4 Important Article Publishing Tips for Bloggers

When we talk about a perfect blog, it’s counted on many factors that includes influence, search engine ranking, money coming from blog and obviously how many people are talking about it offline. To create a perfect blog, it takes lots of effort and we work day and night to produce quality content and market it properly.

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Article Publishing tip

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Here I’m sharing few important tips which I tend to take care every time when I publish a post and I believe you should also work on similar strategy to make most out of it.

Important Post publishing tips for Bloggers:

Article publishing: Weekday or Weekend ?

This is a known fact that traffic on weekdays is more than traffic on weekends. So if you come up with a quality article which can give you lots of backlink and traffic, try to publish it on weekday. Because if you publish such useful and Pillar articles on weekend, your reader might miss it, and you will be missing a good chunk of comments and traffic.

You can also check your analytics to measure which day you getting maximum blog traffic. Use that day to publish your Pillar content, and promote it.

Article publishing time:

With time you can analyze using Google analytics, which country is most influenced by your blog. If you have done your blog analysis by looking into Google analytic, it’s time to work on your publishing time. You should try to publish article around morning 8-11 A.M. of your target country or try to publish in the noon. For example if you are getting maximum traffic from India, you should try to publish your first article of the day around morning. Though you can override this, if you are following next point.

Which article should go first?

It doesn’t take more than a minute to pick better article from two articles. So if you publish more than 1 article in a day. You should try to publish best article later so that it will stick to front page as first article. For example if I’m writing about news post and 10 facebook tips and hacks, I would publish WordPress article first and Facebook article later. Though you should take care of publishing time (See above point), So that your killer article will get maximum exposure.

Article frequency:

This is one of the most talked topics in blogosphere. Every blogger have their own point of view and so do I. Depending on your niche, you should work on no. of articles in a day. If you are writing about social media and Blogging, one article a day is good enough for publishing. Whereas if you are running a tech & news blog, there is no limit for number of articles provided you are maintaining your blog post frequency.

For example: At ShoutMeLoud I usually publish 1 article written by me or by editor (WhizTechy) and one from a guest author. Whereas at CallingAllGeeks, I publish anything between 2-6 article a day.

Above article publishing tips are simple, and with little bit of dedication you can easily integrate it in your daily life.. If you wish to become an out of box blogger, you should work on above points according to your geographical location and niche.

Always remember, every article of your blog holds an importance for some one. Do let us know more tips which you work on while publishing your article?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. Namit Gupta says

    Never though of analyzing using Google Analytics reports that from which country I get the maximum visits. Though I regularly check the same on alexa but I think it wont be that accurate. Will do it now. Thanks for the useful tips. :-)

  2. Hammad says

    quite nice tips for the bloggers, It will not only help to consider a little and checkout these points before publishing.

  3. Jasmine says

    Good tips yet again! I also notice that the traffic to my site drops slightly during the weekend. Now I know that it doesn’t only happen to me. :)

  4. Vivek Parmar says

    thanks for this useful post
    as you know my blog basically based on how-to guides and i’m unable to decide what should be the posting frequency of it should be 2 or more than it?
    i think morning time id the best time as everyone needs to read something fresh and if they something from your blog its better??

  5. vijay | bayofblog says

    Important things covered in this topics, Some times wonderful blog posts may lose readership and traffic due to lack of time frequency…

  6. Nihar says

    Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing this. My cent to add on to this. It is better to schedule posts at particular time intervals everyday.

  7. Jimmy says

    Very useful post! I’m not a regular publisher. But trying to publish 1/day, its even harder for me to do more than that, So i’m stuck at 1.But competitors are growing so we must work harder to reach better seo goals.
    Thnaks Harsh :-)

    • says

      Jimmy 1 post a day is not bad, provided your post is a detailed post and not just a filler post. Infact 1 post a day will bring more comments than publishing 2-3 posts in a day..!!

  8. Thiru says

    Great post Harsh, But truth is that m having only time on weekend to publish new posts. What could be the alternative?

    • says

      Thiru you can take advantage of post scheduling feature..!!
      If you are sort of time, you should try to maintain a frequency.. Fix it according to your feasibility.
      For example: You can publish one article on Monday and one on Thursday. If you get extra time, you can publish more articles on weekend..!!
      Maintaining a schedule is really helpful… Though by the end it’s quality of post which matters the most..

  9. Siju George says

    You are right. Publishing time has huge influence in traffic. It is always better set your feedburner feeds to deliver at right time according to your audience.

  10. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Good points Harsh.
    Afternoon time also will be ideal for publishing posts, since office workers check internet after lunch.

  11. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    I am publishing on weekdays. But for non-tech blogs eespecially in “art & craft” niche like mine I’ve seen more traffic on weekends compared to weekdays.

  12. Vuong says

    The above tips are very fundamental but I must confess, to me they are very new.

    In case we are able to apply them, not only do we get more visitor but also to be a factor people appreciate our blog if pro or not.

  13. Tuan @Tek3D says

    Thanks for the excellent tips.
    I also see some drops in traffic at weekends. My favorite time to publish new posts is weekdays and on the evening.