:

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Easy to Get Clients on Freelancing Websites:

When a newbie starts a freelancing career, he/she thinks that its very easy to get clients and work via Freelancing websites like Elance, Guru, oDesk etc. You need to be efficient and have a strong profile to show to clients to attract them. There are many times when clients reject the work or bid and many freelancers get disappointed with same and leave their freelancing career. Thus if you want to get success then prepare yourself mentally that it might take time to get good projects.

Useful Tips on Freelancing:

You can work when you want:

Agree to this to much extent but not completely. When you get any projects, there is deadline attached to all given projects thus you need to work efficiently and in an organized way. Because neither you would have boss nor team to support you and manage your work. Thus before starting freelancing work make sure you are ready to work hard and in an organized way. Working your own is not always a fun.

You need to be a perfect geek:

Another thing which let people pulls away to be a freelancer is that they feel they need to be an expert with their skills. It’s not at all like that, start with the projects you know and keep learning new things too. No one is expert, learning is a part of career and with time you do learn with your experiences. If you are a blogger, start with writing small articles and gradually you can step towards tougher projects.

You hardly receive payments from companies:

Internet is full of spams and fake websites which are ready to take registration fees from freelancers and don’t pay back after finishing off with work. But there are lots of genuine freelancing websites also which are very professional about services and payments. Thus if you think that all are fraud websites then you need to change your thinking. Before registering to any freelancing websites make sure you read reviews on different and reliable websites.

Quality work is enough:

Quality is important in freelancing but its not only quality which will help you to become a successful freelancer. There are more factors which you should take care of. There are lots of competition in freelancing world and you need to be proactive to maintain relations with old clients, keep yourself updated, getting active on social networks for new clients, ability to convince clients about your quality work and more. Thus it’s good that you provide quality work but to get more success you need to work hard for other factors too.

These are just few basic myths which must be ignored. If you are a freelancer and want to share your experience or bust any myth then do drop in comments.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Nihar says

    Great post!

    Thanks for sharing some famous and well known freelance websites.

    I have exp with oDesk.com. I have also earned by using their service in the past.

  2. sreekumar sukumaran says

    It is always better to get necessary practice in writing before commencing to adopt it as a profession.

    • says

      If someone is having good work experience then it becomes bit easy to get clients because of powerful profile and returning of clients also get increase.

  3. Samir says

    I agree with the 5 points you’ve made. In addition, there is a prevalent myth that anyone can get freelancing jobs. First one needs to evaluate himself or herself. Find out what skills you have. Or take the time to learn new skills like web coding, SEO copy-writing, Link building etc. Just posting random bids on freelancing sites will get you nowhere. I’ve seen this irritating behavior in great prevalence on Freelancer.com (GAF).

    While link-building is a quick and easy task, the payment is usually low as compared to other jobs.

    Anyway, my experience with freelance coding and writing has been very good, and I’ve only used GAF actively.

    btw GAF’s marketplace is a nice way to sell your products like ebooks, codes, templates etc.

  4. Kavya Hari says

    Hi Whiztechy, these 5 basic points would be more help full for the freelancer and at the time quality work would be more important then the other part. This is one of the informative post and thanks a lot for written your great post on here.

  5. Lakhyajyoti says

    Another great post.Freelancing is one of the best to make money online these days.BWN I am not a freelancer..