5 Affiliate Marketing Program Myths Uncovered

There are lots of confusions when it comes to affiliate programs. Few bloggers think that affiliate programs are not their cup of tea and few had bad experience when it comes to affiliate programs. But we can’t deny the fact that there are many bloggers who are earning good online income from affiliate programs.

The only difference why few bloggers can earn through affiliate programs and few fails is the strategy and planning which they apply after registering to any affiliate program. There are lots of confusions and myths related to affiliate programs which keep you away from affiliate earnings.

Affiliate Marketing Program Myth Uncovered

Here are few myths which you must avoid to earn income with your affiliate programs:

Affiliates are best way to make money fast

This is the main reason why many bloggers fail in affiliate programs. There is no shortcut to make money through affiliate, it takes time to earn handsome money. For earning online you need to start with proper planning and build trust. It takes time to build relationships and trust. Thus, earning from affiliates takes time and patience.

All affiliate programs are fake

This is another myth about affiliate programs, you will get lots of affiliate programs who pay you good and have very less payouts. Maximum number of affiliate programs has good reputation and thus they follow proper rules about how to promote the products and avoid spamming. You just need to choose right affiliate programs program to get success.

Affiliate Programs are easy

Many bloggers think that just selecting the right or popular affiliate program like Thesis affiliates, they can easily make money without any efforts. Of course, popular affiliate products are easy to market but you need to market them properly and effectively to get visitors attract to your affiliate programs and show them the benefits of affiliate programs. Just adding banner to your blog won’t give you expected results.

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Have lots of affiliate program to earn more income:

There is difference between purchasing a product from a shop having lots of choice and purchasing an affiliate product from a blog. When we will give lots of choice to our visitors they might end up with confusion that which one is better. Thus it is important that you should have less choice of affiliate programs on your blog so that visitor will be sure what he has to select according to his requirements.

Can’t make money because of competition:

Whenever you start any business, you have to face competition and it goes same with affiliate programs. You will surely find competition but you need to be unique and innovative when it comes to market your affiliate programs. Right product, a perfect sales pitch will surely help you to get success in spite of competitions.

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If you want to earn online income through affiliate you need to do smart work. Do share your insight about affiliate programs.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. says

    Nice article ruchi. I have to agree with the first point, making money with affiliates really takes hard work and patience.

  2. Murph says

    Some good tips there, thanks. There’s been plenty of negative press over the last few years about affiliate marketing. People need to realise there are many genuine opportunities out there, but it takes hard work and perseverence!

  3. saqib says

    nice and really helpful post i lose my hope and i also taught that affiliate programs are fake but now i agree with your point that affiliate programs require hard work and a website or blog with high traffic.thanx again.

    SEO Tips,Wordpress,Latest News

  4. zazenisgr8 says

    Also one needs to remember that targeting a small market well is more important as there is less competition.

    Amazon is a good affiliate system we can try on early.

  5. Andrea @ Wealthy Affiliate Tips says

    Hi Ruchi,

    Great post on affiliate marketing, every thing takes time
    and most affiliates don’t understand that it take time finding the hungry market, finding the irresistible affiliate offers, ect…

    I will like to also comment on what some blogger may think.
    ” can’t make money because of competition ” In my opinion
    knowing that their is competition means that their is money
    to be made in that “Niche” you just have to position your self
    to that hungry market and offer something for free as a added bonus
    when they buy the product or service from you. this will help you stand out from your competition and make sales.

    To The Top


  6. Sathishkumar says

    Excellent article ruchi… I am new to this blogging arena and i had a thought that affiliate marketing are only for pro’s. But now i am pretty clear that i was wrong…

  7. Tushar says

    affiliate programs are never easy money makers…they require hard work and a website or blog with huge traffic is must

  8. Paul Tech says

    Yes, lesser affiliate programs is better as you focus on recommending really useful products rather than a scatter shot approach which overwhelm the entire blog with banners and affiliate links.

  9. Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog says

    My strategy is that always choose the high quality product which give a good rebate. People love rebate indeed. :)

  10. Dev | Technshare says

    Nice article ruchi. I have to agree with the first point, making money with affiliates really takes hard work and patience.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  11. Manish Ahuja says

    A really nice post which reboots the energy in me to not loose my hope in affiliate programs, but to just improve my focus and work accordingly. Very well written.


    Manish :)