4 Different Use of Gmail apart from Emailing

Gmail is one of the best service from Google, and I’m an avid user of Gmail. Gmail is one of the best free Email provider as per current statistics. Have you ever thought of this fact that you can utilize Gmail more then Emailing, I’m Not talking only about using it as file storage but there are more useful tricks which we can use to get maximum out of Gmail.

Uses of Gmail

Undoubtedly having a gmail account has become essential now and there are many services provided by Google which take care of almost each and every need of ours. Anyways , In this post I will try to show you the some unseen and useful things which we can do with our Gmail account apart from sending and receiving E-mails.

Alternate uses of Gmail account:

1) Use Gmail as OpenID

In my previous post i talked about Open ID and I also told you about that now Gmail account can be use as Open ID , but i have seen many of my commentator using anonymous or using name to comment, using your Gmail id as an open ID to use in commenting or use it to login to many web-service.

2) Use Gmail as free online File conversion tool:

This is one of the cool feature of Gmail which i use it more often to save my time and work, those who don’t know about it , you can use Gmail as online file conversion tool. You can easily convert doc, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf and new Office 2007 file formats like docx, xlsx and pptx in to HTML without using any third party tool or web-service. Just attach any of these file into a mail and send it to yourself , once you receive the email open it and click on view as HTML. Bingo! you just saved almost 5 minute of your work or even more if you use any software for the same purpose.

3) Use Gmail as Online storage :

Google always whelmed with its feature like Picasa which take care of my mammoth collection of images , but i don’t no how many of you have this idea that you can use Gmail as online storage device or you can use Gmail as another drive in your system.

Gmail Drive is a shell extension for Windows OS,  which add Gmail Storage as a disk drive on your system and you can log into using your Gmail id and password. You can easily copy and paste data between your system and the drive and data which is copied to the Gmail Drive will be reflect into your Gmail Inbox.

Download : Gmail Drive.

4 ) Use Gmail to convert non clickable links into clickable:

Those who are not aware of this or use Firefox extension to convert non clickable links into clickable once, you can use Gmail to convert non-clickable links into clickable once. Copy the list of URL and send a mail to yourself, open the mail and now you made all the links to clickable.

This trick helps me a lot when I try to download any thing from rapidshare which has long list of links, I mail all the links to my inbox, and use Internet download manager to download all links at once.

Do you know any other cool trick which you can use to nourish the power of Gmail? Do share with us.

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  1. kalyan says

    yeah gmail has so many lab features , many people dont use them , this post will be very useful , also bloggers use gmail signatures for driving traffic to blogs and also adding calander and docs to gmail will also help to organize

  2. India 365 says

    Wow I don’t even know any thing about “Gmail Drive”. I think its time to play with it for some time.

    Thanks for the tips dude!!

    • says

      Thanks for your comments. Gmail drive is very helpful tool especially when you need to send a big attachment (10MB) to anyone. Simply drag that file into your Gmail drive.