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Send Large Files with These KickAss Free Sites

Send Large Files with These KickAss Free Sites

send large files 125x125 There are many times I’m stuck in a situation when I have to share a large video file secretly with my friend. Email attachments is not an option, as most of Email client I use have file size limitations. Here I’m sharing some sites which let us send large files. Many of them offer options like password protect file and also you can use a couple of them to receive large file secretly.

I wish, someday Gmail will remove its attachment file limit and let us send files more than 20Mb, but till the time I believe all these free websites are our last resort.

These days you will find an ample amount of free file hosting websites. Though the biggest problem which you will face with these websites is that they have limitations on the size of file. Finding a web service which let you send file of size up to 10-20MB is not tough, but when you have to send a file above 50-100MB, it becomes a big deal.

Awesome Sites to send large files for free:



As name suggests, this site let us transfer big files free & quickly. Of all the sites I have found, I liked this one the most. It let you login via Facebook and Google. Max file size limit is 100MB and if you are using free account, file will self destruct in 5 days. The best thing is you can create upload widget, which you can embed in your website and your readers can upload file. I really wonder, anyone would like to do that, as some body might upload virus or porn. Anyways, leaving upload widget feature, Transferbigfiles interface is neat and clean. You can also drag and drop files here, which is again handy. There are some pro plans too, which is shown in screen below.


My suggestion, if your single file upload size is not more than 100 mb, then stick to free plan but if your requirement is in GB’s, you can upgrade to suitable plan. Check out Transferbigfiles.




Dropsend is another freemium service, which let you send file up to 2Gb and monthly file sending limit is 5. Meanwhile, as soon as you create a Dropsend account and login to dashboard, you will be greeted with a message saying “Upgrade your dropsend account for free this month“, don’t fall for it until if you really need an account upgrade. Link




Gigasize again offers 2Gb single file limit and you can quickly register using your Google, Fb or Twitter account. ( I used Google). In free account, you can store files up to 2 Gb and I’m not sure about if there is any limit on number of files. Good for quickly sending large files.Gigasize. In free plan you can upload maximum 10 files at one go. <link>

Windows Live SkyDrive

windowsliveskydrive thumb

Windows Live SkyDrive offer 25 Gb of free space and like windows sharing feature, you can set custom permission for files and folders.



filebanker thumb

Filebanker is technically not a free service but it gives 7 days Free Trial. So if you have to send a file for the first time it will be a good pick. In free trial they offer you 50Gb of free space along with direct link for images. <Link>



Quite a funny name. Huh! As name says, this site let you send single file up to 2Gb file/upload. File remains on the server for 3 days, which is decent. You can also send files to multiple recipients by upgrading for $1. Something to look out for when you have to send large files to multiple people.  <Link>



Another service which I added later, as this service offer 15 days unrestricted trial. This means, you can send files size more than 2 Gb using this. Though, you need to download sendthisfile uploader.  You can quickly register account here using Facebook. Though, if you are absent minded like me, better stay with free account, as when you sign up for free trial account, you need to give credit card details. In free account, your single file max size limit is 2Gb.

You can also use Dropbox to send files quickly, something which I started doing lately. Do let us know more sites which let us send large files for free or offer unlimited kind of service?

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  • Lander

    Here I left a very good review about, check,

  • Fabrice

    From time to time, I use, and it’s very good! Not even needed to create a zip file! Unlike ot! But can anyone tell me if the person receiving something from WeTransfer can reply from WeTransferf?


  • Mahesh

    I haven’t used DropBox. I use SkyDrive.

  • Rajesh

    I have used Its also very good tool to send large files.

  • Nihar

    Thanks for sharing this list. I will check them out.

  • esoftload

    one more.. WeTranfer with 2GB of trafer without registration..

  • Samad

    will check these.thnx for sharing

  • Juan

    Nice article and some solid suggestions! My vote’s for FilesDIRECT, with starting storage of 30GB and a free custom upload page/dropbox. Great service too!

  • Rakesh Kumar

    One of my friend has theme website and he always upload theme on File upload services. I would give this link to him. Thanks

  • seenu

    Sugarsync is file sharing domain which offers 5GB free space.

  • Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988

    I am currently using Dropbox and Windows Skydrive and I am very happy with both. I have not heard of the other 3 but will check it out.

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    i have used dropbox and dropsand, will check others also soon..

  • wasim ismail

    I normaly use YouSendIt, but Windows Live SkyDrive looks good above, will give that a try.

  • PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    I always use the windows live service it comes with a extra sense of security

  • Nick

    The maximum size of a single file which can b uploaded in Windows Live Sky Drive is only 50 MB

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hey Harsh, you have missed Dropbox here. They are allowing 2GB free file sharing. If we want to go for a file which is large than 2GB then we need to pay them. Otherwise they are good for file sharing.

  • Techie

    I also like Dropbox. It syncs file changes automatically for you. I’m not sure if there’s a maximum file size for uploads and that’s why it didn’t make the list.

    • Rahul

      I always use You Send It I will try the others mentioned above.

      • Namit Gupta

        Try, Its fast, its free, requires no registration, has great looks and allows sending files upto 2 gb. I always use this site to transfer files.


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