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    5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

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    On the web there are hundreds of Photoshop tutorials for making simple to professional designs. Though there are many everyone wants to try a design that looks more creative. Here I have shown some of the best tutorials for making amazing text effects in Photoshop. For Logo designers these tutorials would be really helpful. Once you have completed going through all these tutorials you will get ideas to create your own Photoshop text effects which may even be better than these.

    PhotoShop Text Effects for your Inspiration:

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    1. Burning Text Effect

    Learn how to make a flashy, hot burning text effect. The fonts look as if they have been thrown out of a blast furnace. The areas of flaming text are peeled off and the layer below it is exposed. Can’t resist? Click here to read the Tutorial.

    hot 5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

    2. 3D Typography

    3D Typography involves various types of techniques and most the techniques are new compared to other text effects. Once you have completed trying out this tutorial, you will get ideas for creating new typefaces. This tutorial is an intensive one but it will definitely be enjoyable. Click here to read the Tutorial.

    typeface 5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

    3. Stunning Product Advertisement

    Just learn how to make a stunning visual to advertise your product in a unique way. Companies search of creative minds to make their advertisement memorable one. If Adidas happens to see this image they would just grab it. Click here to read the Tutorial.

    adidas 5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

    4. Valentine’s Day – 3D Typography

    It’s the real designers treat for Valentine’s Day. This tutorial makes you to understand how layers work in 3D designs. By trying different fonts and colors you can get even a better result than this. Click here to read the Tutorial.

    love 5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

    5. Eroded Metal Photoshop Text Effect

    This tutorial involves the usage of different drawing techniques and patterns to create the eroded metal text effect. The tutorial is well directed and will help you to learn more in Photoshop. Click here to read the Tutorial.

    psd 5 Amazing Photoshop Text Effects

    Hope this post was enjoyable. I would be happy if it helps you to design better and make your business more productive. Do let us know your thoughts about one of few Photoshop design post on Shoutmeloud. Would you like to see more such posts here?

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